Love, Lust, Lies and Secrets_ ( Billionaire series Book #1 )

Love, Lust, Lies and Secrets_ ( Billionaire series Book #1 )

By:  Vivian Anna  Ongoing
Language: English
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Two so different and opposite heart forced into marriage gradually bearing lustful feelings for each other, and love for another, lies and secrets of the past. But when Melissa finds out that she is pregnant for the Playboy CEO Edward McDonald's who values three things most in his life_ Money, Women and Sex. She is in love with another man instead _ Andrei who works as a bartender at her usual drinking spot and is left with only two option_ to keep her baby and run away with the man she truly loves tarnishing her family's image or to kill her baby and continue her secret affair outside her marriage and save her family's image. What does she choose to do.

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27 Chapters
Chapter 01
"Never dad, over my dead body will I ever marry that He-goat, that good for nothing womanizer ." Melissa almost screamed out her lung sweating profusely and then dropped her hands back ." You do as I say Melissa, I'm your father and I decide exactly what you want." Mr Johnson replied with every bit of authority in his voice " Mom ,pls talk to Dad. Tell Dad I don't want to get married to him, am not ready for marriage and even if I want to get married, not like this pls Mom " Melissa begged knowing her father wasn't joking at all and he meant what he just said . She stretched her hands in order to reach her mom with tears clouded in her eyes ." Don't you dare disgrace this family, you're getting married to him and that's final. The date of your marriage will be decided soon so brace up the news and don't come over to the company today " " But dad ,I "" No buts Melissa ,that's final "All this while her mother had been staring at her husband unable to find the right words to utter
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Chapter 02
"Celine, you wouldn't believe it. You wouldn't believe what my father wants me to do, you wouldn't believe who the hell he wants me to marry Celine. I'm as good as a freaking dead corpse, father wants me send me to an early grave already ". Melissa yelled using her hands to caress her body rubbing it as if she had caught a cold." A fucking Edward McDonald's...the almighty rich spoilt brat out there without a sense of care or morality" "Seriously? Melissa you being serious right now? I mean how could he do that to do when he doesn't even know who the hell that fucking bastard is. Girl what are you planning on doing now ". Celine answered with a frightful and shocked feeling. Not only that, she felt uneasy and scared for her best friend as she clearly knew what Melissa would be in for if she marries the so called bastard as she claims it a name for him. Celine walked towards where Melissa was seated and rubbed her hair lightly making Melissa rest her forehead at the button
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Chapter 03
"Melissa, come out darling. It's time already". Mrs Evelyn said hitting the door and trying to turn the door knob lightly, with a sad expression plastered on her face and when she didn't even hear a sound coming from the room, her expression turned into a worried one." Melissa please, mummy's begging, and your father's waiting for you presence. You wouldn't want to get him mad at you and I will you? "Her voice sounded calm and refreshing that Melissa had to bodly take a few steps and a deep breath. She walked towards her door and gently turned the door knob opened."Melissa, you aren't dressed up?". Mrs Evelyn questioned taking a good look at her daughter and when she couldn't hold back her tears, she made it fall freely from her eyes." Mother, I'm not ready for this." Melissa said, her voice choking in her tears." I don't want to get married to someone like him because I have my life to live."Melissa continued and gently got into the warm and welcoming embrace of her mother." Neit
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Chapter 04
Edward shifted his gaze to his mom and thereafter took a seat beside Melissa making her curious as to why he suddenly acted like he didn't know her. But when she looked at his fist, she saw that he had tightened it roughly and his veins were visible both on his hands and forehead." son, shouldn't you apologize for gracing your presence this late" He heard his mom's voice and disclosed his tightened fist." My sincere apology, Do accept it" Edward spat in utmost disgust making Melissa scoffs silently while rolling her eyes." When the devil lies" She uttered within the confine of her mind and snatched a fork from the table, settling for a bite of what laid before her. Down to her throat food went. It felt disgusting, though the meal had a unique taste, melissa could tell it only felt awful because the devil himself kept smiling and leaning closer to her." I'm all done, may I be excused for a moment, no pardon may we be excused for a moment?" Her voice sounded with hidden anger which
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Chapter 04
Her hands remained on her father's palm and they both gracefully walked into the hall, while Edward awaited them at the other side. He smiled foolishly watching every step she took towards him and folded his arms making them reach the lower part of his stomach.The veil used on Melissa's face prevented her from clearly seeing him, and it did make her happy she couldn't else she might end up nipping his ears off that instant.When her dad had finally walked her down the aisle, she remained beside Edward as quiet as she could be until they both turned around to face the priest."Do you Melissa Johnson take Edward McDonald as your lovely wedded husband." These words were the most irritating and unpleasant words Melissa heard for a long time now.It was like asking her to choose between the devil and this bas*ard standing right in front of her. If she had a say or a choice, she would have indeed gladly taken the devil instead.Realizing she had been soliloquizing for a longer period while
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Chapter 06
Melissa settled on a long chair close to the counters and rested her hands on it breathing heavily. Her eyes repeatedly kept blinking without stopping her tears from falling as it made it fall freely to it's satisfaction. Her life was becoming a real mess, and she blamed it all on her father."An heir, a stupid heir?" Melissa questioned herself, recollecting the stupid words of her father to bear an heir for Edward. Only then would she be regarded and treated like a queen she is by his family.Melissa took in a deep breath and shifted her gaze to look at the bartender waiting to get her order. He had stood beside her with his white apron looking at her while she was lost in her thoughts."Don't just stand there and look at me, do I look amusing to you?" Her anger made her question him. She roughed her hair acting so crazy as Melissa didn't know what was up with her new behavior. She needed someone to take out all her anger on, a scapegoat to slap and punch heavily, to hit and chest a
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Chapter 07
Melissa groaned while shifting uncomfortably as her hands moved to her head. Her head felt really heavy and it ached real bad. She opened her eyes but shut them back quickly as the bright lights flashed through her eyes. Slowly, she opened her eyes until it adjusted to the lights. She looked around frantically and then she noticed she was in a different room. One she couldn't recognize and she frowned. Her gaze landed a pair of cold eyes which was void of any emotions and it was gazing.. no, glaring hard at her. Even if she had severe memory loss, she won't ever forget the owner of those eyes. She needs no one to tell her that she's in his room. She sat up and glared back at him. "You bàstàrd!!" She cursed through gritted teeth. "How dare you bring me to your room?" She questioned.He didn't respond."Fúçking answer me!" She growled loudly while balling her fists."Don't tell me you're so light headed that you forgot what you did last night" Edward asked in a calm but harsh
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Chapter 08
Melissa woke up due to the sound of someone laughing. At first, she tried to ignore it but it just keeps getting louder. She sat upright and rubbed her eyes then released a long and tiring yawn. She reached for her cellphone and checked the time. Her eyes widened when she saw it was 4:33pm. How the heck did she sleep for such a long period of time?. She also noticed she had 11 missed calls from Celine. Was she really sleeping so deep that she didn't hear her calling? She quickly redialed Celine's number and she picked up at first ring. "What the heck girl, you had me worried sick!" Celine scolded through the phone. "Am sorry.. I was just taking a nap and I didn't hear it ring" Melissa rendered an apology. She heard Celine release a long sigh of relief."Thank goodness. I thought something bad might have happened to you" Celine said."Something like what?" Melissa asked."Well,.. Something like... I don't know. I was just worried about you girl, and how you might be coping" Celi
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Chapter 09
Melissa couldn't struggle anymore, not because she was too weak to do so, but because his grip on her was firm. He used one of his hands to zip down his pants while the other held her both hands above her head.She felt him raise her skirt up. She closed her eyes, not wanting to watch herself being raped. Even if he'd succeed in forcing himself on her, at least, she shouldn't witness it. Soon she felt his weight, been lifted off from her body and the sound of someone been punched, followed. Melissa opened her eyes and crawled to the wall while using the remaining piece of her cloth to cover herself up. She whimpered while staring at the scene in front of her.She could see the drunk man been punched by someone but she couldn't see his face as he was backing her. The drunk man punched the man who saved her and then her savior began to return several punches on the drunk man until he passed out.Her savior turned and walked back to her, squatting to her level and using a jacket to
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Chapter 10
In deep thought, Melissa walked into the Mansion and took to the stairs. She was still thinking about her conversation with Andrei."Where do you think you're coming from?" Edward's cold voice, snapped her out of her thoughts.Melissa ignored and continued walking up the stairs. This single act of hers made Edward angrier. He rushed to her and pulled her back, almost making her loose her balance.Melissa glared harshly at him. Why the heck will he not let her be? Why is he always interfering with her business. "I asked you a fúçking question, where the heck have you been?" Edward gritted out. "How is that any of your business?" Melissa snapped at him."It's my business because you're my wife" Edward growled. "Wife?.. Last time I checked, you're not my husband. In the eyes of the public, we're couples but in here, we're just two strangers living together for just your selfish reasons" Edward tightened his grip on her hands. It's hurting her but she choose not to let it affect her
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