The Unwanted Luna

The Unwanted Luna

By:  Evelyn M.M  Completed
Language: English
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There is only so much a woman can take and Amelia Solace had reached her breaking point. All she had ever wanted was a mate but fate cursed her by giving her a one who's heart beat for another woman. He loathed her very existence and he never failed to remind her that. her only source of sunshine was the son she was carrying, her mates baby whom he planned to take away from her and raise him together with the love of his life, breaking her already shattered heart. She was getting tired of fighting to stay afloat, fighting to be seen, fighting to be loved, and with the bond slowly decaying inside her and old enemies out to destroy, she has no other choices apart from one, one that has always been in front of her but had never dared to accept. When her former pack is attacked and the son she left behind is threatened she makes her appearance known, willing to fight side by side her ex mate and the pack that shunned her to protect him, but that doesn't mean she has forgotten the hell they put her through nor has she forgiven them. The new Amelia is cold and closed off, only showing her affection to a few.Gone is the girl they knew and before them is a badass goddess, who will slit your throat and not flinch. And when her ex mate wants her back? will he be able to sway her cold and unreachable heart or has he already lost her to someone else? someone who sees her value in ways he never did..

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42 Chapters
Chapter 1
I have always believed in mates growing up seeing all the love around me including that of my parents made me believe that mates were the it thing. That no one could love you as much as your mate would, because he or she was the other half of your soul.Having a mate is a wonderful thing as I believed, that they were your other half, the ones who understand you better than anyone else, that you connect with them on another level, a connection that cannot be compared to anything or any other connection you will ever have, even that of your parents.The bond that ties mates is strong, specially made by the moon goddess herself and therefore sacred. It ties two people for life in a bubble of love, companionship, comfort and security. I believed in all that and I could not wait to get my person, my mate, the one meant for only me.I would always daydream about meeting him and connecting with him, always dreaming of where I would meet him and how it would be like staring into his eyes for
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Chapter 2
I stare outside the window watching my mate while he trains the new enforcers. This is how it has been since the night his wolf mated me. He doesn’t allow me to be near him, not being able to keep his disgust for me so this is the only way I can look at him. He is serious as he throws instructions here and there but you can also see clearly that he is proud. His hands folded around his chest while his legs are at a stance, he looks formidable but at the same time handsome and dashing with his jet black hair, and grey eyes that always seem to penetrate your soul. He has a square jaw fit for a model. He has the perfect set of white teeth and kissable lips that make you imagine the dirty things he can do with them. He also the most beautiful smile I have ever seen though it is usually not directed at me. He is a real life, breathing Adonis on earth.The serious look can’t take away his handsomeness nor can it take away the obvious patience and affection he has towards his enforcers.X
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Chapter 3
I clutch at my chest because I can feel the physical pain at realizing that my mate is in love with my younger sister. Do the gods really hate me this much? Does Selene despise me so much that she would do this to me? Take the love of my mate and give it to my sister, a sister I have seen since I was ten and she was nine. It has been ten years but I would recognize her eyes anyway. Eyes that I used to love, eyes that adored me but now they are filled with nothing but pure loathing.I try to breathe through the pain but it is of no use, the tears fall and I don’t even want to stop, what for when I don’t have the power to. I stand before the man who has the capability to bring down to my knees and destroy and in his eyes I see nothing. No regret and no shame at all for what he is doing to me, he simply does not care, he only wants her and his mate doesn’t matter. Sometimes I wonder what will happen when Bianca’s mate comes along, will she reject him like Xavier did with me? Or will sh
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Chapter 4
When I wake up, I am in my room and it is dark, thank the goddess for having wolf vision despite not having a wolf. Remembering what had happened the first thing I reach for is my belly. Feeling the baby moving calms me a little but I still can’t get over the fact that Xavier had intentionally and physically hurt me. As much as he hated me and was cold to me I never ever imagined that he would physically hurt me. But then again I never thought that I would ever attack my own sister.The anger and betrayal I felt towards her just came out of nowhere and overwhelmed me. At that moment I didn’t see that Bianca was my sister or that I was pregnant, I saw nothing but red. What was even more shocking was the fact that my claws and fangs came out to play. I have never shifted, ever. Most werewolves shift when they turn sixteen but not me, another thing that makes me a freak in this pack. Sure I can feel the wolf spirit inside me but nothing else. I could feel her emotions but we don’t com
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Chapter 5
The next few weeks it is the same thing over and over again. Sometimes the pain comes during the day but it is mainly at night. It leaves behind souvenirs in the form of black, blue and purple bruises, sometimes it is a combination of all the colors. I don’t need a doctor to tell me what they are because I already know them from the books we have in our library. They are known as betrayal marks and they occur to a werewolf when their mate betrays their shared bond by having intercourse with another after the male has marked and mated the female.No one has to guess why it is happening to me because it is so obvious, Xavier has been and is having sex with my sister. The pain hits me every single day and at times I have to turn on my music system at a high volume just to drown out my screams. The pain is always so intense, each one being stronger and severe than the previous one. I’ve taken to wearing long sleeves so that the maids bringing me food don’t have something to gossip about
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Chapter 6
I wake up and I am in darkness, pure and total darkness. There is no light or any life whatsoever. It is also cold, making me shiver. I try using my heightened senses to try and get a feel of where I am but there is absolutely nothing. No smell, no life and nothing at all to see. Could the pain have already killed me? I wondered because how else could I explain where I am, and just as that thought hits me I remember the sharp pain in my stomach, my hands automatically goes to feel for my baby bump, grateful and relieved when I feel the familiar swell of my stomach. As stupid as it may be I try calling out but the only sound I hear is my echo. I think of walking but it’s of no use since I can’t make out anything. All of a sudden there is this bright light, so bright that it blinds for a moment but once it fades a little for me to see, a very beautiful woman is standing there. Beautiful is not even enough to describe her, she is simply enchanting and completely out of this world. He
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Chapter 7
It has been a couple of days since Xavier carried me to my room, and I have refused to come out of it since then. The wood that had been used to bar my window and balcony door have been removed thankfully so at least I get a bit of vitamin D. After he carried me to my room, I only remember him laying me down on the bed just before I went back to sleep and when I woke up he wasn’t there not that I was expecting him to be or anything like that. I was actually surprised that he willingly came anywhere near me let alone carry me to my room, the same person whom he hates with his entire being.My feelings towards him have changed, I can say that I no longer look at him with rose colored glasses. Is it possible to want someone and hate them at the same time? Because that’s what I feel nowadays I love him and hate him with the same measure especially at night because when night time arrives only pain awaits me. I honestly don’t know if he is doing it on purpose or that he honestly doesn’t
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Chapter 8
I didn’t have to be told twice, I ran like my life depended on it because it actually did, I didn’t need to look behind me to know they were following me, I could hear the swishing of air behind me, telling me that they were after me and that they were now more than two. The way they moved clicked with something inside me, a sort of memory or feeling that I have had before.It reminded me of the day my parents were killed. There were no footsteps when the things appeared; it was almost as if their feet weren’t really touching down, almost as if they were so light that they levitated on top of the ground and then there was the fact that there was no scent attached to them, absolutely none. And that is when it finally clicked, really and truly clicked, they were the same creatures as before the same ones that murdered my parents.I was really scared this time because I knew that the pack can’t sense them or smell them so they do not know that there is danger looming over them. I saw t
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Chapter 9
"Amelia? Amelia, wake up” I hear my name being called but it sounds so far. As if I am under water. I don’t want to wake up because it has been a while since I have gotten a peaceful sleep. I didn’t go through any pain and I didn’t have any nightmares so I just wanted to sleep a bit more, taking advantage of the peace, you know.“Amelia come on, you need to eat something” whoever it was that was trying to wake me up shakes me a little.“A few more minutes please”“Absolutely not, you have slept for almost the whole day, it is now evening, you need to eat, think about the baby” that gets my attention and I grudgingly open my eyes. When I do I come face to face with Sophie.My first instinct is to tell her to go away and leave me alone but then I remembered that she was the one who saved me and my baby the last time and also she is here now with food, the only one who even bothered if she is correct that I did sleep the night and day away.I look at her because I don’t know what to tell
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Chapter 10
It is actually funny the amount of times I have lost consciousness only to wake up in my room. This time when I wake up I actually feel like laughing at my pathetic situation. It is nearly impossible not to snort at myself. I do remember everything that happened but I can’t figure out why I did everything I did in the first place.I sit upright on my bed only to wince at how sore I felt, my entire body ached and I wanted to have a bath but I just felt too weak to make that trip to the bathroom, so I just sat there and stared into space instead. I have a lot to figure out because nothing in my life right now is making any sense and I hate that a lot. Everything seems to be out of control and uncertain. Part of me feels like I don’t even have a future with the way things are going.How do I even begin to make sense of what is happening? Let us first start with the voices, then there are the two ghosts from my past, the shadowy form with red eyes and also the creatures. Aside from that
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