Her Tempting Nemesis

Her Tempting Nemesis

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Janice Jordan, the daughter and only child of a successful international billionaire, Mr Jordan, had everything at her beck and call hence nothing excites her anymore as everything she always wants, she gets. Then without warning, he came into the picture, after his abrupt disappearance, and everything came tumbling down. For once in her life, Janice couldn't handle this man. The mere thought of not having control over some horse keeper sends her into a frenzy of confusion. She didn't know what "Love" felt like as every man that had come before him was just a toy to kill time with until she gets bored. Only that, this so called horse keeper was no ordinary horse keeper at all. In fact, far from it. There's something strange, tempting and exciting about him that she could not fathom and she's resolved to find out. Janice however, didn't know she was up against her own nemesis. Read along to unveil the underlying truth about the devastating love affair of Janice and Drake and how they were able to overcome it.

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199 Chapters
The heel of his boots pounding in her stomach sent her to the floor, retching and wheezing with her heart in her throat threatening to explode. A crushing pain seared through her chest. She sprawled on the ground, with her eyes shut tight, gasping for air desperately. The blindfold was restricting her vision so she couldn't see who it was but she could feel the extreme coldness exuding from his presence. "Let's try again shall we darling. And this time I won't go easy on you. I suggest you answer my questions if you want to leave here in one piece and see your asshole of a father!" the menacing raspy voice roared across the empty room. The man cocked his head to the two huge guys in black and at once they heaved her roughly to the chair and tied her hands and legs to the chair. The sound of the cocked gun jolted a shiver down her spine. He took long strides towards her and trailed the gun around her exposed chest, her buttons have come undone. She winced as the cold object came in
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Chapter One
CHAPTER ONE Unforgotten Janice gazed through the window of the tinted glass of the land rover as it sped past the busy London street. It was a wet evening in London; the streetlights decorated the street like satellites dotted across the galaxy. The lights from the apartment's windows made it even better- the view was simply breathtaking! This is one of the many things Janice loved about London; aside from the weather, the tea and cake, especially St. Lauren's tea shop is the absolute best! And...Him perhaps? Not a chance! Janice thought angrily. Not that loser! But Janice knew better. Her lips quivered as memories of their lovemaking washed down on her. She touched her lips with the tip of her finger as she recalled how Drake captured them aggressively into his. Her heart began throbbing so badly that she felt wet between her thighs. She gasped softly as her fingers went in between her thighs. She thrust upwards as her fingers worked. She resisted the urge to moan loudly as she
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Chapter Two
CHAPTER 2It's all coming back to meThe night she got word that he left wrenched her heart. The memory of that stormy night is still etched in the resides of her head. It was as though the menacingly looking clouds signalled his departure.She remembered how broken he left her without a word...not even a"Goodbye"she wandered in the heavy rain with hopes that she can at least spot him leave, even take one last glimpse at his broad shoulders! Even!!! She had never cried like that for a long time at least not after her mother died when she was barely twelve-that convulsive crying with hyperventilating breaths.For months she was not herself. Her bestie, Hannah tried her possible best to bring back the chirpy Janice but to no avail. She had never in all of her life missed someone so terribly-the feelings he aroused in her were inconceivable. Yep, that was about the right word to describe it only that it cannot be fully described!This man called Drake Heughan is sent to turn the tables
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Chapter Three
CHAPTER THREE Daddy's girl! The morning birds chirped softly at the window as the first rays of sunlight seeped into the room, lightening up the bedroom. Janice yawned and stretched as she lazily got up from the bed. She rubbed her bleary eyes and walked to the window. Clean morning fresh air hits differently! The fresh flowers in the vast dampened with humidity and she sniffed. She washed her face and brushed her teeth languidly as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror: Her hair was dishevelled, sleep bags underneath her eyes, and sleep marks decorated her cheeks. She heaved a long deep sigh as she continued to stare at her reflection. How does it feel to be the only child? This question constantly wounds her whenever she ponders on it. After losing her mother and supposedly younger brother that didn't even have the chance to catch a glimpse of this world, she was left with only her father. He'd give her everything she could ever ask for-the world becomes boring to her. No
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Chapter Four
CHAPTER FOURThe past isn't far off from the presentThe Vroom of a motorbike suddenly jarred her from her daydream as she slouched on the rocking armchair beside the fireplace in the living room.She gently rubbed her eyes and peered through the window. Drake parked his bike in the garage, raking his fingers through his wind-blown sandy hair as he walked up to the front door.At once, the doorbell rang. Abigail appeared from the bedroom, she squinted through the peephole and announced that she had a visitor. Only that he is no visitor. She needs to change into something more befitting than her nightgown. She signalled for her to let him in and that she would join him in a bit as she scurried across the living room to the stairs.Abigail nodded. The doorbell rang again. The door clicked open. He heaved a sigh and then stepped in.The living room was massive with a touch of Victorian decor which gave off an austere elegance. The tall ceilings were decorated with traditional crystal ch
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Chapter Five
CHAPTER FIVEThe horse keeperThe fiery ball in the sky shone relentlessly as they trudged to where the stables were stationed. their boots sank into the soft mound of dirt as they went. Drake paused and cocked his head toward her, his wary eyes softened with worry. It was about five miles from the main compound. The wasteland was very massive about forty-six centimetres acres. A steady rhythm pounded his temples."You okay?" He inquired in between pants.She simply nodded, gasping for breath. Phew! It's been ages since she was at the stables.She placed her hand on her chest. She could feel the rapid thudding. She has to continue. She doesn't want to leave the impression that she's some spoilt twerp who can't even go for a walk."If you need some time to rest just say so. But we will be there in no time. Say about five minutes more" He glanced at his wristwatch and then back at her through squinted eyes."N-No! I'm good. Let's continue" She shook her head frantically.What's she tr
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Chapter Six
CHAPTER SIX*Where is my daughter?!*"What?! How did that happen?" Mr Jordan's desperate voice boomed across the show glass of his well-polished office. His PA stood concerned by his side. His temples crinkled with alarm."Okay. I will be coming over immediately!"In a minute, He slammed the phone on the desk and ran out of the office without glancing back. The sleek black luxurious Benz was already waiting for him in the parking lot. The bodyguard dressed in a black suit held the door open for him as Mr Jordan rushed in. The pA was already on his tail and all he did was signal for him to wait for his commands as the tinted window of the car wound back up and the car zoomed out of the compound with urgency. *************Drake was pacing to and fro the waiting room in the hospital corridor, his hands raking through his dishevelled wind-blown hair, beads of sweat greased his temples. How did this happen?When he found her she was lying motionless behind the rock, downhill.She must
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Chapter Seven
CHAPTER SEVEN*I'm so sorry*The funeral was very private-it was held in a small town in Glasgow, away from the prying eyes of the media. The last glimpse of her mother's stiff whitish body was at the hospital, just before the doctor zipped the leather corpse bag over her lifeless face. "Time of death 8:45 pm, 10th of August, 2009". The doctor had announced.Her eyes had brimmed with unshed tears, blurring her vision and before she realized what was happening, she was rushed to the emergency ward right there in the hospital. It was a tragic moment for the Jordans. Her father was barely getting by and her condition made things even worse as he had to nurse the death of his significant other and his daughter collapsing in the hospital at the same time. She had felt really bad for him, adding to his headache like that. But it can't be helped-she couldn't control the mixed emotions welling up inside of her, threatening to explode any second so her body did the natural thing by shutting do
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Chapter Eight
CHAPTER EIGHT*Let's go Home*"All vitals are good. You're set to go Miss Janice." The Doctor declared gaily as he gently patted her back after running a few checks on her vitals with his thermometer. Mr Jordan heaved a long deep sigh of relief, brushing his fatigued eyes ridden with deep lines underneath them. Drake leaned against the wall at the corner of the hospital room to give them space for a little family time.He was also relieved.Today had been one hell of a day! He glanced at his wristwatch, the time reads 9:09 pm. The day is almost over. He had brought her to the hospital around quarter past five, with his heart thumping in his chest forcefully and his hair wet from sweat clung to his face, he carried her in his arms as he scurried to the emergency ward. He was sacred to shit!Her shaggy blonde hair was pulled up lazily. Father embraced daughter. While locked in their embrace, Drake caught Janice peering her hazel eyes at him. And she mouthed a "Thank you". He smiled c
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Chapter Nine
CHAPTER NINE*Always and forever*"I can't believe you didn't tell me what happened. I kept calling but you weren't answering your phone, I was scared to shit!" Hannah cried out as she perched at the edge of the Queen size bed. Janice was sitting upright on the silky royal golden bed, propped up by pillows. "I was unconscious for a while. My father was greatly distressed. I'm sorry to have made you worry. But I'm doing fine now." She yawned and stretched. Mr Briggs, the chauffeur had picked them up at the hospital and took them home. By the time they arrived, it was already a quarter past 11 pm. When they got home, her father helped her to the bedroom. Sleep had evaded her last night. she glanced at the clock, It was 4 am! She kept tossing on the bed pleading for sleep to come but it didn't. With tired eyes, she stared at the ceiling lost in the whirlpool of emotions, replaying the events of that day. Before she realized it, sleep crept up on her. She yawned and stretched again
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