The Alpha's Powerful Mate

The Alpha's Powerful Mate

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Crystal Snowheart is the Luna of the famed Snowheart Pack of Werewolves. Known to have directly descended from the Moon Goddess, the pack was known for their unique healing qualities and the only werewolves able to change their scent, almost making them invincible in a battle. She was born to unify all the packs and bring about a peaceful reign. But before she could inherit her place, her pack is killed by betrayal, leaving the Luna with no pack. Ace Hunter is the most feared Alpha. Having killed his own father as a young teenager, he became the Alpha of the ferocious Moonhunter Pack even before his wolf appeared. And now, ten years later, there is no one who can stand up to this wolf without quivering in their boots. But, he is the only one who can help Crystal get the revenge she thirsts for. So, will she be able to meet his many demands? Abstract: "You want my protection?" Crystal raised her chin, refusing to back down, " I want your co operation!" Ace smiled at the stubborn tilt of her chin and leaned back in his chair. "And what do I get in return?" "What do you want?" Crystal questioned archly. Ace chuckled at the haughty attitude, wondering if she would keep this up when he stated his conditions... Walking forward, he leaned down as she stared into his eyes and spoke, " I want mate." Before she could accept or reject his demand, Ace closed the distance between them and took her lips in a kiss that almost scorched them both...

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28 chapters
Crystal stared at her neighbourhood. What had once been a place full of laughter, rich scents of food and flowers were today filled with the black smoke and the stench of gunpowder and blood. She tried to pinch herself, hoping against hope that this was a nightmare. A nightmare that was suddenly repeating itself. But as she heard her best friend's voice stutter and question, "Cr...Crystal, what happened?"But before, Crystal could answer, she noticed something that made her pull her friend away from there and run towards the forest. Why would people from the army attack the entire neighbourhood, that too in broad daylight? It made no sense. And yet, the people she had just glimpsed were dressed in their camouflage uniforms.Once they were deeper into the forest, both the girls bent down slightly, placing their hands on their knees as they panted for breath. But their relief was short-lived, for they had barely caught their breath when a man jumped down from a tree. Before the girls
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With a swift turn, Crystal attacked the person at her back, causing blood to bloom on his hand as he moved back at the unexpected attack. However, after the initial shock, he smiled as he looked at the ferocious woman.Looking at his comrade, he spoke," You caught a feisty one. The alpha may just reward us after he has had his turn with her." But the other man was not smiling anymore. He pointed at the blood that was turning black on the arm of the new werewolf and gulped," Darius. We need to run. Let's take you to the healer."The new man, Darius frowned at the sudden change in his friend but could start to feel the changes within him immediately. It felt as if his insides were being torn from within. Shocked, he looked around trying to find something but shook in pain, before falling on the ground -writhing and turning unconscious. The other man ran away after seeing this scene while Crystal thanked the Moon Goddess in her heart. They had been spared. Though she did not understand w
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Crystal opened her eyes slowly before shutting them down quickly as the glaring light hurt her eyes. Trying to recollect what had happened, she slowly thought back to everything that had taken place and her surroundings.She tried to move her hands and legs and could feel them tied up. The faint sound of breathing told her that there was someone next to her as well as the smell of excitement that lingered in the air made her know exactly who it was.She tried to open her eyes again but they had somehow turned sensitive to light making her let out an involuntary moan of pain that caught the attention of her captor. Lashley looked sideways at her best friend and spoke in a gloating whisper," Unable to open your eyes? Don't worry, this is a common side effect of the drug that I gave you. It will wear off soon."The careless gloating, made Crystal's fingers itch to slap her face. But first, she needed to figure out a few things..."Why did you do it, Lashley? I slowed down for you. I did
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A Dangerous Woman
"Alpha! Please forgive me! I never meant to betray you!"Ace Hunter looked down at the man kneeling and begging for forgiveness and sighed! He hated, absolutely hated when he had to kill people when he was on vacation. But betrayal was something that he took seriously and whether he had meant to or not, this man should have known better than to have leaked his whereabouts to the rogues. Because of him, he had lost two of his warriors. And because they had died, this man had to die too."Stand up!" Ace commanded. This weak man was the Alpha of the Appleby pack where Ace was a 'guest'! It was no wonder the pack had been dying slowly at the hands of rogues and their own neighbours. Who would want to ally themselves with a weakling Alpha like him? All Ace had to do was growl for the grown man to start snivelling. And he hadn't even used his Alpha voice yet!The man stood up at once, relieved that he had been forgiven. He was about to bow down and thank Ace when the mighty Alpha spoke, "
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Could She Be My Mate?
Juan reluctantly checked the girl's pulse and sighed. At least she was out of danger. Or else his own life would have been on the line. Turning back to his Alpha, he muttered, "She is fine. The only reason she isn't waking up is that her body needs to heal internally."Ace looked down at the girl he had rescued two days ago and nodded. He did not know why but when he had seen her collapse, his wolf had almost gone crazy. For a minute he wondered if she was his mate but he would only be able to find that out after she turned eighteen.Before that, there were other things to be puzzled about. The fact that she smelled human but her healing and the way she fought with those rogues made it clear that she was not a simple human. There was also the extreme reluctance in Juan when he had ordered him to treat her. Juan was someone who would do his best to treat anyone with the slightest sickness and this was the first time he had actually refused to help without a direct command from him.As
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Crystal opened her eyes and sucked in a breath as she found a man leaning over her, staring at her intensely. Hurriedly, the scene of her being saved by a wolf came to her mind. No. She needed to escape from here! Her eyes darted around and in the next moment, she pushed out one hand to move the man's arm and pushed at his shoulder with the other, quickly turning them so that the next moment the dark-haired man was under her while she straddled him. Breaking the bottle of water, she held it near his neck and questioned," Where are my things? You were foolish to not have tied my hands when you had the chance."For the first time in his life, Ace Hunter found himself under an unexpected attack. Ace had become an Alpha at the age of seventeen when he had challenged his birth father for the right to rule the Moonhunter Pack. And even though his father had been a ferocious warrior, he had been unable to defeat Ace.The only reason he had been able to win, Ace acknowledged even now, had bee
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A Sham
Ace looked into the eyes of the girl who looked wise beyond her years and accepted the promise with a nod. The girl was indeed smart. She had pledged her life to the pack and not to him. While Ace and Crystal stared at each other, Juan was not happy."Ace! What are you thinking? Giving her shelter would mean inviting every land-hungry pack to come after us. Even if you are the strongest pack, your first priority should be protecting your pack. There is no need to invite more violence to innocent people! And did you not see the rogues she was fighting? There is a rumour among the people that all the rogues have started banding together looking for someone. Who do you think is that 'someone'? And what Luna? To be an Alpha or Luna, you need to have land and a pack! Even though the land of the Snowheart Pack is protected by ancient spells, your pack has been extinguished! What is your life worth against our pack members! They already are hot on your scent, are they not? So, they just have
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Hot Alpha
While Ace left Crystal to recover, Juan was once again pacing outside the cottage while Mateo stood still, seemingly deep in thought. Watching the Alpha come out, Juan muttered again and spoke, " Ace? How could you offer her asylum? Even if she can disguise her scent, it's not like we can simply show up at the pack with a girl and have no explanation? And then what happens when a girl with an appearance similar to what the rogues are looking for appears on our doorstep out of the blue? Ace, you are being foolish for a bi**h!"Suddenly Juan was hit with a force that caused him to stagger and knee. He looked up at Ace with horror. Ace had actually used his Alpha power on him!"Juan, you are my friend since childhood and that is why I let you get away with a lot. But that does not mean you can go around challenging my decisions and disrespecting Lunas of other packs!."Being hit full force by the Alpha's anger, Juan looked away, baring his neck to the Alpha. "I apologize, Alpha Ace."Wit
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A Perv
Ace felt like a dam* perv. He had raced into the room, expecting a rogue to have attacked her and instead, here she was staring at him as if he was the rogue. Her big eyes almost seemed ready to fall out of her face and she was clutching the blanket with a panicked face.Her eyes, if possible widened even further as she gave him a look all over. In his haste, he had only pulled on his sweats leaving his upper body bare. "Uh... Could you please put on some clothes," she squeaked.After seeing that she was pale-faced and shaking he guessed the reason for her scream. Ace walked out of the cabin without a word to get back his T-shirt. She must have had a nightmare. She had had those in the past two nights and it had usually ended in her holding his hand tight enough to stop blood flow into the appendage and if he were a human, break his bones!Crystal stared at the perfect V-shaped back of the man as he walked out. Her eyes however continued to flit back to the small tattoo on his shoulde
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Two Weeks Later:"Who is that girl?"As Crystal followed Alpha Ace and beta Mateo into the training grounds of the Moonhunters Pack, she could already feel the power in the air. So, what she had learnt from Beta Mateo during her recuperation period, about this pack was all true. Alpha Ace was truly a well-respected and honoured Alpha. It was clear from the warriors that he commanded. Even when they were training, they had a fierceness that could be matched in a real match. And such warriors had pledged their alliance to the Alpha so he was worthy."Who Cares if he is not worth it? All that hot a**! We can enjoy him and then once I have come ito power, we can tame him, worth or not..." Erin, her wolf, whispered in her ear. Even providing images of the ways in which she could 'subdue' the alpha!Crystal rolled her eyes mentally at her wolf and tried to ignore the gazes being sent her way. As a human student, she had been used to merging into the background but as she walked among the wo
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