Alpha Lucien's Forsaken Luna

Alpha Lucien's Forsaken Luna

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Camilla West lived a simple life and was a young girl full of passion, but the family fall from grace saw her lose everything that she ever dreamt of. From being the daughter of the powerful Alpha to the unwanted and hated Omega! But the only thing she did not see coming was the ruthless rejection from her one and only mate. It was just at this time, another man appeared - Alpha Lucien.

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60 chapters
chapter one
Chapter one Camilla's POV… I was on the first floor, looking at the people having fun on the ground floor without any expression on my face. The atmosphere was lively but not even for one second did I feel that it was a place I belonged. What I felt in my heart was emptiness and nothing could shake up my emotions. Had it been a few years ago, I would have been excited, but now looking at all the liveliness, I felt that I was in a totally different world. A world devoid of emotions and full of darkness, that was where I belong. If I had another choice, I would not have shown up at this party even if it killed me. But thinking about my sick grandfather, who only had me as his family, I had to still my heart and do what is expected of me. Even if it meant going through another hell of rejection, I had to at least try for the sake of my grandfather. People streamed in from all kinds of backgrounds. Others were just there to have fun while others were there to find their mates. Others
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chapter two
Chapter two. Camilla's POV... Lenox had just dropped a bomb on me and my mind was still in disarray. His cold and emotionless voice rang in my ears, crushing hard on my heart like a tornado. The hopes of me saving my grandfather vanished and I felt hopeless. I was still coming to terms with what Lenox has just said when I felt something cold smash on my face. I did not have time to evade and the red wine landed squarely on my face, making me shiver from the sudden coldness. I did not even have to turn around to know whose handwork it was. I knew for certain that it was Elisa who had done it. “Slu*t, how dare you try to seduce my fiancée?” Elisa questioned. Her voice was loud enough to attract everyone’s attention in the room. I shuddered and almost wanted to bury myself in the ground. I was already a mess after having wine poured all over me. And now Elisa could not wait to attract the attention of everyone in the room, wouldn’t I be city N laughing stock come tomorrow. Thankfull
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chapter three
Lucien’s POV…. When I received the invitation from the organizers of the party from one of my betas, I did not want to attend. I did not even give it a second glance. I knew that everyone at the party only wanted to suck up to me because they might have already heard that I was about to take over the power of city N. Such parties are always boring, so I did not want to show up. But something in me kept yelling that if I don’t go to that party, I will definitely regret it. So, I did a last-minute decision and decided to rush to the party. It will cost me nothing and I still needed to find a few trusted families and packs that I can closely work with. When I reached the hotel where the party was being held, I felt like something was not right. It was very quiet and not as lively as I had expected. But apart from that, a sweet and aromatic smell like a flower that has just bloomed wafted in my nostril without warning, making my heart skip a bit. It was a distinct smell that I have ne
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chapter four
Camilla's POV… The pressure that I was receiving from everyone and their intense disgusting stares were getting on my nerve. I was starting to find it even hard to breathe. Elisa's shrill voice was making my head hurt. I felt like my brain was going to burst and I only wanted to get myself out of this place. If I had known that I will face such humiliation and be rejected again, I would not have taken a step to this place. But if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have known how cruel humans were. All I could do now was blame it on my bad luck. But what hurt me most was the fact that Lenox refused to acknowledge me and even claimed that we did not know each other. I felt like I have been feeding all my feelings to the dogs. Coupled with the rejection wound that was yet to heal, I felt my heart be torn into pieces. It was so painful that if I had not bitten on my lips until they bled, I would have lost consciousness. But I was not going to kowtow to this bitch. I would rather surrender to a dog
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chapter 5
Chapter 5 Camilla's POV… I looked at the stretched hand cautiously. Although I was already happy in my heart, I could not help but hesitate. After all, everything I have heard about this alpha Lucien hasn’t been good to the ears. Everyone feared him and no one dared to mess with him. Who was I that he could even stretch his hand to help me? A small part of me really wanted to clasp that hand tightly and never let go. I could feel my legs numbing from kneeling on the floor. If he was someone to embarrass me, then he would have done it a long time ago. Depending on the haughty attitude that he came in with, he would not have spared me a glance. I debated in my heart for a while before I decided to take his hand. Whether or not he was going to help, I will know later. But as of now, I just wanted to get myself out of this sticky situation. Dying in his hands was probably better than dying in the hands of these cheating bastards. I will never give them the satisfaction of humiliating
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chapter 6
Chapter 6Camilla's POV…The moment I said that I wanted to go home, Lucien did not continue to question Elisa. But I said it out of desperation because I did not want to stay in that place any longer. I was irritated just looking at Lenox and Elisa's face.I just wanted to borrow Lucien's help and get out that place. Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Lucien bent over and lifted me in his arms with ease. I was so startled that I gave out a sharp scream and instinctively placed my hands around his neck for balance.My goodness, what was this male god doing? I just wanted to leave but I did not mean for him to carry me! Was he not afraid of rumors and his reputation being dragged in the mud because of me?But the man seemed not to care about what others thought as he took huge strides towards the door. after seeing that he was not affected by my yelp, I was too embarrassed to even look at him and I could only burry my face in his chest.The moment I smelt of his woody scent, mixed with hi
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chapter 7
Chapter 7Lucien's POV…I was not disappointed when Camilla told me that she wanted to go home, to her home. We had just met so I did not want to scare her by being too demanding.I knew that she would not run away, after all, this mate bond thing was just too strong and too deep for someone to ignore. I readily agreed because I knew that sooner or later, we will find our way back to each other.Although I was eager to get to know her and hear her side of the story, I did not want to scare her off by insisting that she go to my home. Meeting her has been too abrupt, and beside me appearing calm on the surface, I was too excited on the inside that I wanted time to cool down.I had the urge to kidnap her home but I did not dare to. I could only be patient with her. I ordered the driver to start the car. Seeing that she was in deep thoughts and seemed to be battling with something in her mind, I did not disturb her.I closed my eyes and rested my head at the back of my seat because I was
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chapter 8
Chapter 8Lucien's POV…I have never felt this empty before. We have only met for a few hours now and already I cannot let go? I shook my head mock resignation and opened the car door to step out.How I wished to just grab her, hug her and never let go. But I knew that will only scare her.“Welcome home!” I said as I helped her out of the car. Her hand was warm and although I could feel the roughness in her palm maybe from doing a lot of manual work, I still felt that I was being caressed by the softest hands on the earth.“Thank you.” I saw her nod her head but her head was lowered.“What is it?” I inquired, feeling puzzled by her sudden submission. Why wasn’t she speaking while looking at me in the eyes like she had done in the car?“Nothing!” she shook her head but her face was still lowered. I could not tell what was going through her head.“Why are you lowering your head? You are about to kiss the ground!”“How dare I look at you? You are the great alpha; I can’t look at you dire
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chapter 9
Chapter 9Elisa's POV…A few days had passed since the ballroom party but everything that happened that night was still fresh in my mind. I could not get it out of my head no matter what. It was bothering me to a certain extent.I could not help but recall it every now and then…… When I heard Camilla's voice and that she wanted to congratulate us, I was astonished and an uneasy feeling cropped up in my heart.Ever since Lenox rejected her, I haven’t laid my eyes on her, nor did I seek her out because I knew that she was no longer a threat to me. But when I heard the familiar voice at such a place, my heart skipped a bit.I never imagined that with her current situation, she would actually manage to attend such a party. I only wished that she was not there to mess thigs up.But when I turned around and saw her, the fear and uneasiness that I felt vanished into nothingness. Camilla was there, standing before us, in a long maroon dress that was clearly from the last season line of cloth
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chapter 10
Chapter 10Elisa's POV…I stared at the man who had entered the room with a pounding heart. I swear on my life that I have never seen a man as handsome and as majestic as the one standing before us.He had a kingly aura and his haughty attitude was hard to ignore. The way he looked at everyone, it was like the whole world contained nothing but insignificant beings who were not worthy his attention. His gaze was extremely cold and there was no hint of smile on his face.I studied every inch of his face and I could not find any flaws. He was staring at Camilla so intensely and so did everyone at him. it was only after Pat called him that I came back to my senses so did everyone because I could hear hurried breathings in the room.Seems like everyone had been holding their breathe since the man appeared and they were now gasping for air as if they had almost drowned.When I came back to my senses, I saw that he was still staring at Camilla with something that looked like a heated gaze. I
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