The dying of rosehip petals

The dying of rosehip petals

By:  Thomas Nguyen  Completed
Language: English
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The story revolves around a waiter, Terry, at the Happy Hill pub. Would he overcome the temptation of money to live his own life? Or would he be like rosehip petals that soon be withered?

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50 Chapters
1. Newcomers
Putting on a white shirt, Louis’s left hand gently pressed the perfume bottle. A fresh and attractive scent covered him, and in the mirror was a charming smile. After adjusting his hair and walking out of the bathroom, Louis looked at Terry with a gentle smile: "Good night!"Terry meekly replied: "Have a nice day at work!"Louis nodded and walked out the door. Outside, everyone was already there, and each of them was also wearing a pure white shirt. A dilapidated old car with lots of rust was already in front of the gate waiting for them. In just a moment, this car would roll, taking Louis and others to a very bustling place - Happy Hill.Finally, Louis was with Kyle and many others on the bus, crammed between the old rows of seats. The street was quite deserted now, and orange light from a roadside lamp came through the window, falling on Louis' cold face.Sitting next to Louis and catching his wistful face, Kyle curiously asked: "You are thinking about Terry, aren't you?"Louis did
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2. The hope
After listening to Louis' story, Kyle quietly sighed: "So you had to borrow money from Mr. Joe to pay for your younger brother's hospital bills. I'm so sorry to hear that your brother couldn't live on this money. Indeed, you are much more miserable than me, but you never told me before. Don't you consider me a friend?"Louis swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked up at the ceiling: “In this Happy Hill pub, is there anyone who doesn't suffer? Everyone has their own story. If I tell you my sad story, you will have more problems to worry about. That's the thing I don't want to do!"Kyle quietly nodded and smiled gently: "But it's not good for you to keep it in your heart, as long as you find someone close to confide in. I'm sure that your sadness is alleviated at that time, and people who hear your story sometimes won't be sad because of that story. On the contrary, sometimes they can even think of a solution for you!"Louis smiled: "Really?"Kyle put his arm around Louis' shoulder an
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3. A free meal
Sitting on the bus heading to the suburbs, Terry quietly recalled the past. When Terry had just set foot in the city, there were things around him that he had never seen in his hometown. The streets were filled with pink, blue, yellow, purple, and other colors of light, but the only thing missing was perhaps human love.The hospital where Terry's sister was being treated was located in the inner city of the city. But this place did not have many factories and enterprises, so Terry had to go to the suburbs, just hoping to get a job that included a place to eat and sleep.However, from morning until that night, Terry could not find a suitable job. Some factories had enough people, some said Terry looked too weak, and some accepted Terry, but the salary they paid was too extremely low for even a poor person like Terry to accept it.At that time, it was raining heavily. Terry only had time to stop at a stall to take shelter from the rain, but was chased out by the owner loudly: "Go away!
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4. Cooking
When Louis arrived, Terry was still in a dream and struggled to awaken when he heard a knock on the door. To assist Louis inside, he opened the door, but when he did, he noticed that Louis had a noticeable alcohol smell, a bruise on his cheek, a small line of rips along his lips, and a wound that was still bleeding. Terry had no trouble deducing what Louis had done the night before. In a panic, Terry screamed, "Louis, are you okay?" Louis only mumbled, "It's okay. It's okay!" in response. After saying that, he collapsed onto the mattress and passed out, partially from intoxication and partially from exhaustion. Of course, Terry was extremely worried in his heart, not knowing what Louis had gone through to become like this. However, seeing his appearance like that, Terry was also worried that he couldn't continue to sleep anymore. He walked to his bag and took out a towel, then went to the kitchen to cook a kettle of warm water, and finally wiped Louis' face with a towel soaked
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5. A new job
Terry was still in Louis' lap when he opened his eyes. Terry's innocent face caught Louis' attention, and when he realized that Terry needed to work to pay for his sister's medical care, Louis suddenly thought back to his own predicament. Louis used to toil diligently, just like Terry, to pay medical expenses for his brother - Jerry. When the pleasant memories of Jerry were gone, Louis' eyes started to flood with tears. He lightly kissed Terry's hair while thinking, "Terry, from now on I will see you as Jerry!"Terry kept sleeping despite the fact that it was 10 o'clock and the possibility that Terry was too exhausted. "He made an effort to get out of bed early this morning, perhaps just because he needed to find employment quickly," Louis thought.Terry was carefully placed on the bed, and Louis snuck downstairs to the kitchen to make Terry a delicious lunch. It ran out of meat and fish, and only eggs and a few vegetables were left in the house. Louis was about to leave to go out and
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6. Ethusiastic Help
Terry responded with a positive affirmation, "Yes, I remember it well!"After giving him the plate, the aunt there gave him a nod and said, "Take this plate of mine and wash it to remove the grease, then give it to Butterfly to wash it with dishwashing liquid!"Terry then washed the dish with water and at that moment he heard Butterfly muttering: "Just a quick rinse to make it appear less than pristine. Bring it over here so that I can wash it with soap, please! "Terry acknowledged that Butterfly was a girl and passed the first plate to her. He then attempted to quickly wash the second plate and pass it to Butterfly, but Butterfly did not accept it. She scowled: "Oh my god, I asked you to wash it a little, but not careless. I won't be able to wash this plate with soap because the soy sauce left behind is still very visible on it."After making that sentence, she brusquely passed the plate back to Terry. The soy sauce stain on the plate was not nearly as noticeable as Butterfly had ma
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7. Express love
Louis just heard laughter outside the door: "Nothing! I just want to ask the boy who has just moved to our motel a few questions! "Louis quietly opened the door and asked again, "What do you want to ask? "Kyle stood outside the window, looking at Terry from head to toe, before finally saying, "You're really cute and pure. I'm surprised that a handsome man's taste is "a white bunny" like you! "When Louis heard Kyle say such perplexing sentences, he asked quietly, "What do you want to talk about, Kyle? ""Oh, I was just going to ask this boy to tell me some muscular man's information! " Kyle exclaimed."Who? " Louis inquired, frowning."The handsome and muscular man who has just brought this cute boy home! " Kyle says it effortlessly.When Louis heard this, he looked at Terry, waiting for him to explain everything. Terry replied slowly, "It's Harry, who I work with at Miss Fortune's restaurant. When Harry saw that I didn't have any vehicles to drive home after work, he helped me! "K
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8. Doctor Tim
A smile appeared on Louis' mouth because he found that this doctor was always as kind as ever. The benefactor Louis mentioned to Terry many times was none other than Dr. Tim. This time, he continues to use his money to assist the patient in need, despite the fact that there is no doctor like him in this hospital. Dr. Tim used not only money but also strength to help patients. Even on days off, Tim is willing to work for the overcrowded patients. That was enough to see how beautiful his heart is. The other nurse heard Dr. Tim say that and smiled, like a sparrow, "Yes! You're so kind, doctor! " and quickly ran to the stairs to go upstairs. Louis glanced at Dr. Tim, his expression was very satisfied. There was the sound of the clock ticking. Looking in, Tim noticed that it was 8:55. He suddenly remembered that it was time to inject drugs for other patients. Thinking of that, Tim immediately patted the kid's head slightly in the wheelchair again, then looked at Louis and said: "I have to
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9. Inferiority
Harry's motorbike stopped in front of the motel after around three minutes. Terry quietly walked down, looked at Harry, and said "thank you" to him. Harry smiled and gently replied: "I'm sure that you're still scared. Go back to your room to rest soon! "Terry nodded "yes" once, only to hear Butterfly there rolling her eyes at the motels for a moment and then heartlessly saying: "Okay! Now that we have taken him to his motel, let's go! "Harry frowned, then looked down and said, "Okay! ""Be careful when you go to work again at night! Did you bring a raincoat? I guess it will rain this night. Even if it won't, you still have a coat to wear to avoid the cold! ' said Terry, concerned. Harry just smiled softly into the saddle: "Yes!"Terry smiled sideways and greeted him, heading towards Butterfly to say "goodbye," but she smiled coldly and turned her face the other way. The motorbike left, and Terry went to his room only to see a person walking in front of him. A very concerned face as
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10. Conversing by the river
Harry also seemed a little embarrassed: "Um, I just woke up! I'm going downstairs to pour a glass of water!"When Terry heard about it, he said, "I was going down to get a drink, too. Let me pour a glass of water for you!"Harry thought for a moment, then said softly, "No. Let me pour it for you!"After saying that, he coldly walked past Terry's place and went down to the restaurant. Butterfly, who heard his footsteps, also quietly wiped away her tears. Aunt Rose, of course, did not dare to continue. Only Terry was confused in his mind. He quietly went down to the side of the water bottle and poured a glass. Harry finished drinking the glass of water in his hand, but just silently walked over to Terry, not even looking at his face. Terry thought it must be because of Aunt Rose's story that made Harry's mood change like that.From that moment until the restaurant closed, Harry didn't say a word to Terry. Terry also tried to talk to him several times, but t
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