In Love With A Werewolf

In Love With A Werewolf

By:  Ndudim Oluebube Blessing  Ongoing
Language: English
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Separate worlds and different species.When a human falls for a werewolf on a mission, then there seems to be a war which might look unending. Would their love last? Who would get conquered!

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7 chapters
Chapter 1 ( The Alpha dies)
Jealousy has not only been a traite in mankind, but to all spiece that had ever existed. The search for ultimate power and authority has caused so much damage .........(BEGINNING).....Far away into the deep woods were the birds sang their usual melodious rhythmes, the chirping of insects and branches creaking could be heard clearly. The scrabbling of lizards on the tree barks was a very expected and usual sound heared always. Malvin and Ohio were having their early morning training which Malvin never failed accomplishing every single day. Malvin always did his training alone, he never wanted assistance from anyone ,he saw his training period as a time to be alone and think more on what actions he should take in promoting his pack and keeping their future well planned against external forces. He was the leader of his pack, very attractive and charming to behold. The bloody rain pack happened to be one of the most respected colony ,no one dared entering or attacking. They were kno
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Chapter 2
Ohio enters into the pack staggering, he kept walking like one who had really been attacked by some dangerous rogues. Fear grips all who saw him approaching , they all rushed out to find out what had happened to Ohio ,noticing that the Alpha wasn't with him.Everyone knew that Malvin had left with Ohio ,so seeing just Ohio in that state was very scaring. "Where is the Alpha ",many muttered among themselves . They were all aware the Alpha had left with Ohio for his training, "why does he have the Alpha's clothes covered with blood? " all kept talking asking questions in a devastated manner at the pack. "The Alpha and I were attacked by some dangerous rouges",Ohio managed to say, shivering and pretending to be hurt and pained. He crashes himself to the ground and some try getting hold of him from falling. "These are the clothes of the Alpha , I managed to get them after the rogue stripped him naked and took his dead body away", Ohio said. The Luna who had been inside ,she quickl
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Chapter 3 ( The recrown)
The next day the council at the pack called for a meeting to crown their new Alpha , they knew they had to keep their pack strong and unbeatable and in other to maintain the respect they had always had the throne wasn't meant to be vacant. Everyone gathered together to know who was going to rule. Most of them were aware that the Beta was to take over the leadership ,so it wasn't going to be a surprise if that happened. Ohio has woken up that morning very happy and feeling excited, he knew that the council would hand over the leadership of the pack to him and he was going to finally have the greatest and biggest dream of his life finally. He had joined them at the meeting Court, where all the people of the pack had come to finalize who should be their leader. The meeting Court was an ancient building built by Malvin's forefathers , it had lasted for more than a hundred years and most decisions were quite made there.That morning Maria had gone in search of a doctor in order to complai
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Chapter 4
Maria was walking through a passage the next evening when she hears the discussion between Ohio and Scout, his new right hand man. She overhears him telling scouts that he had strangled the Malvin to death while he was having his rest after they had done their morning training." I only had to add some drowsy liquid to his water which made the poor thing really weak and lazy",Ohio said laughing lavishly.They both laugh over the situation ,while Ohio tells scouts that killing the Alpha wasn't really a big deal. He said that the Alpha had the strength of a chicken and he despised him a lot because of his weak nature. Although they had been friends from childhood , he only hated every single thing about him. Malvin had always been on his way in everything he had always wanted. He also told him that he wasn't strong enough to make decisions that would put things in order but loved begging people a lot to do things. A leader should not have to beg his subjects into doing certain things,
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Chapter 5 ( The escape of the Luna)
Walking through the thick forest, Maria and Luciana not having a single idea of where they should go from there. They quickly remove their disguise, in other to appear normal again should incase they get to meet someone who could be of help to them. Soon they began hearing some noise coming from the branches, they weren't certain what exactly it was but they sensed danger. They only hoped no one had noticed their absence from the pack so early and and followed them, it was going to be a very dangerous game if that happened. Soon enough they saw rogues coming out from different locations. They both said that they had encroached into the territory of the rogues. They signal each other in order to protect themselves and get ready from the attacks which the rogues we are going to enforce on them. The rogues were all males and they were aware that the other two which they planned on attacking were women.They wanted to subdue them and take them forcefully as their mates into their own
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Chapter 6 ( In the bloody rain park)
Ohio was very furious that he kept on smashing things. "How could she had escaped? I thought she wanted to be with me. Why did she escape?" he kept asking himself." Did you say anything wrong to her? " Scout asked." Hell no ! the last time I met her, she didn't display any funny attitude that shows she wanted to escape" Ohio replied." Then something has to be wrong somewhere. Who knows! she might have been abducted"." By who exactly and how can she be abducted and no guard took note of it", Ohio asked." That's true. What might have happened?"." Probably she must have escaped"! Ohio shouted throwing the jar of wine before him on a guard. The guard dodges, but gets his right arm hurt. Scout orders for a maid to come and get the smashed jar cleared immediately.Christine walks in immediately , tensed and same time scared . She knew how hot tempered Ohio can be and being assigned the duty of cleaning the leaders charmbers for that whole week made her very uncomfortable. Having he
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Chapter 7 ( The Rogue's pack)
The sun had just risen that morning, it was looking like it would be a hot day ,with the way the weather changed so early. The normal falling of early morning dew wasn't experienced at all, instead the sun came out in full force.Maria had told Luciana ,that she would love to speak with other members of the pack that day. She wanted to know them more and understand the way they lived among themselves. She knew that if she was going to lead, she should then get to understand the people she was going to lead properly.Luciana had agreed with her on her idea of meeting the whole members that day. After all ,they had entered the pack at night, and weren't able to see all faces clearly when they arrived .Maria wasn't sure who the leader of the rogues was. They had looked all night to find out who was superior among the rogues , but couldn't find any. She knew that if the leader of the rogues wasn't among the group of rogues who they encountered last night then they really hard some issues
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