She's My Mate

She's My Mate

By:  Kylie. G  Completed
Language: English
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BOOK TWO: Sydney Wilde took on the Alpha role in the Green Forest pack at the age of twenty-one. Being half werewolf and half-human, no one took her seriously. Now at the age of twenty-five, still with no wolf and no mate, she finds herself running one of the biggest packs in the world with power and respect — earning every bit of it on a daily basis. And then someone comes to ruin that. What happens when a cocky yet prestigious Alpha from another continent claims to be Sydney's mate? How will she deal with everything that will now unfold and still take care of her very unique pack? _______________________________________ PLEASE READ BOOK ONE: P.S. YOU'RE MY MATE BEFORE READING THIS ONE SO THIS STORY MAKES SENSE!

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love this series, the author did an excellent job of portraying such conflicting and complex emotions.
2022-05-30 01:58:42
default avatar
I might hate the FL on how she handle things with regards to the bond but I can’t simply ignore how good the writer is with the plot and everyone’s POV…the book is really captivating…
2022-02-19 18:48:20
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who's the guy on the cover of the book? :)
2022-01-10 06:23:09
default avatar
Cristina Wilson
I love these books
2022-01-02 12:18:43
default avatar
Really this author and the series
2021-12-06 13:19:48
user avatar
Linn Marie Øien
Love your books.
2021-10-17 10:12:19
default avatar
Alicia Dorton
Love it! Just like the first one. I do t know what’s going to happen next! So many twists.
2021-09-22 05:06:58
user avatar
Ybhor Zurc Aled Torres
wow best novel
2021-09-08 14:15:37
default avatar
Sherri Lombardi
This was a good book and can’t wait to start the third book.
2021-09-04 00:09:42
user avatar
Love ...️ this book.
2021-08-14 22:46:51
user avatar
Anne M. Whelan
Good, new twists
2021-08-13 09:54:39
default avatar
Couldn’t stop reading this series
2021-08-10 10:54:55
user avatar
Lynette Stinten
love reading this series
2021-08-07 08:25:42
default avatar
I am enjoying this book ! Can’t wait for the next one.
2021-08-01 04:37:37
default avatar
Deborah Gwinn
Luv this app!
2021-07-27 00:55:01
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42 Chapters
***Author's Note:
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Chapter 01
SYDNEYCrusted blood stained the walls, mixing with splatters of fresh blood. The stench of death hung in the air, getting worse with each step I took. Rotting flesh, damp earth, and human excrement all bombarded my nose at once. I may not have been a full blooded werewolf, but even us half bloods had an impeccable sense of smell. That was the same with strength and speed.Victor let out a low growl beside me as we neared our destination. I purposely slowed my steps, allowing him to lace his fingers with mine and give my hand a gentle squeeze. Victor meant so much to me, even as a little girl. With his thick, shoulder length chocolate brown locks and eyes so blue they reminded me of the ocean; he hadn't changed one bit since I was a child. I sort of felt like Bella from Twilight, stuck with creatures that barely aged while I looked ten years older by the next day.Victor stood tall beside me
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Chapter 02
SYDNEYVictor stilled, body tensing as the word left the unknown Alpha's lips. The Alpha's two men shared a thunderstruck glance before shifting their shocked looking faces to me. The patrol wolf had left to grab the three clothes since they were standing in all their naked glory and I made sure to keep my eyes up, never once allowing them to dip and take in what lied below.Dimitri chuckled quietly, shaking his head and his mate visibly relaxed as confusion set in. Half breeds did not always have mates. Because human's could pick who they wanted to be with, I had the will to choose my life partner. I had never expected to find a mate, had never prepared for such a possibility.He was the epitome of handsome though, so that was a bonus. His sharp jaw, tattooed physic that had muscles rippling throughout his body, jade orbs, and dark chocolate strands made him the definition of a fuck boy and screamed 'sta
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Chapter 03
SYDNEY"Look, it's momma Grace," I cheered happily, clapping my hands as mom and dad walked onto stage. They were followed by my grandpa and Grammy. Mom wore an anxious smile but at the time, I thought it was the prettiest thing in the world. The nightmare always started off the same. I'd be in Lucille's arms, praising mom as she walked onto the stage. I'd wince when the blade pierced through my dad's palm, flinching away from Lucille at the sight of blood dripping down his hand. I was so caught up in the moment, so caught up in watching everything happen with awestruck eyes that I hadn't noticed the scowl on Lucille's face. I hadn't noticed the way she looked at me and then at my mom with flames of anger blazing in her eyes. Before I could register was was happening, Lucille held a silver weapon out in front of us and then a loud bang echoed and my ears began ringing. The smell of som
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Chapter 04
SYDNEYI awoke feeling the gentle caress of fingers running through my hair. Victor hummed lowly beside me, his strong arm around my waist and pressing me into him. Something felt different though. Even with my groggy state of mind, I could feel the difference in Victor's touch. The mark on my neck buzzed with life and wherever my skin made contact with his I felt...sparks. Jolting up, I gasped in bewilderment. Victor had marked me last night and although I didn't regret it, I hadn't expected to feel sparks from it either. I turned to meet Victor who looked like the poster boy for relaxation. He didn't seem fazed about the sparks, a knowing look lighting up his beautiful face. Bringing my hand to his stubble coated cheek, I relished the warmth and the tingles that flowed up my arm. A smile found its way to my face. "Good morning, crazy girl," a strange voice echoed through my mind that had
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Chapter 05
SYDNEY Flames! That was the only way I could describe what it felt like. It felt as if flames licked my body, beginning from my core and it wasn't anything like experiencing heat. My heat ended the moment Victor and I completed the bond. That was how it worked. You either put an end to heat by completing the bond or wait an entire week. My mom was the only werewolf I knew who managed to make it an entire week without sealing the deal and I didn't want to know how she managed to do that. This, on the other hand, felt so much worse and Victor's touch offered no reprieve. I could see the pain lingering in Victor's oceanic orbs, if he could have taken away the pain I knew he would have. Screams and yells left my lips, cold sweat coating my skin and soaking my hair. I felt as if I needed too move but at the same time I couldn't. The pain was paralyzing and I went through it every night. Apparently, even afte
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Chapter 06
QUADEShe refused to leave my mind and no matter how much I tried not to think about her, I ended up thinking about her more. Her scent that reminded me of a blossoming garden in the midst of spring, her hair that reminded me of the golden beach sand that made up their shores, her dark eyes that reminded me of black tea, her smile that lit up a room which she only showed him, her sun-kissed skin that was soft to the touch. My brain had memorized every detail of her. The mate bond was something I had seen amongst others and heard about but feeling it was something entirely different. It felt suffocating and yet breathed a new life within you with new purpose. It hurt and yet it was explosive pleasure. It drew you closer to the other half of your soul and yet repelled it from you.It was frustrating and yet invigorating. The princess knew not of the game she was landing herself in, one that would
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Chapter 07
SYDNEYA heavy sigh left my lips as I slumped into the softness of the sofa in my office. My brother sat beside me, grabbing my ankles and placing it onto his lap. His rough hands — hands that were rough from always building and breaking things — inspected my foot which had been hurt only the night before. Now, all that remained were faint red scars and nothing more."He licked your foot?" Sylvain whispered in bewilderment, nose scrunching as he thought about it, "and you let him?""Well, I didn't have much of a choice, baby bro," I grimaced, thinking back to what had happened, "the man had a vice grip on my ankle and I swear he did it on purpose just to crawl under my skin. He was trying to prove a stupid point and I'm afraid he might have accomplished exactly what he set out to do.""Does Victor know?" Sylvain quizzed, unconsciously tracing around the bone of my ankle.
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Chapter 08
SYDNEYEven after a long discussion pertaining why my mom and dad should just leave for somewhere safe and let my brother and I sort this mess out, they refused. Of course they refused. Willing to fight their own battles. If the threat was on their lives then they wanted to be responsible for neutralizing it as much as I would be. But I feared for them. The fear of losing either of my parents had my lungs heaving for air. I just couldn't bare the thought.My brother had gone to work his magic with Alpha Quade. Playing the innocent brother who knew not of the happenings going on and only wanted permission to seek out his destined mate. I hoped that Alpha Quade didn't see right through my baby brother. He was putting his life on the line for our pack, for our parents, and for me. He wasn't only a brother to me but a best friend as well. Hell would freeze over before someone harmed him.Dimitri, Ambrosia, and
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Chapter 09
SYDNEYI woke up with a start; thundering heart, cold sweat dripping down my body, hair damp, breathing heavy, and nerves shot. Victor was always awake, sitting in that antique chair at my window and staring at the beautiful full moon that lit up the room. Tonight, shifters would be at their strongest, the power of the full moon enhancing their abilities.Victor's body remained unmoving, even though he knew I had woken up. I pulled the sheets away, a chill greeting my bare skin. Grabbing my midnight blue silk gown from my closet, I padded my way toward the bathroom. He knew I was okay, I was always okay when it came to this sort of thing. Only Victor knew of the dreams. I had kept them a secret — not only the reoccurring one, but the ones I had when I was little. The one's that told me things. The same ones I recently began having again.I turned the faucet to the coldest setting and then stepped into the wat
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