My Horrible Romance

My Horrible Romance

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Breakup isn't something new for Yara. According to her, all that happened because of the curse of love spoken by Adam, his first ex-boyfriend. "I swear you won't be able to date forever. Anyway, you won't be able to get married until you can see me on the aisle." What will happen to Yara if Adam comes back into her life?

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    8 chapters
    1 The Curse of Love
    "Are you serious about breaking up?"Yara didn't cry when she asked this to a man who a few minutes earlier was still her boyfriend."Sorry, Ra. I've tried to survive this relationship. But I realized that you are not my ideal type. You are ... too spoiled," replied Alvaro while playing with the glass in his hand."You know my principle, once we break up, there will be no chance to come back."Yara deliberately held back her tears so as not to fall in front of men, her another principle.The man in front of Yara nodded. "I need an independent woman, Ra. With my status as a manager, I can't deal with you who are too spoiled. I need a partner who can balance me."Yara snorted in annoyance as she rolled her eyes lazily. "Ok. It's over. Finito. Thank you for everything you've ever given—" Yara seemed to think for a few seconds. "Eh, but it seems like you never give anything anyway. I gave most of it."Alvaro was seen swallowing his saliva while trying to control the blush on his face."En
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    2 New Project
    A woman blinked many times when she saw the house her fiancé had recently bought. They will live in the house together after marriage. Maybe because of that, her fiancé took her to have a look."Do you like the house?" asked the man while rubbing the top of Lintang's head, his fiancée."I really really like it," answered Lintang. Her slender finger traced the window of the house which was deliberately made of wide glass to maximize the light that came in."It's still empty, we'll just hire an interior designer later. I'm going to be really busy after this, maybe I don't have much time to take care of it."Lintang nodded. "Thank you, Dam. You have prepared all this for our future.""For our future, for you, I’ll do anything," Adam replied as he embraced the woman in front of him in his arms.Lintang's back stiffened when she was in Adam's arms. She could feel Adam's great love for her."So, what concept do you want for our home interior design?""I don't understand, Dam. You take care
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    3 Get The Project!
    "Why did you come?" asked Adam who was confused by the arrival of Yara, his ex-girlfriend, who claimed to be a representative of PT Creative Persada. "Yesterday, Bu Oni said she would do the interior design of my house.”Yara wanted to curse profusely. Was she the one who offered to work on this project?"May I sit down first, Pak Adam? Let me try to help explain everything to you." Yara deliberately used formal language so that Adam would know that her presence at the restaurant that afternoon was purely business, no ulterior motives."Oh, yes, sure." Adam could only nod and sit back down after Yara sat across from him."Please order food first, Bu Yara," Adam offered, trying to give the same professionalism.Yara nodded, took the menu book and ordered Berry Island Fantasy."Didn't order food?" Adam noticed Yara who looked much more mature than in high school."Thank you, Pak. I have no appetite," she said, throwing a faint smile on her lips, so thin that maybe no one noticed it, exc
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    4 First Stage Negotiations
    It's been more than five minutes Yara was silent in front of the dark brown door. She has gone through various things, from scratching her hair that doesn't itch, biting her own lips, to pacing incoherently in front of the apartment unit.With a heavy sigh, Yara finally got up the courage to knock on the door in front of her. She knocked again, hoping someone would open the door for her soon."Yes?" Adam poked his head out of the gap in the door that he seemed to be deliberately trying to keep from opening it completely."Night, Dam." Yara smiled kindly as if there was no painful past between them."Why did you come to my apartment?" Adam asked coldly."I need to talk about your house project, Dam.""Oooh, have you heard from Pak Ranu? So? You said you wanted to party all night if I canceled this project."Yara swallowed hard. Can she swear in front of this man's face?"Apparently ... the situation is a bit beyond my expectations. Please, Dam. Talk to me for a second, okay?""Tsk!" Ad
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    5 Second Stage Negotiations
    Yara standing in front of Adam's apartment door (again), very forced."Damn it! Yesterday I forgot to ask for Adam's cellphone number. Om Ranu did it on purpose again, didn't want to give Adam's cellphone number." Yara ruffled her hair in frustration. Yara was sure her pride had really fallen because of this matter.Still same as the night before, Yara took several deep breaths, just getting up the courage to knock on the door.Adam appeared not long after, with an astonished look. "Why don't you wait at the coffee shop downstairs, Ra?""I don't have your cellphone number right. Om Ranu doesn't want to give it."Adam almost laughed when he saw Yara's expression and how she looked. Adam was almost certain that the woman in front of him had just ruffled her own hair. Because it is impossible for Yara Karina Candra to let the wind ruffle her hair, let alone other people."Just wait downstairs, you order what you want, I'll follow later. I want to call my fiancee first."Unexpectedly, Yar
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    6 Ex-Prospective Father-in-Law's Request
    Yara froze in front of Adam's apartment door. Adam had given her an access card so she could enter, while Adam was picking up his aunt at the airport."Is it okay if I go in alone? Then if something missing, I'll be the one who gets hit."Choosing to ignore her doubts, Yara entered Adam's apartment which she had never stepped in. She nodded in understanding after darting her gaze around the two-bedroom apartment.She learned more or less about design psychology, and from the interior design of Adam's apartment, Yara was able to underline Adam's character which was still very clear and cold.With the dominance of black and adopting a minimalist design, the apartment really feels cold. There were no decorations or ornaments that decorated the apartment, as if the apartment was only used for sleeping, not for living.Yara plopped down on the sofa, then stretched her legs while sipping the ice vanilla latte that she had bought before she went up to Adam's unit.Suddenly Yara chuckled as s
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    7 Couple Snatcher
    "Yara, let's just eat out tonight, Adam's refrigerator doesn't have any food stock at all," Desi complained after doing a brief screening in the kitchen of Adam's apartment.Hearing the middle-aged woman's grumbling, Yara, who was originally in front of the TV, went to the kitchen to talk more closely. "Ok, Tante, what do you want to eat for dinner? Or … do you want to go for a walk?""Eating fried rice with lamb looks delicious, Ra.""Do you want delivery or eat there, Tante?"After considering it for a moment, Desi decided to eat at the place, because according to her it was fun there."Is it okay to eat on the side of the road, Tan?""It's okay. Why? You're not used to it, are you?" asked Desi who became suspicious, because as she recalled, Adam had told her that Yara's family was much richer than Adam's family, and even made Adam feel inferior at that time.Unexpectedly, Yara laughed at Tante Desi’s question. "No, Tante. That area is my hangout area. If you want, after eating frie
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    8 She's So Fake
    "But I don't mind if you want to fight for Adam again."The three pairs of eyes in the room immediately looked at Desi with an incredulous and questioning look."No way! There are millions of men on this earth." She snorted softly.Desi laughed at the reaction of Yara and her parents. "Just joking. You must have gotten better than Adam. Although I used to think that you two would get married because you and Adam were suitable for each other."Yara snored softly. 'Where does it come from?'"Des, just stay here, ok?" Rhea offered her best friend. She still wants to chat a lot with her friend. So she didn’t want to let Desi return to Adam's apartment, even though Yara accompanies her."What? Is it ok if I stay here, Rhe?""Of course. Let Yara takes your belonging.""Yes, Tante. I will take Tante’s belonging, I’ll wait for my brother first.""Are you not tired of going back and forth there?""I’m ok, Tante. After all, I'm more comfortable at home than in Adam's apartment."***After dropp
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