The Billionaire's Pretend Darling

The Billionaire's Pretend Darling

By:  Mildred Rose  Updated just now
Language: English
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A girl, who has always endured, finally makes a run from a nightmare she cannot live with. That night, she meets a guy who wants to do the same. Together, they decide to be each other's everything. … Join me on my server if you have questions or anything to say! Just look for me, Xu Rougie!

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54 Chapters
If You Want to Live, Drive Away
The loud rain battered against the roof of her car as she braved the night. The storm signal was the greatest tonight, and yet she was out there in the streets with zero visibility. It didn’t help that she was only donning a thin red dress, her bare feet enduring the kiss of the metal pedals on her soles. Andrea was crying inside and out. Her hands would sometimes move to clear her eyes and her nose, but her teeth were still clenched in anger… resentment… self-pity. How hurt must a woman be before she was allowed to walk away from a relationship? Not only was she getting suspicions that her boyfriend was cheating on her, but he was also becoming more and more aggressive. She could remember it vividly, just like the previous times he made her heart jump in fright. … “What do you mean I can’t expect you to—? Do you know how hard the rain is falling outside?” A booming voice of an angry man made Andrea shudder in her spot. She was reheating the food she cooked earlier, not knowing th
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A Woman He could Date for a Hundred Years
The loud chatters of the people enjoying the birthday party echoed from one table to another. After all, everyone at the party was those who had put their own expensive accessories to boast and get people to kiss their asses. Perhaps, the only person not enjoying the party was the birthday celebrator himself. Gryphon Pearce sat at their table, only swaying the wine inside his glass. His thick brows furrowed at the messages flashing on his phone, one by one. Those were notifications that he had yet to attend to. Some were from his friends who kept on posting photos and tagging him, while most were from a woman that he was supposed to pick up from her hotel room. Yes, Gryphon dared not to fetch the woman that he was supposed to marry. “If you continue frowning, you will get older faster.” The person sitting next to him chuckled as he watched his best friend toss his own phone at the table. “Shouldn’t you go find Roxanne now? Your parents will finish talking to everyone soon.” “I don
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Checking In with a Woman
Andrea didn’t know why the man knew her name, but if he could move, then… maybe, she wouldn’t have to stay here longer than necessary. At this, she rubbed her nose to calm her sniffing and gestured toward the passenger’s seat. She had no choice but to let him in; perhaps, his presence would help her get a grip on her situation better. The man went to open the door and got in as she disengaged the locks. She then spoke as soon as he sat down, “Sorry, I’m not really in the mood to talk. I’ll just drive you to a hospital for your arm.” “Where are you going in this storm? You even looked like you’re heading out for a date.” Gryphon didn’t care about the supposed silence. He huffed before taking a look at the backseat. “You don’t even have a coat or a companion. Are you trying to get yourself killed?” He noticed how the woman was dressed up, only to be left with a pitiful ending. More than that, the vulnerable woman might get in trouble if she continued going around in just that dress t
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A Hot Bath is Nice
“There should be one waiting for me.” With no idea of what the staff was preparing for him, Gryphon stood in front of the reception desk while drying his hair, watching the receptionist arrange for their suite. He didn’t even glance at Andrea, who was looking around the hotel’s empty reception hall. It was obviously empty since no one would be here at such a late hour. “Andy, let’s go,” Gryphon called out as he walked to the elevator lobby, key in hand. However, seeing no one behind him, he had to fetch her from where she stood. This girl must have turned deaf with all that water in her ears. He pushed her inside the elevator and pressed the button to close the doors. When the doors closed, the two had no choice but to see their reflections on the metal doors of the elevator. The male stared at himself, noticing how his wrinkled designer white long-sleeve stuck to his body from the wetness it inherited from the suit jacket. The stay inside her car was not even enough to dry him. He
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Mathias or Gryphon
“Me? Your pretend darling?” Andrea only smiled for the photo before laughing out after he tossed the phone to the side. “One, I am not playing a game like that. Two, me, trying to win you back? In case you forgot, you dumped me back in high school because I wasn’t posh enough. I am not going to sacrifice my hard-earned self-esteem just to go posh for you. And three…” “You talk too much. It’s just a yes-or-no question.” With an angry grunt, Gryphon moved his arm from under her head and only placed it on the rim space between them. “I already took the photo, so there’s no point in saying ‘no’ now.” Andrea glared at him before sighing. She only leaned on her back again and looked up at the ceiling. To be honest, what would she gain from saying ‘no’? What was pride in the face of a man who would hunt her down to a corner? It didn’t matter whether it was Mathias or Gryphon; both of them could surely make her life miserable. It’s just that… she didn’t want to feel like she had no voice of
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Before He Comes Back
“What is it?” Mathias begrudgingly answered his phone as he tried to huff off his exhaustion. After all, he exerted a lot of energy at every swing he did against Andrea’s soft body. However, his anger was yet to be quenched for real. As long as Andrea could still move, he would not stop.There was no way he would let Andrea run to that man again.It’s just that the voice that came from the phone was as if the cooling breeze of spring. His overall fury only needed a few seconds to be dissolved into a drop of a smile on his face. Mathias then leaned on the wall and kept listening to the voice with a smile that only grew deeper.“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll be there tonight. Sorry about last night. I was too drunk to attend to my phone.” His smile seemed to hit an all-time high
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The Start of Winter
“I look stupid?” Gryphon erased all the sorry on his face, wearing a cold glare to replace his worried gaze. How could he forget that this girl had been always so cheeky that he would smack her just for saying things? He just gave her a warning finger gesture. “You’re lucky we’re in a hospital. I can’t be caught flicking your forehead… oh, wait, I can do that!”“What? No!” At the finger threatening to painfully flick her forehead, Andrea shot her hands up to catch his own hand. However, the bruises and overall weakness of her body kept her from moving all that much. She winced, not at the pain of the flick.With a snort, Gryphon took back his hand that didn’t even land on her face. His phone had also pinged as if it was not meant to be too distracting. He just pulled on his clothes to smooth the
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Bringing a Woman Home
Sadly, Ashley didn’t tell her about it. He would rather have Gryphon tell her as if it was important to her as well. Then again, since it was Ashley who said so, Andrea just shrugged her shoulders. If anything, there was a lot to talk about. It had been more than ten years since they last saw each other, and for two birds with broken wings, their lives sounded a little identical.Gryphon had gotten back to the hospital just a few minutes before visiting hours were done. He even looked like he was drinking before remembering that he had to visit a friend in the private ward. When he sat down and almost missed the chair, Andrea even frowned at him.He then returned her frown, saying nothing for a few seconds. When the strange chime came as if warning visitors to conclude their stay, that was the only time he spoke: “I’m checking you out of this
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No Other but You
“What do you mean you didn’t bring anyone?! I have photos!” A woman’s voice came from the intercom, and Gryphon soundlessly growled from the other side. He then turned to the side and saw Andrea gesturing at the door, seemingly screaming without making any audible noise. [Who is that outside? Should I hide?!] Andrea looked a little panicky, her eyes growing wider. This man had no girlfriend, yet there was a woman that he was not letting inside his house. She was even being kept away on the premise that she wanted to search the house for a woman that Gryphon took home. Why would she care if Gryphon took another woman home? [Why would you hide? She’ll eventually leave!] At the gesture, Gryphon competed with Andrea on who got to make their glaring eyes a lot bigger. Some more, and one of them would pop a vein. Andrea got down on the floor as she noticed the gate opening from outside. She pounded on the floor. [You! Why would you lie to me?! You said you have no girlfriend!] Since Gry
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Gryphon is the Problem
Reveling in the past had never been a good thing for Andrea. There were so many mistakes done in the name of trusting her guts and testing the heights of her luck. When she won what she thought was Gryphon’s love, it was easily replaced with his fickle stunt. After that… she went to Mathias’s arms.She just shook her head and sighed. Considering her circumstances, she could only go with Gryphon. As for walking away from him, she didn’t have to imagine what it was going to be like. Whether Gryphon punished or billed her, by the time she crossed paths with Mathias, she would only die.Between dying physically or dying on the inside, Andrea chose the latter. She had always been choosing the latter since she was tossed out of her home.“All right, let’s go with your plan. However&hel
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