The Mystery Of Zimicah

The Mystery Of Zimicah

By:  Mythphilia  Completed
Language: English
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Alyssa Micah is one of the remaining heirs left to take over Zimicah Clan, which had been founded fifty years before she was even expected to enter the world. She is at the age of sixteen and she already carried this heavy responsibility. However, before she is even crowned the new Chief. The night on her coronation she was faced with a heavy storm which threatened to destroy Zimicah. Sinking some of the houses and trees falling destroying those which were still standing. Not knowing what to do Alyssa is drawn into a hollow opening with her friend, Adanna. That simple falling is only the beginning of their journey, as they dug deep into the secrets of Zimicah, discovering shocking truths......

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    31 chapters
    If Zimicah is viewed on the highest mountain in the area, the people would say that it is a lovely paradise. The dense colourful forests gave an aesthetic effect that attracted most animals and varieties of birds, some white, pink, black any kind that could be found on the planet earth. They could be in different sizes, some giants and some small. All the impossible could be seen on this tiny nation. It is such a beautiful place with much surprising entities living on its grassy surface. The society was at the centre of the forests, with few people residing in it. Houses were built spaced from the next one as all of their grassy roofs took shade from the giant trees that could almost reach the blue skies. Ever since it had been founded, Zimicah had nurtured a maximum of six Chiefs who were all blood related, each with different styles on how they reigned over the tiny nation. It is after fifty years and the time has come, time for the new generation to take over where they had all
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    Chapter 1
    "Once upon a time, a man wandered around a vast land, looking for a home he could call his own. He passed through icy lands, grassy fields. He encountered vicious animals that tried to rob him of his life. What he only thought of was to find that place he had seen in his dream.Those gigantic trees that could almost reach the skies. Those flocks of birds dancing around those trees. Those lions that fed on mushrooms. A land where there is peace and harmony.He travelled for some years until he reached that place as he gazed at it from the top peak of a mountain. He just flexed his lips as the word 'Zimicah' sounded from his mouth. He was ...."The little chatters from the children who sat on the ground listening attentively, made the teen telling the tale feel content as she shared the story that had made her jittery when she was still their age.They were under a tree shade, taking temporary cover from the scorching sun. The six toddlers surrounded the story teller each folding their
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    Chapter 2
    "Aly come over!" Adanna voiced, concerned for her friend.Still sitting on the same spot, Alyssa was drenched like a wet kitten after bath, her black hair dripping with cold water. Her face wet with tears running on her cheeks. She looked up still waiting for her gift.'Why isn't it here?'She murmured to herself as the rain continued to pour harder, making her clothes stick to her skin. She was freezing and felt very lonely. Why hadn't she received anything yet. Why was it even raining. Why is that everyone suddenly cast her aside. Confused and agonized, she ignored her dear friend's call.Seeing that she wouldn't take shelter from the rain, Adanna took an umbrella and ran to her side. Shielding her from those hateful droplets. It had to shower on this auspicious occasion. Pouring from the clear sky. Nothing like it had ever happened before. Hugging and comforting the other, Adanna vented at the villagers who were treating her friend as if she was a total stranger. More like a contagi
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    Chapter 3
    As they trudged towards the other path, the two found comfort in one another while they tried to shift their focus from their current situation."Aly how do you feel, you were already drenched wet and now..."Adanna didn't need to say anything more, she herself was all wet and her dress sticking to her body. Her straight hair had become curly and shrunk quite a bit. This was caused after spending so much time in water. Some of her hair strands fell on her neck resulting in a tickly sensation. The constant stickiness of their wet clothes was so irritating but they couldn't walk naked in a place they didn't know. Even if It was a place they knew, it was improper to wander about not wearing a single thing.Alyssa looked at her skirt and sighed as she removed the dirt. "Adanna what do you think is the reason I didn't receive my power." She had been thinking of this question for a while now. "Was I the cause of that storm." She continued to let it all out. "On my coronation it seemed that
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    Chapter 4
    "What?""Just when we thought all this is over."Alyssa and Adanna complained whilst sitting on the ground resting their backs on that very wall. They had tried pushing it back, knocking on the rock, they had tried everything only to realise they were stuck in this cave maybe for forever."How did we get inside if only we knew." Alyssa commented as she started to draw something on the space before her. "Why did granny even expect me to be a great chief, look on my first day I killed many, and we are trapped in here not knowing how we can get out of this cave. Why am I so useless."She remembered her grandma telling her stories with great heroes and she would tell her to act like one. But now it all seemed to be just talk.Adanna looked at the other as she no longer had any strength to comfort anymore. She watched as her friend drew some sort of lines connecting together. They were sitting under the spot where some of the light streaked to where they sat. She could see little of the ske
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    Chapter 5
    Alyssa and Adanna moved closer as asked by the stranger, they squinted their eyes trying to see through the white fog. Curious to see how he looked.When they got really close Alyssa could see a tall tree similar to the other but different in that it had black leaves that were vividly seen through the whiteness of the forest. "Are you still there?" She asked straining her ears to listen to the man."Of course little meat." She shivered as the voice came from just above her head, a little higher from where they were standing. 'Meat?' They inwardly wondered if that man on the tree was joking or being serious."Do you know this area sir." Alyssa asked in a squeaky voice which was laced with nervousness. They didn't hear a response right away as they waited for the man to get down. When she looked at the tree once again the black leaves were no longer in sight, the tree no longer had any leaf. All she could see were spooky branches still surrounded by the mist."Was it my illusion?" Alyssa
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    Chapter 6
    The sun was about to rise as the two girls started on with the path through the clearing. They walked on, stepping on the dry grass and passed through some ruins which were located some few meters away from where they had spent the night. "Adanna look at that, there is a village over there," Alyssa exclaimed pointing at it. Adanna looked at the houses below the hill they stood on. They had finally arrived at some place with people. Trouble had to wait, they were too tired with dealing with anything at the time. Going towards it, the two came across a slim black cow, which had its ribs threatening to pop from its skin. It walked really slowly maybe because it had no energy to walk fast enough. Looking at it as it went over to the fields. Which were also not very promising. The land had few farmers as they dug and some sow seeds on the dry soils which were too clear with no humus. The two wondered if anything was going to grow from it.The fields were very small and the people were s
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    Chapter 7
    Waking up the following morning, Adanna and Alyssa welcomed two visitors."Isn't he the weirdo from yesterday?" Adanna asked pointing at one of the two men. She pointed at the blue haired male they had met the day before.He looked neat and his looks were profound that he had tied his hair at the back. He plaited the endings in a goddard hairstyle letting it fall at his lower back. He left the wavy strands coming from the top of his hair flow to his sides. His light tanned white skin shined as it was covered by a black gown which reached on the mid of his femur. He worn some khaki trousers and slippers made of grass.Beside him a friend his age and same height stood observing the two. He scrutinised their looks and clothing. Paying much attention to Alyssa who started feeling uncomfortable from his non-stop gaze.The two girls were seeing this new face for the first time. He had wavy straight black hair that reached his waist. And he had very pale skin and strange dim yellow eyes. He
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    Chapter 8
    After some few days staying at their little house, the two were preparing for a small festival done once every year in the village. After all it was mid August and the people needed to rest and enjoy themselves.Zane and Daliah kept on visiting them and they were the ones who had brought it up. It is specific to say Daliah was actually the one that had brought it up. The four had gotten close. As the girls had an addition of a cheery Daliah and well reserved gentleman, Zane."Hello ladies!" Daliah greeted when he was still a few meters away from them. Zane followed behind him, he no longer coughed or anything. He was healthy in a way, a little healthier from the first day they met him. Sitting on the steps the two waited for the girls to do their own things.The festival was starting in the evening and it was about past four, they had plenty of time to get ready. Alyssa and Adanna had washed up and changed in one of the cloaks they had received from the villagehead's wife. Combing th
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    Chapter 9
    It was yet another day spending it with their two friends. They had forgotten that they had to leave the village and go back to fix all the mess they had left behind.After being reminded by Daliah who had asked how they came to be in the village, the two were drawn back to their number one issue."What are we going to do? We have spent almost two weeks here, remember we promised to leave." Alyssa felt restless as she walked about in the room. "We can leave tonight we won't tell them. This is not our home," Adanna added as they nodded to one another. Zane and Daliah had long left saying that they had something to do.When it was night time the two sneaked out of their room and they strolled toward the forest. Looking around them as if suspecting that something was lurking in the dark, the two proceeded being weary of anything coming their way.Reaching a bit further in the forests they tried to take a step and failed as they banged on some sort of invisible barrier which was preventi
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