In Love With Two Brothers

In Love With Two Brothers

By:  Vickie Dora  Updated just now
Language: English
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Falling in love at first sight isn't a big deal and loving a single person isn't bad at all. But the act of getting caught up in the love for two guys us just and unimaginable facts. Just imagine a war between love and lust erupting in your fragile mind and you not wanting to fall victim for the latter, causing you to get stuck, weird right? Well, this mystery actually happened to a certain girl, whom we would go down her history. Her name is Ariel. Ariel, a dark haired teenage girl, born to an African mother and American father; makes her an African-American, who got entangled in family issues causing her to become a cast out. Her mother was disowned for the act of getting pregnant illegally for white man after being engaged, which is against her African tradition. . This made poverty to become her stinking companion, as she couldn't get any aid from her family members, who disowned her for being an half cast. Infuriated, she took up the mission to search for her unknown father in the western country, but got intertwined with the love for two brothers, whose aims are to make her theirs. Will ever make it out of this entangled love triangle, and reveal her true love to one of the brothers? Will her mission ever be completed? Well that's a story for the Novel.

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    86 chapters
    Half Breed
    OutlineThis story is about a beautiful young 19-years-old teenage girl, Ariel, who was forced to choose between two brothers. The beginning of her life wasn’t what she wished it to be. Her mother was ostracized from her family with a reason which she doesn’t understand. Being eager to cut down poverty’s web, and curious to know who her true father is; she took up the challenge of visiting the western city of Cape town, where her journey of love and lust begins after meeting the twins brothers known as the Shaws.AidenA handsome young man, known for his lovely lifestyle and a well-known celebrity. He was the first young actor to win and award of the world best actor of the year. He is the elder twin and sometimes behaves like the young; in fact one won’t be able to differentiate between him and brother due to their facial resemblance, but their character will tell. Aiden is known to be a bit flirtatious, but many still love him that way. Despite that, he was still love by many, and t
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    The Offer
    CHAPTER TWO(The Offer)“I’m not doing this because I want you to become a model, fine, it’s part of it..but I want the best for you. You can get the chance to see your father over there in America. Your father is fucking rich, but we are here dying in hunger, I don’t want you to live the life I lived. Just take good look at me, I am sick but couldn’t get the best treatment for myself…no money to go to the hospital, only this fucking herbs are what I’m using. I might die any moment from now” she cried out“Mum no one is dying..stop saying that” Ariel snapped“Then do what I want Ariel…save your ass from this suffering. Go with Miss Peggy to the states and find a suitable job for yourself. Find your father also. I can’t be with you here forever…..”“But mum, I thought we talked about…..”“Fine….if you don’t wanna go…it’s just fine…fine” Gina throw her hands into the air, and went to stand beside the window, staring out as tears roll down here eyes.Ariel stares at her mum as she sobs,
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    Mission 1
    CHAPTER THREE(Mission 1)“Someone already occupied my position, my boss employed someone else”“But why, you were sick, you didn’t skip work intentionally and whereas, you took a leave…”“But stayed beyond the expected time, I was supposed to resume last week”“You weren’t strong enough, your boss knew that” Ariel flared in anger“That’s life for you, baby”“Hmm…so what are we gonna do now our combined salary for a month is barely enough for our feeding” Ariel pouted, cleaning the tears off her mum’s eyes“I will try to get a new job, perhaps work as a cleaner in the library” she coughs, cleaning her stains of tears on her cheek“Getting a job is rare this days; especially at the library” Ariel cooed, her mum shrug“Well, one just has to try” Gina breathed out“Mum??”“What is it?”“About what Miss Peggy offered?”Ariel said, arranging the bed cover“So? What about it?”“I thought about it…and I guess it’s a good idea. I have made up my mind; I will go with her to the states and take
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    The Escape Plan
    CHAPTER FOUR(The Escape Plan)Three days later**Getting to the airport wasn’t a big deal; Miss Peggy made sure Ariel’s papers were complete and everything was set for the journey. Gina also tag along to see her daughter off, she was not alone; other girls were also there. Perhaps Miss Peggy offered them also such opportunity, as they seem delighted leaving for a white man’s country. Ariel only watched the girls brag about how they will explore the whole country when they arrive there, they were all black unlike her being a half-breed, and about ten in number.Her mind was occupied with the fact that her mum will be left alone in the world of the black, and how is she gonna cope without her, she thought. Gina seems to read the thought of her daughter, as she taps her and smiled“I know you will miss me, same as I will miss you. But we need to do this, breaking apart seem weird and hard for us, being that we grew up to know each other, not just as mother and daughter but also as frie
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    She Is Cute
    CHAPTER FIVE(She is cute)They were coming back from the supposed show meant for Axel, and were in a hurry to get home“No, I did not hit her” Aiden defended himself“But she looks lifeless, I guess she fainted, what are we gonna do…perhaps we take her to the hospital” Ryan muttered“No”“No????” Ryan yelp“Let’s take her to my house, she might wake up tomorrow and find her way”“Oh really…gosh..She is such a pretty…what will a pretty girl be doing out here in this quiet place” he asked no one in particular. Aiden sighed frustratingly“Ryan..Will you stop admiring her beauty and help me lift her into the car, are so annoying” Aiden snapped“Fine…ok..let’s take her in…***********Smiling mischievously, Ariel walked down the corridor of a glamorous mansion. Her hair was perfectly designed and her cloth, filled with colourful embroideries, making her looks like a princess. She walked further to the balcony, in order to behold the beautiful sight of the city, cramme
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    She Eloped; Find Her
    CHAPTER SIX(She eloped; find her) It’s been hours now since Aiden left; and Ariel have been feeling bored. The doctor came earlier to attend to her injury; he gave her some pills which he said will reduce the pain; and it indeed work. She couldn’t still walk well but she could still leap around the room. Aiden told her not to leave the room, and without the help of Elsa, she wouldn’t have been able to do anything. Elsa is the maid assigned to her, and did a good job in helping her take her bath, change her cloth and gave her good food to eat. She was shy at first allowing someone to bath her, but she had no choice; apart from the pain in her ankle, she also had pains all over her body, perhaps from the race she ran or stress from the flight, she thought. But Elsa is indeed a nice person; she never complained but does everything perfectly. Despit
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    Who Is He
      CHAPTER SEVEN THE NEXT DAY** (Who is he?)   Ariel woke up the next day, feeling a bit of relief; the doctor really did a good job. Her stomach rumbled immediately, making her jerk of the bed to ring the bell. She remembered having dinner yesterday, but what will make her damn hungry this morning, she thought.   “Perhaps because of the drug you took” her subconscious stated She waited for a while and ringed the bell again, but Elsa wasn’t coming, where could she be? She thought.   Walking briskly into the bathroom, she freshened up and changed into one of the clothes Aiden bought for her. It suits her perfectly and she wondered how he managed to get her size. Her ankle seem a bit fine, she doesn’t seem to be limping like before, she could walk a bit with the foot on the ground, now.   Having dres
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    She Cheated
    CHAPTER EIGHT(She cheated)Aiden came in view, looking gorgeous as ever. Elsa quickly bow in greeting and hurried out of the room, not giving him a glance. He delved his hand into his pocket, and waked closer to the couch she was sitting on“How is your ankle now” he asked“It’s…it’s..fine” she shuttered, avoiding his face; he nodded“So….can I know more about you now, I mean….you have been here for two days now, sorry I haven’t been here to see you since morning, but I believe your parents might be worried about you now….so can you tell me where you came from…so that I can take you back” he muttered, taking a seat on another couch, as he stared intently at her.She suddenly felt hot inside, what is she gonna tell him, she thought. Will she have to tell him everything that happened in the hotel and how she escaped, but what if this guys is also a client, and if he isn’t, what will he see her as….a slut who escaped from her mistress? She doesn’t know their culture here, they might see
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    He Hits Her
    Chapter Nine(He hits her)Axel POV“What the F-” Michael snap, but was interrupted by the shock on his face with later became a smirk. Flora tried to cover up her body, having this look of shame on her face, I believe none of them actually expected me to be in the house that hour; else they would have made a proper arrangement“Hey bro…what are you….” I landed a heavy blow on his face before he could complete the sentence, throwing it at different angles. He manage to dodge some blows, but the first actually made him nut. He tried to punch me back but Flora held him back, begging us to stop the fight but it all fell on deaf ears, as I send another punch into his stomach.He endures the pains, kicking me and sends blows to my chest. I groan slightly not ready to give up, not minding his naked body, I punch his nose hard making him bleed. At this point, Flora came to stand in between the both of us, she was crying profusely begging us not kill each other, as I send angry glare at her.
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    Taking Her Innocence
    Chapter 10(Taking Her Innocence)Barging into Ariel’s room, Aiden walks in angrily making her flinch a bit at the bang of the door“Hmmmph” he sighs trying to control the anger welling up in him“I’m sorry for barging in this way, but you need to get dress, we are leaving” he muttered“But….” She tried saying, but he was out of the room already. She sighs wondering his sudden change of mood. Does it have to do with his parent fight? She hasn’t seen him that angry before, but she believes that he will come around after everything is settled. She doesn’t think she will like to live with an angry Aiden; she really won’t feel comfortable around him, seeing him that way.Without wasting more time, she started changing into a more suitable dress, and not up to five minutes, some maids hurried in after being summoned. They assisted her by packing some of her clothes into luggage, making her wonder the type of journey she will be going on, that will require much clothes.Aiden headed to his
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