Mafia's Omega

Mafia's Omega

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Jade is an orphan omega who grew up in a miserable atmosphere, she was bullied by others daily mentally and physically. all she wanted is wanted someone to save her from that hellhole but her fate twisted and it lead to more miserable path. She was kidnapped and got ready for sale as a sex slave to a rich society people. In that auction, she met her alpha mates Ian and Kai who were powerful, and also ruthless mafia bosses. They were rivals who wanted one dead. They both never wanted a mate so they planned to use her as a soft spot to kill one another by pretending to accept her. Will, she ever find out what her mates are up to? Will they succeed in killing one another or fell into the trap of mate bond? Are poor Jade more than what others see her? Let's find out here.

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117 Chapters
Mafia World
Author PovThe empty hallway echoed with the painful screams of the poor beta who worked as a spy for Italian mafia leader Alfredo. He is crawling on the blood-drenched floor. His face was bruised with many cuts making his face unrecognizable. His left eye was missing from his face yesterday. Once he reached the silhouette. He grabbed the Dragon Fires leader and Alpha of the Dragon moon pack's leg, hugged it tightly, and begged, "Please Alpha I am begging you. Please kill me. Please. I can't endure this anymore. Please kill me" Ruthless Alpha kicked the half-dead person from his leg. Once the beta spy fell on the floor with a thud he lit up his cigar and looked down at the beta's miserable state and voiced in his low deep husky voice, "I thought your leader trained you better. But you proved wrong. I wish your dead come soon". With that, he smashed the cigar in that empty eye socket of the spy. Again the painful scream erupted from the beta, after hearing that Alpha slide more comf
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Mafia World 2
Author PovA girl clustering the satin black sheets for her dear life. She has already come six times, she can't even scream anymore either in pain or in pleasure. Her eyes blurred with tears. The person behind her still thrusting into her swollen heat. He couldn't cum as usual. He hold her hips tight with his left hand and pressed her nape down to stuff her face into the bed and thrust into her wet pussy.He couldn't feel satisfied nor pleasured. He pulled out his big red meat from her unpleasurable cunt. He groaned loudly. She fell limp after fainting. He didn't give a shit about her. He just walked into the bathroom, used his hand to pleasure himself for a few minutes, and came on the floor but it was not what he expects. He wanted to be satisfied with pleasure by a person. But he couldn't find the right one so far. His best friend and beta Texton always tells him he will get it only by his mate. But he doesn't want to trust his words either wanted a mate cause he believes it will
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Jade PovCan my life become any more miserable? I don't know. From birth, I am an orphan, I don't even know who my parents are or where I belong. I was found in the woods by a Crescent moon Pack warrior named Henry. He asked his alpha to take in which he was obligated but no cause of pity or humanity just for slaving me. All there have their own family to take care of and love. I lived all my life from the age of five till now I am twenty in basement of the pack house. I wanted to be invisible as much as I could. I isolated myself from all others. I worked in kitchen and cleaning category. But I wanted to know more about this world so I studied. I know you asking how. Here I will explain. The kids in our pack go to school and threw their unwanted books away, while I clean I picked every book and grew up my knowledge as much as I could. Years passed. When I hit teen, I became other teens' punching bag, they constantly bullied me maybe it was a girl or boy. Daily I got black eyes, pur
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Ian PovI don't know what this shit planning to do. I didn't even think I would find my mates today and for god sake, that's my first enemy Kai and an ugly duck. Confused? Usually, only twins or brothers will share a mate if different two share a mate then they will be mates too. Based on Suga's information we came here for auction. Many were shocked to see me here cause I had never been involved in human trafficking. I sensed many people's fear and worry. I am the last one to enter this auction hall. Already ten girls were sold for millions. They all were so beautiful but I didn't want to get one cause they were not here as wish, they were forced to be there. From the moment I stepped into this building Red was being anxious for unknown reasons. He was never been like this, he is the one who will make others anxious. I wonder why he is like this. I asked him, "Red what's going on? Why were you making me nervous?" He replied, "Don't know but I feel something big gonna happen but I c
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Kai PovAfter settling everything with Ian I went to my pack with my men. I was too exhausted mentally with all that happened today. I know I am risking everyone's life but I don't know what else to do. I walked into my pack house. My Delta Cain walked out to welcome us. He greeted us I mean me, Tex, and James. I flopped onto the couch with a sigh. Tex placed his hands on his hips, glared at me, and asked, "What's going on Alpha? Care to explain why the saved omegas and girls went with Ian's men?" I huffed and replied, "Cause we made a deal" He frowned and questioned, "Deal? You? With Ian?" His questions dripped sarcasm, I know him so well so I don't want to hide anything to make things complicated these three men were with me from my bottom. They were the only people I trust most so I sighed and replied, "I found Ian is my mate today".Both my Gamma and Delta yelled in unison, "WHAT!?" I nodded my head but my so smart Beta gave a sharp eyes and asked, "You and Ian were in the same p
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Reverse Plan
Ian PovThis is all too much to handle but I have to. After collecting all omegas including my ugly duck mate with me I returned to my pack. I left the saved human girls in my base which is in the city. Suga and Hope didn't question me so far. They trust me enough to avoid queries. But I know I gonna face my biggest problem my Beta. God, he is such a nagger to annoy me to the core. When I entered in, the guards in my pack gate bowed their heads to greet me. I just blinked at them. I was in my SUV's passenger's seat. While my Gamma and Delta were in the back seat. Another black van that saved thirteen omegas was in following us. They all were afraid of this new environment. When we reached the pack house. My bodyguard as well as one of my best warriors parked my SUV on the porch of my pack house. I hopped out, Suga and Hope followed me. All the omegas were getting down from the van. I walked in and flopped on the single sofa which I use. No one dares to use it so far. Suga and Hope t
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Jade PovWhen my mates tried to reject me I thought everything was over. But after sometimes they decided to keep me as a tool. I was happy at least they were trying to use me in some way. When Ian called me ugly duck or Kai called me dumb I didn't feel any remorse cause that's the fact though. I know how they will feel, who will accept a girl who looks like shit? While they both were meaning of perfection and handsomeness. Even with all this work of make-up and new dresses they didn't like me what if they saw me raw? Definitely, they gonna puke. I want to know about them. I will avoid them as much as I can and stay here silent. If they reject me one day I will understand, work here as a maid and live my low life by seeing them happy with their loved ones from afar. They deserve better. After Ian dismissed us, we all followed this head omega god knows where. I didn't even lift my head from the floor cause I don't want to offend anyone here to get bullied again. But I know we were wa
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Jade PovAfter Choi's sweet talk with me, she left me in the living room with other girls. They were chit-chatting but I couldn't include myself with them. I can't talk continuously like others cause in my whole life I never talked continuously with ten words together. To be exact I never got a chance to. I always used yes, no, and ok with their respective rank. I sat on a single sofa, and get closer my knees to my chest, and closed my eyes. I felt so drained from all things that happened today. I felt something bright hit my closed eyes so I opened them slowly and saw bright sunlight hitting my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and sat straight with a little groan. I panicked that I overslept, which I never did. When I was about to get up. I was stunned by the new surroundings. I am in a fluffy and soft single bed. Wall was white with a green touch. There is a small cupboard, a wide dressing table with a wide mirror, and a white chair covered with a fluffy mat, there is a long lean showcase
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Author PovAfter consulting with all others Kai and his commands decided not to move the whole pack to Dragon Moon pack. It will be tiresome and also dangerous. As usual Delta Cian will run the pack and his mate Glen will take care of the safety of the pack. Kai, Texton with his mate Lisa and James with his mate Jenny will be residents in Dragon Moon. Kai already informed it, Ian. He too accepted it. They all take two SUVs to reach Dragon Moon. It's closer but they have luggage to carry so they choose a car. Ian already informed his pack that they were merging with Silver Moon pack. Many were happy some were afraid, and some were unhappy. Ian arranged new comfortable rooms for Kai and his commands in the packhouse like he and his commands have. Ian was waiting in the living room for Kai's arrival. His wolf is already paranoid about his omega mate but every single minute passes Red is making him more anxious. Ian growled loud and yelled to no one, "Shit! Why am I concerned about tha
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Safe Again
Jade PovI opened my eyes slowly to observe my surroundings and get to know that I am in the hospital. When I tried to sit straight, my left arm pained like hell. I groaned and looked down to see my left hand was in a sling which is strapped around my neck. I rolled my eyes and thought not this shit again. Why am I the only one who always gets targets? I think it's my fate to suffer.I felt thirsty, I tried to reach the nightstand to get the water using my right hand which is also connected to IV unit. It strings a little but I could move that's what I thought until I break the glass with water. Before I process someone opens the door bang. I jumped a little and was startled. There stood a young lady who may be in her early thirties with concerned looks. I stared at her with a feared look. She smiled gently at me and said, "It's ok Jade. Don't worry I am not here to hurt you. I am Mia healer of this pack." Relief washed over me after hearing her. She walked toward me, I know she has
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