The Emissary

The Emissary

By:  LittleAnnaHasAnIdea  Ongoing
Language: English
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In a world of feral beings, three Alpha was born to rule. They call themselves, Tri-Alpha, composed of the executioner, the emissary and the fixer. The most playful among all of them is the emissary. He loves to smile and grins but inside is a rotten heart wanting to be found. Alpha Riley Alexander Herne’ is the one who do all of the transactions, he loves digging information and search for everything that they need for their mission. He was good at it; he can find every single detail that can ruin anyone’s life not until he met a woman that will make him question his ability as the emissary. A woman who became his weakness at the first touch of their lips. A woman who will capture his heart but will shatter it into pieces. What will happen if one day they will meet again? With circumstances they are not ready to deal it? What will happen if one day, the woman that broke his heart will be down on her knees and being offered as the sacrifice of her own father for power? Will love rise amidst all the love and betrayals?

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5 Chapters
Alpha Riley There’s something in it for me dwelling on each person’s lives and scooping around knowing that there are mysterious truths behind what their lips limits to tell the world.Lies.Werewolves are predators in their own kind, not because we are capable but only because this is our nature. Our nature is to be the beast of the world. And it's my nature to know everything in this world because I am the Emissary of the Tri-Alpha pack. An emissary who digs every ground to know the information that is needed for the transaction.I don’t torture. I don’t use violence. I just use my brain and dig a hole into the lives of every person that I dwell with.I consume. It’s either I consume information or life. Nothing is in between.“You’re new here?”Sultry seductive voice. A high-pitched voice of a woman fills my ears as I stare at the market below me. I am at one branch of this tree, looking down like a king to some shitty wolves as they made the deal to some strangers in their life.
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Alpha Riley The whole mansion felt like an isolation room. Lights cannot pass through the thick walls and the design was built in accordance with the idea of just us. The Tri-Alpha are known to be ruthless and witty when it comes to every transaction. Brutal concept, they say. For the mansion looks like hell for everyone who tried to get inside without words from us. But that’s not the most part of this mansion, there is a hidden room, rooms that are only for us to know and use.Quietness fills my ears until it is rounded up and reaches over my head. My mind felt the quietness and isolation, that it became numb from everything. It’s a good thing to numb my thought for it consists of a chaotic battle with the devil. The thing is, I’ve been thinking about her.Her sultry voice that makes me awake in the middle of the night and her soft lips…those lips that I only tasted for once but felt like something. Something that I shouldn’t know.I touch my lips and once again felt the electrifyi
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Alpha Riley Damn. She was all of those definitions of beautiful. The golden stray of the light gently touches the strands of her ash-red hair and forbids me if I admit it was the most beautiful reflected light that I have seen.She’s my type, that’s why she’s dangerous.If only her beauty wasn’t intoxicating enough to make me want to kill her. She’s dangerous, Riley. My mind is trying to talk out of me as I stare at her small face.Just when I decided to kill her life, here she is showing in front of me with her unusual dress. At some part earlier, I wanted for her to not show up in this tree. I don’t want to kill her but I needed to. I needed to grip on my morals, my principle, and my oath.We’ve come this far. I’ve come this far to not let a mere woman ruin everything for me.“ Funny seeing you around here again, Alpha,” she said without even tilting her head. It must be my presence, right? Because there is no way that she will know that it was me if she was busy looking below her.
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Alpha Riley I wrapped my hands around her neck and felt her throat clenching over my palm. Her small feet wriggle above the ground as her eyelashes moist from the incapacity to breathe the air that she needs to live.My throat felt dry as I saw her in this state. I growl thinking about something and before I knew it; she passed out right into my arms.My chuckles echo around the barn house as I carry her small body inside. As part of the Tri-Alpha, we should have discipline over our actions. A persistence in our discipline and decisions. But clearly, I haven’t thought enough when I accept her pleadings.That sultry voice is the reason why I never had the time to think about all of this. One moment, I was clashing my lips with hers, another moment I am hearing her pleading for something that I am willing to give.It took her two hours to get up from the wood bench that is inside this barn. This used to be mine before I left for the Tri-Alpha mansion. The walls are made of wood that I
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Alpha Riley “ The Vernes pack agreed to their loyalty to us. Alpha Ysmael bowed down and will cooperate in our expansion against the land of the devil. It will only take us time until we pissed off all of those bastards who question our throne. Their pack provides the best training and we’ll make sure that the weak warrior of every pack that we own will receive proper training. In the meantime, let’s cool down for a whole month at most.”Alpha Zach stopped wiping his blade and looked up to meet my gaze. “ Cool down?” he smirked at my words.The distance between us is not enough for me to shove my fist into his waiting jaw.“ You’ve got a problem with that?” I replied with so much annoyance that is ready to explode in my head.Alpha Zach rose to his feet and before I knew it, he had already thrown his blade in my direction. It’s a good thing that I caught it with one hand. And the blood that is dripping out of my palm is also a good thing for me to feel everything.It didn’t bother me
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