Alpha’s Bewitching Regret

Alpha’s Bewitching Regret

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“ I didn’t do it” “ I didn’t kill her.” “ Believe me I’m your mate!“ She cried and she begged but no one heard a single plea that escaped her lips. Not even her mate who stared at her like she was a criminal. “Logan, please..please..” “ Levy Harlow, under the charges of betraying your pack and leaving your future Luna unattended, I punish you with seven years of imprisonment!” Her mate didn’t listen to her pleas and nor did her family. With just a few words she was trapped in hell for seven years where she was played by the wardens as if she was their toy. In seven years, Levy not only lost an eye but she lost something more, her heart and soul. And just when she thought that she will be free off everything, he came looking for her. Her mate, her tormentor but this time she was ready to fight back. No longer as weak as once she was, she will retaliate against everything that once condemned her to hell, and she will find her happiness even without her mate. But what will Levy do if her mate came asking for forgiveness, asking her to let him in her and their unborn child’s life?

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162 Chapters
I didn’t kill her
“ I didn’t kill her,” said Levy, she didn’t know how exactly things went like this but then again her life has taken a crazy turn ever since she turned seventeen. Seventeen, a young and beautiful age —— even more so when young wolves find their mates.She found her mate too, and like every other girl who was ready to be treated like a princess by her mate.She too was prepared to be treated like one.Only she was not the princess in this scenario. The princess of her mate was someone else.Someone more beautiful and cuter than her. A girl, whom her mate loved and adored, for whom he was willing to bring the stars down, his childhood friend and the girl he had the biggest crush on Mavis Hopkins. Mavis was a sweet little girl in the eye of the everyone, one who wouldn’t harm even a fly but Levy saw that girl as what she was, she could see the true feelings that Mavis had for her mate who was keeping her entrapped against her will. Mavis hated him, despised him and wished he would die
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Innocent until proven guilty
Levy felt her heart drop to the deepest pit of her stomach. Why should he believe her? Because she was his mate! The other half of his soul, how can he not trust the other half of his soul and for whom? A girl who meant nothing to him. She wanted to shout and fight for her right but Levy knew that it was useless, Logan never cared about her and even more so now that she was the one who was being charged with the crime of killing the girl whom he had adored for so long. She bowed her head without saying anything anymore, she knew that no one was going to come to her help. Not even her father who have hated her from the day she gained her consciousness as a young girl, in fact, she was quite sure that he must be quite pleased with the outcome of this trial —— for years, Levy have wondered why her father hated her but now she could no longer care about anything. She has cared too much, and loved too much this was why she was in this condition. If only she had left the pack after Logan
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You will beg on your knees
“ However, Lord Abbot, you cannot deny that the sinner was indeed at fault because she didn’t do her duty properly, wasn’t she?” said Logan as he took in a calming breath and sheathed back his claws that have unsheathed at some point when she wasn’t paying attention to him. “ I can charge her guilty for that, right?”Lord Abbot was silenced by this retort of Logan because just as he said, Levy was supposed to protect Mavis and yet she didn’t perform her responsibility carefully. As her alpha, he had full rights to punish her for that, an icy cold wind blew inside her heart and Levy shivered, so he hated her this much her—— that he wasn’t willing to let her live? Her lips curled in disdain as she looked at her mate who was supposed to be protecting her when the whole world was against her yet here he was eager to chop her head off.The hope that was once ignited in her heart, was doused once again but she didn’t say anything because Levy knew that no one would care like always. She cle
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Plead guilty
“ You could have pleaded guilty you know?” said Jacob as he held her chains and dragged her to the hell that was going to be her home for the next seven years.Levy looked up from her hands that were bounded by shifters resistant handcuffs and stared at her brother in incredulity. “ I haven’t killed her why would I plead guilty?” Then she thought about it and added, “ If I have pleaded guilty he would have killed me not pardoned my supposed to be sin.” “ It would still have been better than this wouldn’t it?” said Jake without much emotion on his face, he has always been like that towards her ——-detached and cold. Being the good son of their father, hating her was something he was bound to learn even if he didn’t learn it from the womb of their mother, for as long as she remembered, Jacob has never cared for her. No, at first when they were children, he cared for her but then after he was caught by their father, he was severely punished by him… after that, her brother stopped caring
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Seven years later
Levy woke up with a jolt when chilling water was thrown at her, as a wolf shifter she hated cold. Teeth chattering she looked at the female warden who was looking down at her, or at least that was what she thought they were doing since she couldn’t see their faces in the dark like of the prison and with their faces covered in a black veil. “ Ah what a shame, she woke up … I was going to use my latest shock stick on her.” said the woman on the left as she raised her brand new stick. “ It would have given a dramatic effect, water + electricity = boom!” “ Who says you cannot do that anymore?” said the one on the right with an amused chuckle. “It's not like she can rush off and complain to her mommy can she?”Both of the women laughed out loud at the poor joke, their laughter reverberating in the dark prison. Levy stiffened as she watched the woman with the shock stick coming close to her, her clothes were dripping with water and if she got electrocuted then she might not even make it o
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Don’t go too far
Levy felt like she was dreaming, there was no way that Logan will come looking for her, right? If this was her old self, she would have been happier than ever, even foolishly believing that he came for her, that he realised his mistake but after seven years in hell, where she had to sleep with an eye open worried that the warden would make a move when she was asleep. But now that seven years have passed, she no longer held any hope. She knew it in her heart that if he wanted to save her, he would have done that for seven years, he wouldn’t have waited till the day she finished serving her sentence. She took a glance at him just for a moment though and realised that the teenage boy has grown up to become a flawless man. With those sleek muscles that were neither too buff nor too lean, he looked even better than before, dangerous even not that Levy cared anymore but her wolf——That pitiful animal, who still had some hope left when it came to her mate whined inside her head, her whine
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Brand Of A Traitor
Levy pushed herself off Logan’s face and then turned around to leave, she was in no mood to care about anything that Logan has to say to her, he was seven years too late and from the looks of it..he wasn’t even here to apologise to her. Her wolf whined in a low voice, telling her to give Logan another chance but she didn’t, instead, she walked away without looking back, not once did she look at Logan who was left behind, and maybe she wouldn’t have ever if he didn’t stop her. Again. “ Levy Harlow, you can say whatever you want but you are still alive aren’t you? And I hate to repeat this but I have never renounced my claim on you nor have I permitted to leave the pack, if you leave now then you will be branded as a traitor along with being a murderer is that what you want?”Logan called out pausing Levy mid-track as she turned her head and cursed him inwardly in her head for not letting her go even after torturing her for so long.She knew she couldn’t leave, no matter what —- not whe
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I did as you asked
Wow! That was the only thing that came to Levy’s mind after she was done listening to Logan. Her wolf let out a rumbling snarl at his audacity for asking help after what he has done to them, but Levy was certain that most of her wolf’s anger was due to him mentioning another woman. “ And what makes you think that I will just do as you are asking me to do?” she said ignoring the way her gut twisted when he looked at her. Those grey metallic eyes pierced right through her and Levy almost felt her knees give up before she drew in a breath and calmed herself down. No, she cannot afford to make the same mistake as she did before by trying to get closer to him, not when she knew that the guy only cared about Mavis, so it was better to draw a line before she messes up the situation because of the pull of the mating bond. Narrowing her eyes, she tilted her head. “ I mean what does this deal have for me?” “ What do you mean by deal?” Before Logan could reply, Elder Hopkins jumped up again
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I am better off dead than with you.
Logan shifted his attention by taking a calming breath most probably he was feeling like that because of the mating bond, or maybe it was his wolf that was feeling a bit intrigued by the woman who defied him for the first time in his life. There was no interest, not like the one he had for Mavis especially not for a woman who took her away from him, his eyes cooled down and he raised his head to look at Levy, their eyes clashing causing the air between them to crackle. “I will not repeat what I have said, its an order for you to treat Lily and put her right,” he said looking away from those cobalt blues, that were so dark they almost looked black, ignoring the way her corkscrew curls fluttered in the air like blazing flames. “ This is not a two-way option for you.” If he thought that he can just put her in her place by smacking her with ‘grrr, I am your Alpha..grrr you will have to listen to me,’ then he was hella wrong because that’s not how things were going to work. Jutting out h
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Swear on your name
“ So, do we have a deal?” Turning her attention away from Elder Hopkins as she shot a questioning glance at Logan, she wasn’t going to get anywhere near his car without getting the confirmation that she needed. Logan stared at her long enough to make the hair on the back of her neck stand and when she was sure he was going to refuse her, he watched her nod his head. “ We do, if you can break Lily’s curse, I will set you free.” “ You swear?” said Levy as she crossed her arms in front. “ I do not trust your word, don’t blame me for that but I do know just how sweet you were to Mavis, I don’t trust you. What if I wake Lily up by breaking her curse and you come ambling down at me saying that I haven’t suffered enough? I cannot risk that, I was a fool once but I won’t repeat the same mistake twice.” “ You dare——” started Elder Hopkins but Levy didn’t give a chance to aggravate her even further than she already was, this was supposed to be her long-awaited freedom and now she was once ag
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