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Mitzy Damon is 17 and still doesn’t have the ability to shift to her werewolf form. Being a part of the most powerful pack in the world does not make her life any easier. She does not fit in and hardly has any friend, expect for her adoptive brother, Toby. Expecting to end up working a 9 to 5 job along with the humans after her high school graduation, she has fully accepted her unfortunate fate. But then suddenly Alpha Flynn walked into her life. With his dominance and charm, he turns the life of the wolfless girl upside down.

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Hannah Gonzalez
its been a year and the book is not finished yet,
2022-11-22 01:48:16
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Helena Gonzo
Well written story. I hope this would be updated soon. I really like it.
2021-07-18 08:36:15
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Bas V
Added to my library! Great read 😉
2021-06-26 02:51:16
user avatar
Hi! Are there any plans to update this novel? I really like it. I feel bad for Toby though..
2021-06-20 20:48:34
default avatar
I’m really undecided on this book. The ml has already raped the fl twice and forced his mark on her. There’s nothing romantic about that. I’m going to keep reading to see where it goes but for now the ml sucks.
2021-08-07 07:12:43
user avatar
cathy knoblauch
When is this story going to be updated again?!?
2021-12-02 10:02:11
26 Chapters
1: "Don't touch her."
"Come on, Mitz. We have to leave now!" My brother, Toby, shouted from downstairs."I'm here!" I shouted, running down the stairs."Quick, sit and eat your breakfast." My mom ordered. "You're gonna make your brother late for work again. He will end up losing his job.. seriously...""I'm so sorry. I slept in.." i whispered, taking a big bite from the sandwich.Toby chuckled. "Chill mom. I will not lose my job anytime soon. I'm the Alpha's right hand." He said, raising his eyebrow with pride. I laughed at his action."Pfft, show off..." mom rolled her eyes."But seriously,
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2: "Why can't it be with him?"
I woke up with a serious headache. I couldn’t get myself to fall asleep at all last night.You know when something weird happened and you are really tired but you just can't sleep because your brain keeps racing. I heard a knock on the door. Then someone opened it."Hey, you're ready for school?" Toby asked, leaning by the door frame. His voice is low and soft. Different from any other mornings when he’d usually force me to wake up with his loud and annoying voice."Can I just skip school today? I don't feel well." I asked, still laying on the bed.Toby sat on the edge of my bed. "You okay?""No.""Don't overthink abo
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3: “You’re moving in with me!”
“What?” I asked, still in shock. Toby never said anything about my parents, I thought he didn’t know anything about them.  "Let't get inside of the car and talk." He said, leads me to the car. He sits on the driver seat and i sit next to him. "Mitz, you okay?" "Toby, what do you know about my parents?" I demanded, looking at him straight in the eyes. "I remember, it was about 10 years ago. There was a couple who came and seek for our help, saying that they were from a small pack from the North who got attacked by some rogues and they had a little girl with them, it was you, Mitz.. We took them in, thinking that it was the right thing to do. Alpha Flynn had only been an alpha for about a year. Then, out of nowhere, your father challenged the young Alpha Flynn for the Alpha position. Alpha Flynn was furious, i mean, your parents were new comers, we helped them,
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4: “Now and forever.”
Alpha Flynn positioned himself between my legs and he started to lean down. His hands are still around my ankle.  "No!" I spat as I flipped my body so my back was facing him and tried to crawl as far as I could. My hand reached the edge of the bed but Alpha Flynn pulled my waist and he pinned my body to the bed with his front. He was breathing heavily and his body temperature was not normal at all. It was way too hot. "No! Let me go you prick!" I screamed. His body was all over my back and I couldn't move at all. My hands are still trying to reach the edge of the bed but then he grabbed both of my hands and pinned them down over my head. "I told you, you should know your limits." He whispered to my neck. He kissed the back of my neck and I shivered nervously."Let me go.." I screamed as he kissed the spot just below my ear and sucked down. I can't help but moa
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5: “not until i mark you.”
I wake up to someone shifting below me. I opened my eyes slowly, realizing I am laying on top of Alpha Flynn. I remember crying my eyes out all night. I’ve been stressed that I just needed to let it all out.My neck feels sore from sleeping on top of the Alpha. I slowly lifted myself up, trying my hardest not to wake the big bad wolf underneath me. His eyes are closed and I take a close look at him. He is usually very scary, it’s really weird seeing him in such a vulnerable state like this.I shook my head a bit after realising that i was gazing at him. I took a deep breath before finally stepping on the wooden floor and to the bathroom, the blanket is still covering my body since last night. 
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6: “there is nothing to hide from me.”
I somehow managed to convince him to let me go to school today. He went downstairs to prepare some breakfast for us and let me prepare myself for school which I really appreciate. The small acts of service he is giving me is very strange to see since our pack is still very much following the traditional gender roles beliefs. So seeing an alpha cooking in the kitchen is quiet an unusual sight.  I walked to the bathroom and made sure that I locked the door. I can’t be too careful around him.I stripped down and went under the shower. There are bruises all over my body and they are not completely healed yet. They’re not as painful as they look but it usually takes me a while to heal from these kinds of bruises. He hurt me pretty badly. What the heck did he do exactly?
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7: “Are you the Alpha’s mate?”
 The kitchen is now a complete mess. I sat there in silence for few minutes before kneeling down, a bit shaking, and took some pieces of the broken plates and glasses with my hands. I didn't realize how scared I was until I saw tears falling to the floor. "Just leave it there." Suddenly Alpha Flynn returned, kneeling down next to me and took my hands. Then he wrapped my arms around his neck and lifted me up bridal style so that i won’t step on any of the sharp pieces. I'm too afraid to actually talk back to him right now. "I'm sorry that I scared you." He whispered. He walked us to the living room and put me on the couch. "You know that I will never hurt you right?" I shrugged, feeling mentally manipulated. He keeps changing his mood and i feel like i am w
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8: “I swear, i will never hurt you.”
I opened my eyes and i have a really bad headache. I couldn't see clearly at first but then after blinking a couple of times, my head stopped spinning around. Toby was there sitting by the edge of the bed, looking at me. "Are you okay?"I looked around and I'm laying in my bed. My real bed. "Uh, what time is it?" My voice cracked."It's 1. You passed out for hours."I tried to get up from my bed but Toby stopped me. "Wow.. just lay down." He covered my body with a blanket. "Your sweater is torn apart and mom isn't here, she's taking care of grangran because she's sick. And I thought that maybe you would want to change clothes yourself." I can see Toby is blushing. I mean it's pretty normal. We&rsqu
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9: “Rejecting you.”
Warning: Sexual Scenes in this chapter! Read at your own risk. You can just skip this chapter if you don't want to read the detailed sex scenes and the point of this chapter will be explained just enough on the next chapter. Thank you xx The sky was dark by the time I woke up. I got up from my bed and I'm still wearing the ripped sweater from this morning. I stepped out of the bed and walked to the wardrobe to find something that maybe I could wear. I took out a plain white sweater and it has Alpha Flynn's scent all over it. But it's better than wearing this ripped sweater that barely covers anything anymore. I also took off my pants since the sweater is too big and fell just below my knee. I stepped outside of the room, not knowing what I should do. This house is just too big, clearly too big for Alpha Flynn to live by himself. Sudd
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10: "We can continue this later tonight."
"Mommy loves you." That woman said.The same exact dream again. I opened my eyes, feeling really really hot. I looked around and i'm in Alpha Flynn's bedroom. I gasped when I realized there are two strong arms gently wrapped around my waist. I turned my body around slowly and saw Alpha Flynn sleeping peacefully. How can he look this peaceful when he is sleeping? His lips are slightly parted and he doesn’t look tense like he usually is 90% of the time.Wait, what the hell? I shook my head to get me out of my sick head. What am I even thinking about? Then I tried to get up but Alpha Flynn's arms wrapped around me even tighter. That's when I know
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