Will Make You Regret

Will Make You Regret

By:  Ipsita Marathe  Updated just now
Language: English
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Josalina was finally freed from jail on bail by the CEO of Tyrant Group to use her as a bait against the ruthless maniac billionaire of the country as well as her ex boyfriend , Stephen Richards. The fire of revenge burnt in Josalina as she plotted her vengeance in a dramatic game but little did she knew that though she created pits for Stephen but she herself fell into it. Will Stephen get back with her or will he torture her to death? What will happen to Noah's scheme, did his plan fail or his cruel ideas were in line? What secrets lie between the best couple that made them enemies?

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    51 chapters
    "How can he do so... he was so successful"..... one person from the crowd whispered."He is an idiot. He was not deserving the position also", The other man from crowd said with a smirk."No, please don't say that, I bet he got some issues", The third woman said showing sympathy....The speculations took wild turns as the president of the "Tyranny Group" stepped down from his position. He was the most powerful man in the city with a huge wealth and a family business passed on by his father. He served as the president experiencing the ultimate power for two long years when he suddenly announced that he is handling over his entire empire to his younger brother. Stephen Richards, a twenty two year old business man, fair complexion and the former president of the Tyranny group was standing in front of a huge crowd of media, people, employees and other business competitors who were seeking answers for his huge decision.Stephen has already signed his resignation and his younger brother to
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    Hate You
    Josalina POVMy head was aching and my eyes were heavy. I could feel me choking myself to death. It was difficult to breathe and I moved my hand on the bed uncomfortably. However, my movement was restricted due to a huge load on my bed. Series of last night crossed my mind and I could feel my blocking breath again.I tried openeing my heavy eyes and it felt terrible. I just wish that I am in my room and the moment I looked at the ceiling fan, I was relieved. However, I turned to my left to check what exactly is on my bed and I stopped breathing....My eyes went wide open as I saw his face. He has black hairs, all messed up now because he was sleeping, he has a perfect jawline and I have always admired it. Five years ago when he was my boyfriend, I loved licking his jawline. His face has gotten a bit more muscular and his arm was folded and I could see his muscles which were incredible. However, it was not the time to think about the charms of a monster, I should better escape before S
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    Stephan POVJosalina was getting on my nerves. She was testing my patience. I should have killed her when she looked in my eyes and asked me to do it but I no more want to be the Genie of a gold digging bitch. I will make her suffer for every toxic moment that I have spent with her. She killed my father and I will kill her soul.The moment Josalina came out of the bathroom in towel I decided to rape her. This way she would lose her entire self respect and will beg me in fear that I was not able to find in her. It seems that she is really proud of her crime and I will make her regret it. I walked behind her and snatched the towel wrapped around her delicate body.Her long black hairs were tied in a bun and she was facing the opposite direction. I was about to force her on the bed when I saw her back. It was completely bruised. Those were whip marks all over her back and they didn't seem to be ready to fade. It was like she was tortured on the same place repeatedly. I was stunned and I
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    A desire
    Josalina POVI thought I have nothing to lose but Noah was the only one who came to see me in jail. He talked to me for hours helping me feel relieved. He is my best friend and I can't trust Stephan. I have to act like his slave for the moment until I find a way to safeguard Noah. Noah and Stephan were best of friends but then I am not sure of what exactly changed and I better find it out.Also, when Stephan had a backup plan after his resignation from the post of CEO then I am pretty sure, he hasn't lost everything he owned. He still have a lot in his control.I gave Stephan food and to my surprise, he asked me to sit with him. He was finally calm and I could sense it. I have to meet Noah and explain him the situation. I have to help him prepare a plan to escape the grip of Stephan and hence I in a very low pleasing tone asked Stephan,"Can I ask you something master?", I said.He nodded chewing a big lump of bread and was unable to speak."I want to go and meet Noah once because I o
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    Noah POVWhat kind of idiot this woman is? I first released her paying a million dollar so that she can become the reason of the downfall of her ex boyfriend Stephen but no, instead of sharing his stocks, this man outwitted everyone by leaving the empire in the hands of his brother. Josalina is so foolish that she took so long to realize that Stephan never lost anything.I was about to use her more but she paid my money back and now I have no reason to control her. She even mentioned in the note that she wants me to run. My blood was boiling. It took me five years to gain her trust and hear her stupid childhood talks. Now I am all doomed because she was of no use to me.Well, I still don't get one thing. Why did Stephan announce that he will marry Josalina publically. I am preety sure that after making such a statement in media, he can't really stepback, then this means he is actually goung to marry her. It didn't seem as if he was actually in love with Josalina. He must be taking rev
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    Five Years Ago- I
    Stephan had his hands on Josalina's waist holding her tightly. Josalina was wearing a white shirt and a mini blue skirt with her red school tie. Stephan was wearing his white shirt and his blue pants and the school tie. Both were standing at the corner of the school building beside a huge pillar. Stephan was slowly planting his kisses on Josalina's neck while she was enjoying his touch.They were both madly in love and were indeed the most famous couple of the school. Stephan was madly in love with Josalina even though Josalina's parents were poor. Josalina held Stephan's hand that was running on her shirt finding an escape to touch her boobs and kissed his palm. The bell rang and it was time for them to leave.Stephan however was not ready to let Josalina leave. He flipped her and looked in her eyes. He moved his hands smoothly within her hairs and pulled her closer. He took her lower lip within his lips and Josalina allowed him. She opened her mouth to give him space and they kissed
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    Five Years Ago-II
    The next day in school, Josalina was not present and neither was Noah. It was strange for Stephan because he has never seen both of them absent together without informing. Josalina had to find work for living. She wanted to be so successful that she could sue a billionaire like the Richards. Josalina was envious to tell about the situation to Stephan but she had no idea of how he will react.Josalina blocked Stephan's number and decided to leave the school. Stephan was all lost in school and was waiting for Josalina to show up. It was already the third class that Stephan was continuously attending waiting for Josalina to show up and he finally had a glimpse of her outside the window."Josalina...!!!", Stephan screamed disturbing the entire class.Everyone had their eyes on Stephan but little did Stephan cared about others opinion. He picked up his bag and ran out of the class. He could hear his teacher screaming his name from behind and threatening him for restrication but Stephan kep
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    Caring For You
    Josalina POV"This house is in your name now", Stephan said.We entered a new house, something that doesn't belong to me. It was a huge mansion unlike my small wooden house. It was beautiful, there were so many lights and an expensive carpet. The living room itself was larger with expensive furniture. At the end of a living room there was another room stuck beside it. It was probably a store room.My entire old house's furniture was thrown in that room. My house was abandoned, I had spent my entire childhood in that house and now I am watching my half broken furniture useless at one corner of a palace. This is how I had always imagined my position to be in Stephan's house when I was his girlfriend."why can't I live in my house? I have spent my entire childhood there", I said."because the house is no more... It will soon be demolished", Stephan said.I was stunned. It was as if someone ripped my heart in thousand pieces. This can never happen. Why would anyone ever would want to demo
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    A Daily Routine
    It was already morning now and Josalina was still hurt. It was extremely difficult for her to move but after last night's conversation, Stephan was not really ready to show her some mercy. Josalina hopped towards the kitchen to prepare the meal. Though there was a maid in the house but Josalina was a bigger slave than the maid."You are already late for the coffee and if you will burn the meal then I'll burn your ass", the maid said.The maid was a middle aged woman, probably married and divorced with two kids. Her face was wrinkled but she loves to endure her beauty. She was bounded by the deal that whatever happens in this house, she can't reveal it outside. "Let me tell you something, you don't get to talk to me like that and I cook much better food than you do so you better stop pissing me off", Josalina slammed the maid.When Josalina and Stephan were love birds, she used to prepare food for Stephan and sneak it in a tiffin box because Stephan loved Josalina's secret recipees.
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    Josalina POVAfter all the humiliation I was running back to my room half naked but this was not enough. He called out my name, the moment I reached the door and I stopped,"you better remember that your useless father would have someday thrown you out of the house....now I owe you a lot and you need to start behaving properly", Stephan said.It felt like he just smacked a stone over my face making me feel ashamed. How dare he talk about my father. "Atleast my father was not a murderer like your father", I said.I looked in his eyes telling the truth. He looked at me coldly. I moved my hands out of my cleavage depicting how shameless I am. After all, I was like this everyday in front of man who bruised me in the prison. He stepped towards me and I stood erect. I have to do this and face this man. He has been humiliating me and now he has taken over my home and is not even letting the dead rest in peace.Stephan came very much close to me and whispered in my ears,"prove it""give me
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