The Poor Heiress:Mesmerizing Ivy Powers.

The Poor Heiress:Mesmerizing Ivy Powers.

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An orphan girl was arranged to marry the third grandson of the second wealthiest family in the city. Even though she had never imagined a life like this, the young girl allowed herself to be hated, humiliated, and trampled upon by everyone in the Willard family to fulfill her grandmother's wish. Her husband despised her and wanted to give her a divorce but was bounded by the term of the contract. Her father and mother-in-law hated her because she was good for nothing and didn't contribute to the family. while her sister's in-law and everyone else in the family come up with excuses to bring her down. Suddenly, her life took a turn for the better, when her long-lost family found her wallowing in poverty .she was the third heir of the first richest family in the city, the Powers. “Give that worthless man a divorce and I will find the most wanted socialite in the world for you to marry,” Said her first brother, the famous business expert. “You are the missing piece of my heart, give me an order and I will make the world bow for you,” said her second brother, the strategist. “Even though I'm still unemployed, I have saved enough for you all these years, take my card and make yourself happy,” Her younger brother said. Ivy Haddock, who was just a lonely child found herself having three brothers and an adopted sister, who hated her. After serving the Willard family for two years, she accepted the divorce and left. Only to be met with news she never thought she could ever dream of, she was pregnant.

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20 Chapters
Chapter:01: Gloomy night:
The loud ticking sound of the clock kept Ivy Haddock on her toes. Ivy had her feet bouncing on the floor with nervousness written all over her and her fingers digging into her palms.With each sound of the alarm, Ivy was reminded of the night before her and the fear that she bore in her heart.The time was 11:15 PM already and there was still no sign of her husband, Chase Willard. She has been sitting in front of the clock for the past few hours and there was still no sign of her husband.With the look of things, it didn't seem like he was going to return home anytime soon.Ivy's heart was heavy as this was the first time, her husband has stayed out very late. Her husband, Chase Willard is the third grandson of the Willard family. He was a very responsible and respectable young man, who was always very polite to everyone, except her, of course.Be never liked or respected her for any reason. Well, maybe it's because they didn't get married in the right way and were forced to enter i
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Chapter:02: Helplessness:
Ivy Haddock had always ignored their petty side talks. She knew better than to get herself involved in such inconsequential sides talks with people she didn't want to get herself associated with in the first place.This is because she was very much aware of the fact that the people that gossip and say hurtful things about her had no idea what she was going through and were merely speaking based on cluelessness. “What the hell are you doing here at this time of the night? ” The guard interrogated her in an unfriendly tone, his eyes were glowing with disgust.His eyes darted around and finally landed on Ivy's hands. It felt as if he was searching for something as he looked at her sternly. “I'm looking for my husband. Is he here?” Ivy Haddock didn't have all the time, so she went straight to the point.She was very sure that the guard was aware of who she was talking about.Immediately after she finished asking the question, silence ensued between the two of them as neither of them
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Chapter:03: Steamy Time:
Ivy Haddock returned to the mansion when heard that Chase's phone was starting to go through.She was immediately relieved and ran ack hone with the hope that he might have returned back home. However, she was disappointed when she didn't see him after returning home.Luckily the entire house was still as calm as it was when she left before. Looking around, it doesn't seem like anyone noticed her absence from the mansion at all.With this problem solved, Ivy focused her mind on the possibility of her husband getting into trouble if anyone learns about this matter.With a worried expression, Ivy sat down in the living room and continuously looked at the time. with each passing second, her heart was bumping out of her mind and she didn't dare to keep calm.She stood up and down and wanted to go in search of her husband once again.Just as she took a step to go back, she heard the loud screeching sound of the front door opening.Ivy Haddock was stunned.She was transfixed to her spot as
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Chapter:04:Laundry Service:
It was a rainy night in June. It rained heavily the previous night and the drilling drops of the water from the heavy rain pour out like a waterfall.A young woman, about twenty years old came out of the bedroom, yawning, and raised her hands to stretch.She was dressed in a simple gown and her hair was packed in a ponytail. she had a worn-out and sullen expression on her face. Nonetheless, that couldn't hide the beauty beneath those black eyes.She looked at the wall clock and it was only 5:O, clock in the morning.Looking at the cold weather and her groggy body, she wanted to go back and sleep for a while. However, she kicked against the idea and went straight to the laundry room.She tried to switch on the washing machine. But, it wasn't responding.Realizing what the problem might be, the young girl took a bowl and add a few pieces of clothes to the water. Took a chair and sat down, then she began to wash.Suddenly, someone emerged from the entrance and threw a handful of clothes
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Chapter: 05:Birthmark:
By 10:30 Am, Ivy arrived at the Golden Age hotels.Coming down from the cab, she looked very nervous. She looked at her watch over and over again, just to see if she had any more chances of being pardoned.Seeing how fast the time has been spent, she knew her chances of being pardoned were too slim.She was supposed to arrive at the Golden Age hotels by 9:Am as agreed. However, Just as she was about to leave after preparing breakfast, old Lady Willard, caught her leaving and made her serve everyone.Because of this, she got here late by one and a half hours.Ivy took in a long, deep breath and walked into the hotel. She headed to the kitchen area in search of the hotel manager, Irene Johnson.She knew convincing the young woman for another chance was as useless as the letter P in psychology. She still decided to try her luck, who knows what miracles may happen?.Arriving in the kitchen, she looked around and couldn't find the person, she came looking for.“I can't see Ms. Johnson anyw
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Chapter:06:In Three Days:
Oblivious to the man's intense gaze, Ivy hurriedly spruced up her hair. Add a little touch of makeup to her face, to hide the fact that she had just finished crying.After that, she hurriedly left the restroom. He stood aghast at the sight of the young woman.Shaun Powers was so lost in a daze that he didn't realize when the young woman left.Jerking out of his daze and didn't find her. Shaun Powers became alarmed.He quickly brought out his phone and dialed a number.“Find this woman now!” His voice was authoritative, and his eyes held a firm look as he spoke without blinking his eyes.Immediately he said that he dropped the call and stormed out of the restroom with his usual aloof and cold personality that instantly drives the people away from his presence.Ivy took a cab to the hospital after leaving the hotel. She didn't want to go home directly after suffering such an unpleasant day.Losing her job at the hotel was a big blow to her mission and going home to face the members of
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Chapter:07: Her Status:
It was already dinner time by the time Ivy returned to the Willard family mansion.Knowing how hellish it would be, returning home by that time of the night, Ivy prepared herself for the backlash from members of the Willard family.As soon as she entered the living room, her eyes fell on the large number of people sitting in the dining hall.Immediately she found her way toward the dining room, the eerie voice from the dining hall forced her to stop in her tracks.“Look who has returned, grandma.!”Ivy knew who exactly the sharp voice belongs to, it was Jane Willard. She was the first granddaughter of the Willard family and one of the most wanted socialites in the city with an impressive and outstanding idiosyncrasy.“Ivy, do you think you are doing us a favour? How dare you return to the Willard family so late at night, dressing so shamelessly?”Old lady Willard roared out, dropping her cutlery on the plate. Then, she focuses her eyes on Ivy.Ivy was apparently shaking at the loud ou
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Ivy carried the tray with the hot chocolate drink and headed to the bedroom. Just as she was about to push the door open, she heard a familiar voice from inside the room and she froze in her tracks. “Hey Diva, why are you being so silly? Do you think I won't come to pick you up simply because I'm married to a nobody? Don't worry, I won't delay at all, I'll come around to pick you up. Just send the details of your flight to me now” She heard her husband, Chase Willard say from inside the room. When Ivy heard this, her heart was immediately shattered. Ivy has always known that her husband doesn't love her at all but after what happened that night, she felt that things might have drastically changed between them, but she was wrong. He thinks she wasn't worthy of him. The truth is that he doesn't even remember anything about what happened that night. Saddened by what he said, Ivy felt heartbroken and wanted to quietly take the cup of the hot chocolate drink back to the kitche
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“Mommy, I'll like to go see the fishes across the urban river, will you take me over to have a look at it this once?” The sweet voice of a little child rang out from under the table. The woman bent over and said, "Of course, I'll take you there my little princess but have your food first”. Peeking from under the spacious family table, who seem to be on vacation. The entire place was green and serene–The beautiful scenery of the vacation house attested to the beauty of the people. “Mommy save me! Save me, mommy!” The voice of the little girl rang out again this time but in distress. When the woman turned around, she saw the little girl swept away by the storm. Her eyes widened in shock and she couldn't scream. By the time the woman jerked out of her daze and shouted for help, the little girl was far off. “Help! Help! Somebody save my daughter! Ivana!” Emily Daughtler squeezed her eyes open, only to find herself breaking out in cold sweat. She covered her burning foreh
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Chapter:10:Malicious Pauper:
Ivy Haddock left the Willard family's mansion at about 8:Am and headed to the NB Jewelers in the city center. She was able to leave the house earlier because she wasn't forced to do all the house chores. since there was going to be a big party at the mansion in a few hours, only hired workers were allowed to take care of the arrangements.Arrived at the luxurious, NB Jewelers in the heart of the city. Ivy was a little scared about this but she decided to forge ahead. As soon as she was standing in front of the entrance to the shop. The attention of the people shopping for jewelry diverted to her and they began to sneer at her. “What is a pauper doing in a luxurious shop like this? Does she think, this place is a charity organization where they give free things?” “Look at the way she's dressed. Is she here to beg for money to buy herself a suitable dress?”. “Well, I think you are right. She must be a beggar with a greedy mind”. They mumbled amongst themselves while thr
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