General of my life

General of my life

By:  ankelina rose  Completed
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Eric James is an elite scholar, the son of a prestigious family. But because of his tendency to love men, he was kicked out of the house. He lives alone in the world. He closed his eyes and committed suicide to follow his beloved grandmother. But fate sent his soul through a body that is the same-sex wife of Henry Mark. Carrying the poisonous blood that makes everyone want. Henry Mark is an outstanding general who is used by the King, but because of the power struggles, he only sees him as a commanding machine. Henry Mark asked to return to his hometown, where his suffering began. But now he has a lover, Eric James. Eric James is the light, the source of life for Henry Mark in the dark days. But Eric James is always a treasure that makes everyone look. Eric is only fulfilling the duties of an inherent wife, he intends after curing Henry's eyes he will leave to travel everywhere. A life without love makes him sensitive and unwilling to accept anyone. But Henry stubbornly refused to let go, the two kept dragging their days together. But besides that, the plots to usurp power and things that can help people live forever revolve around the two Eric and Henry. Will a peaceful life like the wishes of the two come true, can Henry Mark's love gain the trust and love of Eric James?

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151 Chapters
Chapter 1: Crossing in.
Eric James is an excellent young man, but because of his man-loving nature, he is insulted by people. His family immediately kicked him out of the house mercilessly. His family is an official, so such a thing is not acceptable. Eric just smiled sadly and left, living a carefree life.For two years he was outside working for a living running this and that. He works in a small company, the salary is enough to live, in addition, he is also a good doctor, but he can't work for long because other people insult him. Eric also has no will to live, so he doesn't care if he earns a lot of money or not. Everything he endured was enough to make him feel like he wanted to die.He stood on the mountain, his eyes drifting away, absently touching the ring on his hand that was given to him by his grandmother before she died. Only she was the one who loved him, accepted him, but she left too soon for him to return.Suddenly Eric remembered, at the time when he first knew he liked men. The fear and hum
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Chapter 2: Getting to know.
Eric was in a coma for two days. When he woke up, he didn't feel tired but was more excited than ever. Looking around, it's still the same old house, no change at all, Eric sighed with boredom. He wanted to die, but he couldn't. “Rom… ram… rumble.” Suddenly there was a loud noise outside, he got off the bed and went out to see. The people outside must have heard the noise inside the room paused for a moment and resumed the work at hand. Now that the weather is not yet summer, so it is still cold and warm, Eric wears straw sandals to go out. Seeing Henry chopping wood, he raised the ax and his muscles moved along with it. Eric looked at him and looked at himself. There are no muscles, people are black as if they came out of a slum. Skinny without any muscles is that of a grown man. “Huh.” He then smiled wryly, since when did he pay attention to his body like that. After all, he was homosexual, but why did he feel afraid that this person in front of him would abandon him like other
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Chapter 3: Going up the mountain for the first time.
Eric did not care about the people behind, just walked forward with Smith and laughed. He is gathering useful information in this village.This village is called An Hamlet, in this area there are four neighboring villages. This village is one of them. But this village is not rich, just average. Going from here to town is about half a day on a buffalo cart, a day on foot. It is quite far, but it is located in a remote area that is little noticed by the superiors.But at least there's no stealing here, let alone murder and arson. Eric thought that it would take some time for this body to get a little healthier, he would automatically leave. At that time, he will open a small pharmacy enough to support himself, live again and find a soulmate for this life.Thinking of that, Eric hung on his face with a bright smile, Eric's face is not as beautiful as a beautiful woman’s, but it is easy to see. Dark pink lips are not very black but very attractive to attract the eyes of the viewer. Everyo
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Chapter 4: I want a divorce.
As for washing dishes, Henry will do it, Eric saw that and did not stop him. But suddenly he stopped, what about the bed problem. Eric really doesn't want to share a bed with Henry, he doesn't hate anything, but he is not very close, but sharing a bed is not something he likes very much.Eric quickly entered the bedroom, which was a simple bed. Not very big but enough for two people to lie down. Henry came in and saw him standing like a statue, not knowing what to think, turning to look at the bed. Today's mood is sad, then excited and happy, to see if Eric will sleep with him today.Suddenly, Eric pulled a blanket thick enough to spread on the ground to lie on, his face did not show any disgust but considered this as a calm thing."Wife, what are you doing?"Henry walked over and grabbed his hand, looking at him, not understanding what he was doing."Ah, I'm packing to sleep."“Why not sleep in the bed.”Eric sighed and looked at him seriously.“Henry, you were forced to marry a man
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Chapter 5: Saving people.
"Do you often go to the mountains, Henry?"Eric walked and looked around, not even a blade of grass he missed. Because sometimes it's a rare drug."Yes, what's wrong."“So have you seen any herbs that can cure diseases?”"What do you need it for?""Of course it's for the sake of making money, although I don't have good medical skills, I also have the land to use martial arts."Eric smiled and confidently patted his chest. Henry could only sigh, but in his eyes there was pampering."Follow me."Henry grabbed Eric's hand and pulled him away, a wild chicken suddenly ran past. Eric jumped in fear and hid behind him. And he quickly pulled the bowstring and shot accurately at the wild chicken. causing it to die on the spot.“You are really good at it. Can you teach me?"Eric looked at him with adoring eyes. Henry was delighted with the adoring gaze of his wife. Low voice."When you get better, I'll teach you."“Okay, remember to keep that promise.”The two walked around the mountain, Henry
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Eric listened and looked at Henry's big body and didn't want to say anything more. Today, he went and found only some herbs of little value. Sighing in disgust, looking at the person in front of him fidgeting with the wild animals Henry caught, Eric thought for a long time. Seeing that the person in front of him was silent and didn't say anything, Henry turned his head to look back. Seeing the face as if it was sinking into the fog, dazed and enchanted.Seeing that the person in front of him was silent and didn't say anything, Henry turned his head to look back. Seeing the face as if it was sinking into the fog, dazed and enchanted."Let's go to town tomorrow."Suddenly, Eric suddenly said a sentence that made Henry almost slip and fall."How?""Okay, if you like, I'll take you."Eric smiled and accepted the chicken in his hand. Turn to go into the kitchen, knowing the person behind will follow in.“Ha, do you know what sugar-coated haws are?”"I don't know that."Henry thought that h
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Chapter 7: Calamity.
"Hey man, how much did my second brother give you that you are willing to deceive us like that? Do you know the price of slandering others? If you take it to the police station, you will at least pay a fine and keep it locked up for a few more months."As he spoke, Eric moved closer to him, and when he saw this, he could hear the fear in his heart. He did not understand what this young man in front of him had that made him so scared.“I…I…me.”“Brother-in-law, how can you be so cruel? Lily made sure of her honor that this happened."When Lily saw this, she burst into tears, Sean walked over to her side to comfort her, and more people looked over.“So my sister-in-law keeps insisting that my husband does this kind of thing.”"That's right."Sean said contemptuously looking at Henry with hatred. Henry, who had been silent for a while, went up to look at some of them."You know my eyes are not good, I can't see well at night. How do you think this is Sean.”The people around were startle
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Chapter 8: Cold War.
"Wife, I'm hungry."Eric happily ate a bowl of spicy noodles in front of him, when suddenly a black shadow obscured the light. He looked up and it turned out to be his cold-faced man.Eric looked over but had no intention of talking to Henry. Henry also knew that he did not do the right thing, leaving his wife at the market to not help. But he also doesn't know how to sell."Wife, you...""Shut."Eric tightly covered Henry's mouth and looked at him angrily, biting his teeth and whispering. Henry could only look at him silently, seeing his black eyes like a bottomless pit made Eric's heart tremble."Wife, but I'm hungry."" Where's the waiter, give me an extra set of dishes.”"Right now."Eric could only glare at him angrily, calling out to someone, Henry's eyes flashed with joy. He quickly finished eating and paid to leave Henry alone. Huh, dare not listen to me. I'll see who apologizes first.When Henry saw this, he quickly ate and followed the tall and thin figure. Eric passed a sta
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Chapter 9: Fake.
Henry roared at Sarah, she did not hesitate to look at him.“I know Brother Henry here marrying a man is no fun. If Brother Henry has such an opportunity, why don't you divorce Eric."A man came out from behind Sarah and looked at Henry with sympathy, while Eric was still digesting all the words that Sarah told him. He didn't know that just saving them would bring such trouble. And Henry frowned, this person looked a bit familiar, but he don't know where Henry met him, and even knowing his name, he must have found out through the two of them.When Henry heard that, he stood in front of Eric and said coldly."If anyone wants to take him away from me, don't blame me."“This is not your decision but Eric's. Only he has the right to decide.”Henry's body was shaken, yes, what did he have that could keep Eric by his side, considering Eric as his only relative? Eric smiled and held Henry's hand and turned to look at Sarah.“I took action to help you guys just from the heart, not wanting to
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Chapter 10: Claiming gold.
Eric stood inside and shivered all over, almost dropping the glass of mouthwash. Hearing the mother-in-law's voice for the first time made him want to puncture his eardrum.Henry was not happy when Julia said that, but his face became colder and colder."You guys go back, don't even dream about that chest."Suddenly, Julia's face turned pale, and wanted to curse but refrained from saying it."Henry, I know you don't like this mother. But anyway, brothers and sisters in the family must think of each other. You see, I'm also for the other people in the family, not for myself."“That's right, brother Henry. In the past, it was Lily which was not correct, so I accidentally said that to the eldest brother. I hope you will generously forgive Lily."Lily said softly, looking at Henry with pitying eyes. Henry still turned his head with an expressionless face but was told by Julia again.“Did you hear me, Henry? As a family member, why are you so selfish? Or was it instigated by your male wife
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