Double L

Double L

By:  Aldrich Candra  Ongoing
Language: English
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Meet Aryo when Levi's engagement, make Levi indecisive. Levi remember his interraction with Aryo. Eventhough the relationship between them was previously just like a client ... in bed. Meanwhile, Aryo—as a gigolo—wants to quit his dirty work because a marriage, added his problem about pregnancy his client. The troubled men are faced with a choice of marriage that they don't want at all.

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5 Chapters
"You still like the old days?" I asked after releasing the rough tug on the lips in front of me. He always had a sweet taste, especially when his tongue twisted around, taking turns sucking saliva into my oral cavity.Never got tired of kissing him, again and again, after a long absence. How long has it been? Maybe a year?"Engh... no, Sir." His answer sounded hoarse, more like a whimper as I gripped the evidence of his erection from outside his pants.He still uses the same nickname for me. Yet earlier outside this room we had only shared gestures before separating ourselves from the engagement party outside, then removing all masks of falsehood after the door was locked from the inside.I took off his suit, shirt, and the last of his belt and trousers. He... didn't struggle like most women who pretend to resist and then weaken under the erotic mix.Obviously, the figure before me is clearly a man. He was mature and had a body that was well-proportioned among metrosexuals. His muscle
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Chapter 1 - Engagement and Agreement
"Allevino Wiratama!" The call coming from the corridor made my steps stop. The distinctive feminine voice of the French-born girl, Camille Zoe. I was so surprised that I froze in place, then made sure the buttons on the shirt I was wearing impromptu didn't have the wrong holes. "I'm dead!" My lips clamped shut as the words came out. "Are you crazy, leaving me behind just for a guy?" Her foreign accent was still very noticeable. I turned around to face her figure who was walking quickly closer. I grabbed her fingers and showed her the shiny object wrapped around her ring finger while forcing a smile. "The important thing is that you got the ring!" Our agreement when we met in her home country was about the concept of sexual freedom. We could get married, but there were no restrictions on dating as long as she and I were honest with each other. Maybe sharing a partner is included? I don't know, I haven't tried that yet. She needs an excuse and the money to travel, I need a wife-to-
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Chapter 2 - Application Fee
"Sir Levi?" he called as he opened the door after a few knocks. He looked surprised. "How come?" This small house-well, the smallest size of the properties my company used to market-didn't take long for the occupants to open the door. "Just a moment." I took off my glasses and hung the folds in my pocket before raising my eyebrows, signaling my desire to enter the house. "Shame, Sir ...." He pushed me back, away from the door that closed behind his back. Nabastala Putra, the real name of a gigolo who claims to be Aryo. More interesting, actually. However, this man who was taller than me by a few inch seemed to investigate our surroundings with an annoyed look. "Just a moment..., just a moment." My forefinger and thumb formed a small pinch in the air. Perhaps pinching the tanned circles on his chest was much more fun than starting a conversation like this. "Guest, Bro?" Another voice asked from the open door behind Aryo. Ah, I'm used to calling him that. Aryo. Similar words of in
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Chapter 3 - My Turn
I almost die of boredom when I wait for someone who is so sick. Charles should have died or been in a coma forever, but instead he woke up. Well, even if he can't speak clearly yet. At least I'm free from the accusation that Milly pushed my eldest brother. "I told you, didn't I?" I rolled up my shirt sleeves after handing the suit to Bulan while responding to Milly's voice on the loudspeaker stuck in my earpiece. "As annoyed as I am with this old man, I'm not going to be like him who can get rid of other people." Obviously, I was speaking in front of Mas Charles, who kept glaring at me in annoyance. Unfortunately, there was nothing else he could do since waking up from the coma. Being in a coma for a few days apparently took away his strength altogether. No punches, no stomps, not even just shouting he could only laugh at me. "You want to wait for me at home? Are you sure? Okay." I turned off the voice call connection and sat on the chair closest to the gurney occupied by Mas Char
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Chapter 4 - Live With
"Loudspeaker!" I handed Aryo the cell phone that I had taken because the tone of the call hadn't stopped. Over and over again until it sounded sickening."But-""We have an agreement! Obey!" Without waiting for Aryo to pick it up, I crammed the flat object into his palm that was fused on his lap."O-okay ...." Aryo's voice trembled. Not very manly, even though he has many female clients.What's that term Milly used to say? Like a ladyboy? Aryo is not the type of young man who moves like a womanizer. He's manly, which is why I like him.Wrong? For those out there, there are still many people who think it's wrong for a man to like another man's personality even if it's not a matter of sexual orientation.Maybe they think everything leads to bed, huh?Honestly, I like the way it works that follows the rules of the payer, in this case me. As far as I know, I've never seen Aryo involve his feelings in his work. He's a professional.Including the kiss in the car when Aryo asked me to go home
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