The Forgotten God

The Forgotten God

By:  Mandi Martin  Completed
Language: English
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The sands and stories of Egypt always enthralled Isaac. Unable to travel and explore the job at a museum was the best he could hope for. Yet the land of the Gods are soon to become far more real when an ancient relic is broken, releasing a vengeful deity. Furious at the past that spurned him he craves destruction, even if it means his own. But is everything all it seems? There is always a deeper reason and their fates may be linked far more closely than he believes.

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It was a great book
2024-01-11 13:33:44
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Rosslyn Scott
Really enjoyable.
2022-01-05 18:40:29
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Lucy Simons
All I can say is I’m loving this!
2022-01-05 03:21:27
68 Chapters
Chapter One
The sands were on fire. Billowing in heated heats and crashing like dusty waves against the half-finished structures that would house the earthly remains of Kings.They should have been finished now but the tools had been dropped, the slaves and overseers fleeing from their work, prostrating themselves before their ruler for forgiveness. Forgiveness he could do naught but grant for who could face the wrath of a God? From the vast world beyond the eyes a great court was in session. Masked forms that seemed hybrids of man and beast discussed the events that blighted progress. One hand rose and all fell silent. None would speak over the creator of all. Atum slowly rose to his feet, making no sound as he paced some the flight of steps to the stone hall below him.His eyes were hard as the door flew open, revealing the one who made them tremble.Powerful in figure and fierce in face when covered with the
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Chapter Two
Isaac remained quiet as they wandered down to the car park, a small area that always seemed practically empty even when the museum was fairly full. He preferred the bus since he always found his car seemed under siege by the birds nesting in the trees lining near the tarmac. And car wash cost added up over time, he needed those wages for living and not cleaning bird mess from his windows."When I looked online at the menu it all looked pretty good," Ash broke the silence as they turned onto the street."Decent range of prices as well which is rare for around here, people take advantage of the visitors."He looked at the scenery as it passed. Grey, concrete and tarmac, so different from the materials they were surrounded by in the museum. Each piece telling a story of a long-lost land, he couldn't imagine any of the modern architecture doing that in years to come. Mass produced and almost identical.Further from the city, past the outskirts the view looked
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Chapter Three
Mr Montford had cleared his desk of all the papers and other clutter by the time they got back. The top was now covered by a white sheet and illuminated by a strong lamp. Without specialist equipment it was the best he could do and, thankfully, his past tutors had taught him how to improvise when the need arose.A half empty water bottle sat nearby by. He had been losing so much fluid by sweating it was well needed. "Ah, good timing!" He beamed as the pair entered "Ash, you can hold the cloth steady and Isaac, you fetch the statue. I can take the scraping and send it off post haste, then we will have some answers, I hope! Until then it can be kept safe itstorage, I won't display it until we have more information, misleading the public leads to the wrong sort of publicity." Ash moved over the smooth out the creases, his hands shaking his excitement and nerves as Isaac went to take the figure from the box.As he leaned ov
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Chapter Four
Mr Montford's entire body froze in horror at the condemning words and his Adam's apple bobbed as he choked on his own bile that had risen into his throat.His bewildered eyes took in the figure, roving over the curious mask, powerful muscles, and claw-tipped fingers. This was the exact image of the statue, somehow live and full-size in front of them. A spark of determination flickered across his eyes as they were commanded to kneel, and for a brief moment he met the terrifyingly-cold gaze of the creature. His heart skipped a beat at the pure malice he saw there, freezing him on the spot. Isaac unconsciously stepped closer to Ash whose pale face had become a waxen death mask, stealthily resting his hand on his upper arm in an effort to give some reassurance as another wave of natural fury rocked the sky. In the back of his mind a voice hissed. But like the leaves in autumn, it was a faraway cry. Audible but unable
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Chapter Five
Isaac materialised in an empty room. To the untrained eye it resembled an empty tomb but one slab in the floor was clear, providing a mirror to the earth. The hand opened and he was dropped into an unceremonious heap on the floor and looked at me with cold eyes. "This is the world between worlds. Neither life nor death. It is where those with the darkest intents can reside without bowing to any." "Will you at least tell me who you are?" He grumbled as he struggled to sit on his haunches, deciding against standing even though the floor was freezing. "Surely you have honour enough to do that?" "I am Am-Heh, Ish...mortal," he seemed to stumble for a moment before gathering himself. "That is all you need know at this time." He wandered across to the clear tile in the floor. From the invisible vantage point Am-Heh could watch the world below him. And the chaos that ensured. He turned
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Chapter Six
Atum had been inactive for so many years he had almost forgotten the power he once wielded. But he still held his authority, his knowledge.Sat in the modern penthouse he had been reading the paper, realising after a while it was the previous weeks.But something felt wrong. Something he couldn't place. As soon as he switched the radio on and the static finally cleared, he shuddered. Red rain. Surely the prison had not been broken, not yet? But if it had... "I must find others," he muttered "one way or another this must end for good." He did not wish ill on any of his creations, his children, each of whom he held dear to his heart. All the same he felt an obligation to the children of the other Gods, the humans and those species that the former thought only as myths. They had little contact with one another, save for the odd interaction over important issues, but a mutual respect bound them tog
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Chapter Seven
Marie Westley had been a charwoman in the museum for years. A squat woman with a bust that seemed to strain out of even the largest blouse she was a common sight at all hours. Both staff and visitors alike were always offered a greeting and a sparkling smile. She was handsome in her own way, keeping a neat appearance, her nut-brown hair always tied without a strand out of place and her hazel eyes always shimmering even if given the most taxing job. Professional pride went a long way in her family, whatever the task and whatever the employment. Of Jamaican descent her dream was eventually to become a teacher, her grades had well excelled the needed scores to qualify but they cost.People had told her she could do more, that was wasting her knowledge for a job that didn't pay as well as others but the fact was, apart from children, she loved cleaning and helping the elderly who couldn't do it themselves.
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Chapter Eight
"What are you doing now?" Isaac's voice was cracked from lack of fluid, something he was hoping the God would take notice of. Am Heh barely looked over. He was not about to answer, the idea of responding to the mortals’ query felt beneath him but the knowledge that Isaac would most likely continue to question him came to the fore. "Hastening my work," he said evasively, seizing a cloak that had appeared from thin air to throw about his shoulders. "You will remain here." The streets below were home only to ghosts and shadows now. The people were cowering in whatever safe haven they could find, whether it be the claustrophobic aisles of a department store or the dark back room of an office. Anywhere was better than the bubbling mire outside.The heat from the burning blood would not affect the deity who once walked in his own volcanic Eden. Nor did it affect the creatures he crafted but it
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Chapter Nine
There was one person who wasn't fearful of the apparent Armageddon. Kyle Mason lived in the upper storey apartment of a grubby townhouse not far from where the river widened after its amble through the park. Much like the exterior the inside was cold and damp, mildew a common occurrence and always appearing grimy no matter how hard one cleaned. There was always a yellow tint to the once white walls and a grey pattern smearing the carpets. Kyle had never complained like other tenants, knowing the response of one got what they paid for and compared to his student digs it was a palace. He rarely seemed clean himself. The clothing that hung on the lanky body held an odour of pond water or ingrained age. The black hair, impeccably gelled and styled, appeared greasy rather than treated and his skin held a perpetual shine.It might well have been circumstance, down to the water that screamed in prote
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Chapter Ten
“Interesting.” Thoth sat back in the wicker chair overlooking the lake beyond the terrace. The crystal waters shimmered like a mirror from amongst the reeds. Along the banks several long beaked birds waded without a care, their beady eyes looking for the tiny fish that inhabited the still waters. The ibis was still the favoured bird in the former God’s heart and he could not have settled anywhere that lacked them. Nor could he have left the glory of equatorial Africa, the sights and sounds of that sun kissed land were his reason for living. In human form he still held some resemblance himself; his features slim and angular, his nose sharp and eyes wise yet placid. Shu twiddled his fingers impatiently as Thoth rocked complacently, eyes gazing into the distance and at events long erased from memory. “Do you think you can help?” He broke the silence wit
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