The journey from Servant to Wife

The journey from Servant to Wife

By:  Thomas Nguyen  Ongoing
Language: English
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The story follows Jasmine Smith - a maid who relies on her intelligence, kindness, and courage to help herself and her best friend overcome the difficulties and pitfalls of the Curie family's mansion. There, she also accidentally helps Peter - the only heir of the Curie family to overcome difficulties and find his true love. In this journey, Jasmine has realized she loves Peter, and can they come together with a happy ending?

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    7 chapters
    1. Set foot in the mansion
    "Move more quickly! Don't expect to be chosen as the Curie family's maid if you keep moving at this rate! " -said a middle-aged woman in a sour tone. Daisy heard that and took a quick step forward, and I was standing next to her. I quickly followed Daisy after noticing her behavior. We were both shocked by the other woman's urging. She works as the mansion's housekeeper, and this mansion has an indescribably large land area.The magnificence of this mansion astounded not only Daisy and me but all the girls who had gathered to compete in the maid selection contest. I, like the rest of the people, was captivated by the beautiful scene to the point of insanity. Meanwhile, I heard the housekeeper named White shouting over there: "What exactly are you looking at? Follow me to the mansion's garden! "Curie's garden is planted with many beautiful and colorful flowers. There are also bushes trimmed into extremely interesting shapes. I guess the area of ​​this garden should be as large as ten w
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    2. Pass the first difficulty
    Alex heard that and slyly replied, "Yes! I already know what I need to do! "As Mrs. Lauriel just told Mrs. White, the second test that the five of us had to pass was the cooking test. Fortunately for me, I am pretty familiar with cookie making. I think that as long as I try to be a little meticulous, I will be able to pass this ability test.Making cookies is actually quite simple. Just beat the butter first until it's completely smooth. Then skillfully mix this butter with eggs, sugar, flour, and salt. The last step is to shape the cakes and decorate them with raisins or chocolate. This is the most important step to being able to create beautiful cakes. Finally, the last thing to do is bake it and watch the timer to bring these cakes out.While putting all my energy into the shaping of the cakes, I suddenly heard a panicked voice from the maid beside me. Her name is Alice. She is the poor girl that Mrs. Luna had just rebuked.Seeing her panicked and pitiful expression, I was a littl
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    3. Luck
    "If these five cookie plates are all evenly matched, then I'll break the rules for once by agreeing to take on all five of these girls here as our mansion's maids!" I really didn't think I'd be so fortunate, but my excitement was abruptly cut in half when I found out that the five of us would be going to Mrs. Luna's room to do our work in the days to come. This is because Mrs. Luna was pregnant, and as a result, she requires the assistance of additional maids. It was arranged for me to serve Madam Anna's difficult third daughter-in-law, and for some reason, deep down inside, I felt an overwhelming sense of insecurity about the situation. I have an unshakeable intuition that in the not-too-distant future, a lot of unfortunate events are going to take place. There will be new maids like we arranged to share a spacious room reserved for maids. Our living space consists of nothing more than a single bed despite the fact that this location is quite large; however, the number of maids wo
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    4. The thief
    When Alex heard that, she responded with a hint of arrogance and reached out to fix the bun. After she had finished, she sighed with contentment and said, "Okay, it's not too soon! You guys go to sleep, and we will pretend as though nothing has occurred!"After that, she confronted me and said in an arrogant tone, "I forgot one thing. In the morning of tomorrow, I will be required to go and serve Mrs. Luna when she wakes up. The older maids will be responsible for going to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, while the new maids like you will be in charge of carrying water, doing laundry, and cleaning the house. If anything is not completed in the appropriate manner before morning, you will earn Mrs. Luna's displeasure, which means you will be kicked out of this mansion!"The old maids followed Alex, laughing and returning to their beds. With only five new people left, we were still standing there bewildered. I see that the other two also show their shyness, not wanting to interact with
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    5. A new day
    It wasn't until dark that I, Daisy, and the three maids who had just moved into Curie's house had completed all the tasks. Lying on the bed, I and Daisy were so tired that I just wanted to sleep right away. I feel terrible if I quickly fall asleep because when I open my eyes it will be a new day and I will have to keep repeating this heavy work sequence. I really feel this is terrible.I thought of that and quickly sat up, then I patted my cheek a few times to help regain my awareness. Then I looked at Daisy and noticed that she was sleeping soundly. Daisy is quite small and weak, so her physical strength is not enough to do these heavy jobs for a long time. I wish the old maids there weren't so lazy and cruel that they put all the work on our heads.Right now, the old maids were still full of energy chatting with each other because they hadn't touched on any heavy work all day. I thought about it and sighed quietly. Unknowingly, my gaze returned to Daisy's small and beautiful face.I
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    6. A pearl
    When I entered the room, I suddenly saw that many people were gathered in a chaotic manner in the servant's room. When Daisy saw my figure, she quickly ran to my place to hastily say: “Jasmine… you are finally back. Want to help me with…”I didn't understand what was going on, so I quietly asked Daisy carefully: "Calm down, what happened?"Daisy didn't have time to explain, but I saw everyone in the room come out the door and turn their eyes on the two of us at once. Seeing this scene, I softly said to Daisy two words "Don't be afraid", then I took a step forward to protect her. Finally, I frowned at Alex and the others, then all I saw was her arrogant smile and Daisy saying, "You think she can help you?"Hearing her say that, I could tell without guessing that they were playing tricks on Daisy again. I didn't mind taking another step forward and coldly said, "What's the matter?"Only saw Alex smirk on one side of his mouth: "Ask me what to do? Why don't you go and ask your good siste
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    7. Cat
    In the meantime, Alex stepped forward to me, then coldly pulled the maid named Lisa back: "Calm down, Lisa, if anyone suspects that we secretly hid the pearl, then just let her search thoroughly!"When I heard that, I smiled: "Alex's voice was so bold, you must be innocent. Do you mind if you're the first one who is searched thoroughly by me? "Alex smiled nonchalantly: "Of course. There is a search for something that affects a person's face and dignity. I myself do not care about this. But with so many people here, there's bound to be someone who feels disrespected because of being suspected. So let's make a deal like this: If after you search through us and find the lost pearl, then this problem can be seen as if nothing happened. But if you still can't find that pearl after you rummaged through us, then every single person here will be able to slap you as they please! Do you agree?"I didn't hear that wrong. This sentence came out of Alex's mouth. Isn't it too clever? Thinking abou
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