The Mafia's Right-Hand (Wo)Man

The Mafia's Right-Hand (Wo)Man

By:  Eryn Anders  Ongoing
Language: English
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The game: Mafia. The rules: Lies are required, deceit is essential, betrayal is highly encouraged. Who wins? The remaining one left at the top. Who loses? The one who falls in love first. Eirene Evander's identity had always been kept a secret, her family made sure of that. Since she could remember, she was trained in the art of illusion and deception. But a tragic event led her to run off and enlist in the Marines as Rein. Now that she’s come home, it’s time to see what the mafia’s up to these days. Will pretending to be a man help with her mission for the military? Will she finally find the truth about her father’s death? Or will it lead to her demise just like her predecessor? Delian Leofric is a calculated, mean-spirited brute. Every person he meets would warn others to avoid even just a glimpse of his shadow. But what they don’t know is that he’s more than that. Now that he’s about to become the mob leader, will he turn things around? Or in the end, will he be swallowed up and forced to do their bidding until he’s replaced by another? A vengeful soldier, a puppet mob king, with all the other players from the underground organization and more. These combinations may just bring tragic deaths, unexpected greatness, or maybe a concoction of both.

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    12 chapters
    Chapter 1 Sorry For Making You Wait
    “Thank you for your service,” another civilian commented with a bright smile as Rein pushed her way to the Ambrosia Pub. She tipped her cap to the person before heading straight to the bar. “Finally,” she thought after seeing the bartender come into view. Choosing the furthest seat by the bar, she threw her luggage on the floor and leaned on the brick wall. “Two pints of your best beer, and keep ‘em coming please.”As much as Rein enjoyed seeing her hometown after years of being deployed to the most dangerous places, she never did like attracting any attention to her. She looked around the establishment and saw several other soldiers who also just arrived. Oh, how she wishes she changed to a more casual fit first. “Any battle buddies to drink with?” The red-headed bartender approached, placing the tall glasses of lager on the lacquered wood.“Yeah, seems like he’s running late,” Rein replied, then quickly chugged the whole drink down in seconds, amusing the bartender and making him la
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    Chapter 2 In the Grand Scheme of an Underground Organization
    "I don’t think you understand, boy,” the flabby man across him said in condescension. Oh, Delian Leofric understood well. This loan shark thought his financial skills were better than the mafia that he decided to skim off the money he sends them.Wanting to sound empathetic, the gangster boss said, “I don’t even profit from this anymore. I just do it since I know how people in Erebus are in need of money.” He pointed his golden ringed finger at Delian. “Even people who work for you.”He almost felt sorry for the man. Some people like him, when given a small amount of power, don’t realize they’re still pests in the grand scheme of an underground organization. So easy to get rid of and replace.“Mr. Nikos, the police and justice system of this city also work for me. You know what happens after a few calls.”The boss’s nostrils flared and his face turned red. “If you think you could threaten me with that, go to your daddy and cry to him about it.” Cheers and ridicules were heard among th
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    Chapter 3 He's Not Here Anymore
    “Your newfound friend’s fine,” Aidon interrupted her thoughts. If there’s one thing Rein admired about him, it was his ability to read people’s minds. “If you haven’t stayed with him, it would have gone worse.”“How did you find me so quickly anyway?” She asked, wanting to keep her thoughts away from that man. “I made sure to arrive as discretely as possible.”Aidon gave a dry laugh, “My, my, Eirene. You forget who you’re talking to. Anyone who steps foot in Erebus is instantly under my watch.” He flipped through the newspapers and continued, “What did I tell you about surveillance? To make your target believes there’s nothing going on, that they’re safe.”“And here I thought the King of Spies was losing his touch,” Rein quipped. “By the way, did they say if Leofric remembers anything?” Her chest did feel a pang of guilt for leaving the guy bleeding and passed out in the bar. Thankfully, Damon came right away so she didn’t have to carry him by herself.“If he did, what would you do?”
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    Chapter 4 Something Good and Beautiful
    “Lou, you really don’t remember what she looks like?” Delian, fresh from the hospital, asked the bartender. “Aye lad, I told ye already. She had her cap on the whole time. And the cameras also didn’t manage to catch her face.”It’s been five days since that night, and all Delian managed to know was that she got in a black car with an obscured plate. He almost thought that she was a figment of his imagination after waking up with a bandaged head. “Thank God, she wasn’t,” was all he said when the night’s event was reported back to him.Though he was relieved, he was equally as frustrated for forgetting her face. The Swedes did fail in their attack, but they succeeded in doing worse damage to him. Speaking of the two, no further news from the foreigners was heard as they seem to have gone under the radar. The Stockholm mafia also feigned ignorance at the current events.But Delian was not interested in any of those. That was why despite the doctor’s stern advice for him to go home and r
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    Chapter 5 Maybe Even Him, You Can Charm
    “Are you ready?” Aidon brushed the invisible dust off of Rein’s slim-fit suit as they both checked her reflection. It was finally the day she was to be introduced as Rein Evander, the prodigal son of the Evander family and Delian Leofric’s consigliori. It took a month due to the Swede accident, but they’re here now.“Yes,” she replied. There’s no room for doubts now. Doubts only bred mistakes. And she can’t afford to commit one, too many people’s lives were at stake here. Her father’s vengeance was at stake. Rein wasn’t ashamed to admit that when she took on this responsibility, she didn’t really think of its consequences for her country."Oh, before I forget. Here.” The new right-hand man passed a dark mask to Damon. “Our family is known for wearing these.” If each mafia family had its own quirks, this would be the Evanders’. Their secretive moves and preference for anonymity were represented by the mask.“It’s fine if you don’t, just be careful who you talk to.” Even if Delian didn’
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    Chapter 6 You Made That Woman Blush
    “Most of us don’t know and can never fathom the sacrifice our forefathers made to put us on this pedestal.” Hector, together with the rest of the Leofric family, stood before the mafia members on top of their grand staircase. The event, in a regular person’s eyes, appeared to be just an affluent community’s celebration. But behind those expensive suits and lavish dresses were weapons of different types and sizes. In the Erinyes mafia’s eyes, it was a gathering of the strongest and most skilled people to welcome a newcomer. A newcomer who was deemed better than most of them to be chosen for the soon second-highest position in their organization. “To be able to acquire the power, wealth, and control of this city through their blood is something we could only imagine. So to you, the coming generation of our families,” he looked at each young member from all the clans, “Be strengthened by pain, honed with experience, and linked together through our deep fellowship. Only then could you d
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    Chapter 7 If He's Not Preoccupied
    “I’m sorry, little princess.” Delian gingerly caressed Althaea’s plump cheeks as she snuggled with a blue monster plush, drifting through a dream-filled sleep. “Don’t worry, she has no idea,” Danae spoke from behind him, her approaching steps light to not wake her daughter. “But she was upset that her Prince Charming had to leave early. She even threatened him that she was going to sleep forever like Sleeping Beauty until he came back.” Danae giggled at the memory. “So what happened back there, Del?” Her stepson didn’t know how to answer. Instead, he led her out of the room and took one last glance at the sleeping figure before gently closing the door. All he was able to say was, “Sorry I put Althaea in danger.” “You know, I’ve seen you watch him the whole night. Did he do something to offend you?” The truth was, right from when they met, Del was the offensive one. But Rein seemed to have the patience of a saint to not sock him on the jaw after the latest debacle. Was he supposed t
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    Chapter 8 The Death of Me
    “Shit!” Thane ran through the wide courtyard of the Evander estate, however quick his long legs could take him. The lush, grassy ground’s friction with his Oxford shoes didn’t help at all. “Come on, Rein. Answer the phone,” he grunted while gripping his phone close to his ear with only ringing sounds getting back at him.Minutes earlier while strolling on his way towards Rein’s home, a black Rolls Royce Phantom drove past him. He observed the way passersby quickly made way for the car in a mix of aversion and awe. And he knew only the mafia could elicit such a response. Also, it was slow enough for him to make out the passenger of the transport.Thane scoffed in contempt, “And here they claim that they’re helping people.” The special agent was familiar with how cruel and hypocritical the mafia could get, having a brush with them in the past. But before he could make another snide comment, he realized where the car was going.“This road only leads up to the Evander mansion.” Thane spri
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    Chapter 9 Rein, You've Been Shot
    The drive was quiet and Rafiq’s interest in the conversation between his boss and the Evander heir grew. “Where shall we head next, Sir?”Looking from the rearview mirror, he saw Delian sitting deep in his thoughts while trying to decipher a feeling he can’t shake off. “I feel like I’ve met them all before.”“Sir Rein and her Marine friends?” Rafiq asked. Ever since Delian went face to face with that captain of theirs, his demeanor quickly reverted to his business-like self.The mafia heir’s mind drifted back to that night at Lou’s bar after the fight with the Swedes. “There was another person with us that night. I heard a man say something along the lines of, “Don’t kill him.’ But I’m not sure.”Rafiq replied, “You were pretty beat up, Sir.”Delian scratched his chin in frustration. Why did he have to forget such crucial details of that time? Still, he had his suspicions. “I think the man that approached me and Eirene was Rein.”“You think Sir Evander has a connection with your Cinde
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    Chapter 10 A Hostile Welcome
    What the Evander guards thought to be another uneventful day turned out to be the opposite as a luxurious car drove by the Evander guardhouse. “What’s your business here?” One of the two burly guards asked roughly, leaning down the passenger’s side.The dark windows rolled down to reveal the fair Kora Renaud which took both men by surprise. Not only because of the lady’s beauty but also because of the common knowledge that Renauds and Evanders were not particularly close. “M-Miss Renaud, how can we help?”“I’m here to visit Rein. Would you let me in?” Her sweet voice pleaded as she batted her lashes at them. She didn’t have to since they were mesmerized already, but it wouldn’t hurt to be sure.Kora noticed one of them recover from his awe, beginning to reach for his earpiece. She has to get in before Rein had the chance to say no. “Uhm, I don’t know why he didn’t tell you. But he is expecting me.” She managed to look hurt at the Evander heir’s action, or lack thereof.Not wanting to
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