My son's father

My son's father

By:  Vance  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kay had spent her entire life working towards her life long dreams, before she knew it she had lost her savings, her job, her family and friends. She lost it all the moment she had met Darren a mysterious bad boy who had completely ruined her life. She spends her days raising their son while reliving every moment she had spent with Darren while looking back at the nightmare that was her life. What happens when they nightmare walks back into her life.

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    Chapter 1: Meeting him
    As I look into those big brown eyes, I could still hear him say,“You are no angel yourself Kay, you’ve done some horrible things.” As I began to blink steadily, I look back at my precious little boy who looks way too much like his father. His father is the perfect definition of a bad boy and me I used to be the typical good girl. I had just given birth to a beautiful little boy in a town far away from friends and family. Before I hit my due date I packed up my stuff and ran and never looked back.Every time I looked into those brown eyes I would think back on him, on Darren. Darren was beyond attractive, he had all the perfect features and he was exciting and mysterious. The night I met him, even though I was set to never date again and pushed several advances away I couldn’t keep him out of my head.Flashback:As I got off work I looked up at the large moon above me, I always found a fascination with the dark even as a child. While most kids were hiding from what lurked in the sh
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    Chapter 2: First Date
    I woke to the sound of a baby crying, I looked around the room confused, then it dawned on me, that was my beautiful baby boy. I took the precious fragile boy in my arms and kissed the top of his head,“Hi Jeremy, you must be hungry my love.” I took a bottle from the tray and began feeding him. Tomorrow I was about to be released from the hospital and take my little man home, that excited me but also made me nervous. It reminded me of everything I was running from and I hoped he wouldn’t find us.I wasn’t sure if he would hurt Jeremy but I was more then certain he would hurt me and I would take yet another beating. I looked at Jeremy and his big brown eyes as he satisfied his hunger. FlashbackAs I walked out of the dinner after my shift, I looked at my phone. I had a new message from Darren,D: Hey beautiful, I am running a bit late ill be there as soon as I can. I hope you will wait for me.I starred at the screen for a bit, this was ridiculous I was tired and just wanted to go to
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    Chapter 3: Disappointment
    Today I was getting ready to be released from the hospital. I was a bit slow moving with my stitches, and I didn’t have anyone to give me a hand. The doctor came to ask a few questions and told me the nurse would be in with my discharge papers . I took my phone out and opened up the messages, I attached a picture of Jeremy and wrote out a quick message to my fatherK: Look who I am taking home today, his name is Jeremy and he is so sweet and very healthy. I’d love it if you would meet him soon, I know your mad at me dad but I am sorry and I mean it I’m done with Darren. I haven’t seen him in months and I will be going to court soon for full custody.I didn’t notice I had tears in my eyes when the nurse walked in,“Are you ok dear?” she asked me.I nodded, “Yes I’m just happy and a bit excited for everyone to meet him” I lied to her. I was excited for people to meet him, but I was very scared and nervous about taking Jeremy home it was a big deal to be responsible for someone else for
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    Chapter 4: Lost Money
    After that text I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t reply and wouldn’t. I changed my phone number when I moved and I haven’t given it to anyone besides the hospital, the children services worker who helped me get out, my employment insurance worker and my father.I unpacked our hospital bags as I waited for my father to come back, I felt my phone vibrate again and I looked at it nervously,Dad: Will be there soon, giving you a heads up so you can start unlocking your locks ahead of time so your food doesn’t get cold.I laughed, how I missed my father’s humor. I walked over the door and unlocked my deadbolts, as I seen my father walk in with a large box and several bags. “What is this dad?” I was eyeing him down.He shrugged his shoulders, “Just a few gifts for my grandson, you can’t do it all by yourself Kay. So what is going on with you and Darren? Does he have visitation or help out?” I shook my head, “I ran dad. I couldn’t take it anymore, I rented a truck and hauled as much stuff as I co
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    Chapter 5: The worse and best night of my life
    I spent most of the afternoon and evening with my father, we caught up on everything we missed out on. He brought me and Jeremy to the grocery store and made sure I had lots of extra food, he was heading back to work tomorrow and would be gone for the week. I think he bought me food for 3 months, I got used to not eating much. I spent most of my money on things for Jeremy and putting payments on my debt. My father also wanted to leave me his car while he was away at work since he wouldn’t be using it. “Are you sure you guys will be ok here?” he said on his way out the door looking around my apartment. I nodded, “Yes dad thank you for everything, we both really appreciate it.” With that he left, I took Jeremy in my arms and gave him big snuggles. This little boy was beyond perfect and I wouldn’t let anyone hurt him, I couldn’t. He looked up at my with his big brown eyes, I was so thankful I made the choice to run. We didn’t have much but we had each other and I’ll do everything in
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    Chapter 6: Love over my dream job
    I spent the next weeks trying to catch up on sleep every time Jeremy slept, he seemed to always be up every night around 4 until about 6. I kept getting texts all week from different numbers, I would block the number then I would get one from a different number,Unknown number: Tell me where you are before I find you.Unknown number: I’m not saying it again! Tell me now before I get fucking pissed off.Unknown number: I’ll call every fucking hospital in the state until I find out where you had my son, I will fucking find you.Unknown number: I miss you so much can I please meet my son, we are supposed to be a family. Let me be part of your lives, I want to be there for my son the way my father wasn’t.Unknown number: I love you Kay, I know I fucked up, can you please forgive me I promise you no more shit, I’m done with the drinking and drugs let me show you how much I’ve changed.I constantly ignored his messages even though a little part of me wanted to answer him and tell him
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    Chapter 7: Broken door, windshield and heart
    I woke up to my phone ringing, it was really late. I sat up looking around when I saw Jeremy begin to move, I grabbed my phone quickly and answered before even looking at the caller ID,“Hello, is this Kay Myles?”“Hi, yes it is can I help you?” my voice was muffled as I just woke up, I glance at the clock and it was 3 in the morning.“Ms Myles, I am calling from the Mexican border patrol, I was just calling to let you know we have arrested a Darren Spencer. He asked we give you a call so you would not worry. He is in custody and will be detained at Sonora Correctional Centre if you wish to contact him.”I was a bit taken back, why would he ask them to contact me. I shook my head,“What did he get arrested for?”“He was found with several narcotics trying to come into Mexico.”I shook my head, of course he was. Why would he want me to hear this. I thanked the man and hung up, this wasn’t the first time he was arrested.FlashbackI had just found out about Darren emptying my account an
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    Chapter 8: SOS
    I woke up in the morning feeling very restless after last nights call I couldn’t go back to sleep. The Sonora jail called, I contemplated answering but curiosity got the best of me.“Hello?”“Hey babe, can we talk?”That’s the first time I heard his voice in a month, I felt my heart beat faster. I didn’t know what to say to him, I was completely speechless.“How about I talk and you can listen. I’m looking at about 5 years for this. The lawyer I met with this morning told me he thinks he can get me off with a promise to not return into Mexico but it could take a year or two to get there.”I still didn’t say anything, I listened to his hurt voice as he tried to explain everything to me.“I love you so much Kay, you have no idea how crazy I went when you left. I fucked things up bad didn’t I? It wasn’t supposed to be this way, I was supposed to be there for you and our little boy. We were supposed to be a family and I messed up so bad this time. What’s his name?”“Jeremy” I was able to
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    Chapter 9: Will you marry me
    Tomorrow was the day my dad was supposed to be coming home, I was looking forward to seeing him again. I definitely needed a distraction after days of contemplating if I should write Darren or not. My head said no while my heart was begging me too.Jeremy was starting to sleep a bit better, so I was feeling more rested and like myself. Instead of being up every 2 hours, sometimes he would sleep 4 hours at a time which was amazing.My phone rang, I glanced down at the caller ID, it was the jail again. He has called me every single day since we talked but I felt guilty knowing those talks were costing him food. I have ignored each of his calls since then, I looked over at Jeremy who had his big brown eyes open suddenly,“Good morning handsome”He gave me a big gummy smile, I loved when he smiled at me although I’m pretty sure it was just gas.I decided to take him out for a walk, we haven’t really been out much and I was beginning to feel down. I haven’t even explored the town since we
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    Chapter 10: Who is the cheater?
    I sent a bit of money into Darren’s account and began to write a letter,‘Hey, hope all is going good for you there. I know it can’t be easy, but maybe this is a sign Darren, it’s time to slow down. In a way I do wish you would of met Jeremy, he is so beautiful. He looks so much like you, he is literally perfect. I sent you some pictures in the letter so you could see him. I am sorry for the way things worked out but I can’t do this anymore, our son deserves better.’I left it at that, who even writes letters anymore, and what was I supposed to say to him. I put the letter in the envelope along with some pictures.I took Jeremy out and went to the mail, dropping the letter in there, once I got home I was receiving a call from the jail,“Hello?” “Hey, thank you for sending me money.”“Yeah I thought you weren’t going to call constantly, I wrote you a letter so you don’t need to call constantly ok”“Thank you, I just wanted to try it out make sure it worked, I got a few things from can
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