Shadow Bound

Shadow Bound

By:  Lena Helscel  Ongoing
Language: English
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Twenty years ago, Thantos Abraxas, The Alpha of the Crescent Shadow werewolf pack went on a powerfueled rampage. Leaving every other pack with just one choice, bow down or die. He ripped through pack after pack, slaughtering it's members and forcing many others into hidding. Even worse, he destroyed every pack's wolfsbane plants, forcing them to lose control of their wolf selves during the full moon. Luckily the packs that hid were able to escape with some, but only enough for their own. Now, the Crimson River pack's wolfsbane is nearing complete depletion and the werewolves wont survive for long without it. The vicious killings of so many humans from nearby towns are beginning to draw hunters to the packs location. But luckily, there is still one hope left. Their Alpha, Grayson Sinclair, sends his nieces Malia and Iselyn to try and reason with Thantos in his old age for some of his wolfsbane. But will the girls be willing to compromise with the monster that put them in this situation to begin with? With the hunters closing in on their family, do they even have time to think about it? Will they even have a home to go back to? One thing's for sure. Grayson will never bow down to another. And neither will they.

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4 chapters
Chapter One
“How are you feeling?” Iselyn asks, taking a seat beside me on the worn fallen tree trunk. “I’m fine,” I nod while digging my bare feet deeper into the sand and rocks. Letting the whistling wind, splashing water and the chilling breeze coming off of it, calm me down. “You?”She looks up at the darkening sky and sighs. “It’s called a curse for a reason, Mal. We knew this day would come.”“Still,” I shrug my shoulders, and let my gaze roam over the rolling waves. “Aren’t you worried?”Tonight is the first time Iselyn and I will have to endure the full force of the full moon… Without the help of wolfsbane. Which means tonight, we will have no control over our wolf selves. “About what?” “Being a ripper,” I clarify softly, almost not wanting to say it out loud. “Well, true, I should be worried about that. With my hot temper and all,” she laughs and fans herself with her hand. “We’ll be okay. We’re way out here and if we turn far enough out it should be fine.”“Yeah,” I nod. Ugh, here m
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Chapter Two
“Are you crazy!?” Bo whispers in a rough, hardened tone. “You want to send the girls!?” He hisses the words out through clenched teeth, as if they burn while leaving his tongue.“Yes,” Gray says simply.“I don’t like it,” Bo says. “I don’t like it one bit.”“You and Alazaer have both made it abundantly clear that this is the path you advise I take,” he strongly replies. “I meant me! Or you! Hell, an Omega! Not two teenagers, much less our nieces!” “As I said, neither you nor I can go,” Gray says. “And Abraxas will laugh if we send an Omega. The girls are our only hope.”There's another long pause, Bo huffing quietly to himself. "At least send someone with them," Bo pleads, his voice defeated and filled with anxious desperation. "For protection." "The girls can hold their own," Gray refutes."Not against him!""We need all the help we can get here." Bo groans. "I don't have many options here," Gray says. Bo scoffs in disgust. "If only Jorgen could see you now." Grayson growls a
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Chapter Three
"No," I say, violently shaking my head. "That's not possible." Jace looks at us, treading carefully, thinking about his next words. "I don't know. We can't know for sure. But that's the widely known rumor." Sure, I don't remember my father. But what Jace is saying, just can't be possible. For my father to kill a woman, a wolf, another Alpha's mate at that, he'd be worse than Thantos. "Yeah," Iselyn shakes her head. "You just told us that Thantos kills whoever he wants. That sounds like Thantos, not our father. Besides, if he had killed Thantos's mate wouldn't we all know about it? Wouldn't he have bragged about something like that?" "Not if he was ashamed," Jace shakes his head. Killing a woman is unthinkable. Killing a mate is even worse. But killing an Alpha's mate… That's the worst offense possible. Punishable by death. I suck in a sharp breath. "It makes sense." "What!?" Iselyn barks at me. "Don't tell me you believe this!" "I don't want to believe it. I don't want t
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Chapter Four
Ice and I share an anxious glance before retracing our steps and sitting back down on the couch. This time, Gray and Bo sit down too. Bo takes a seat on the chair to my right. Gray sits down on the coffee table in front of us. “Like I said, Abraxas cares about blood purity,” He says slowly. “It is possible that he may… Expect certain things in exchange for the wolfsbane we need.” “What do you mean?” Ice asks. “He may want an alliance between our packs,” he explains. “Why?” I ask him. “If he’s so into blood purity why would he want an alliance with us?” It wouldn’t make any sense for him to want us. We’re a tiny nobody pack. Sure Ice and I are pureblooded, along with a few others, but the majority of our small pack are made-wolves that we took in. According to what everybody has been saying Thantos Abraxas loathes made-wolves. So why would he want anything to do with us? “Abraxas has five children,” Gray says. “Three boys.” My heart drops as my blood runs cold. A buzz
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