Bride of the ruthless Mafia Lord

Bride of the ruthless Mafia Lord

By:  The Hoely King  Ongoing
Language: English
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“This thing you are doing to me, I have no idea what it is. I just want to feel it forever.” Romero declared his face void of its usual strictness. This was the first time Imade was seeing him show something close to emotion. It was beautiful. ______ Imade has never had a problem being the "IT" girl, in fact, she bodied it effortlessly. She had enough hate from her family members and that was enough to keep her going. It was one thing to be living your dreams and it was another thing to be rudely pulled out and pushed into a deep web of lies woven by your parents. Imade's perfect life was thrown into deep chaos when she was forced to marry the dark lord Romero Vaughan. Her whole life was put on hold and she was introduced to a world she thought was all myth. More chaos when she finds out that the dark lord hated her and the peak was when she finds herself falling deeply for him.

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    Standing up from the makeup chair, Imade flashed a grateful smile at the makeup artist. The woman had been making made up for as long as she could remember and she was grateful because the woman knew the perfect products that would make her look perfect. Navigating her little career was going well, and one thing she was grateful for was getting her shit together. Nobody owed her shit and she understood that pretty early. This was the way she had been living for a while now and she found it easier to conclude that she didn’t need them too. Growing up forcefully wasn’t a strange concept to Imade, in fact, she knew it was her only way of survival. “Do you want to grab lunch by evening after your show of course? You know something to celebrate your new deal.” Emmanuel asked before scratching his head awkwardly. It was obvious what Imade’s reply would be but he still felt the need to try. He had been trying to get her to go to lunch with him for a long but she always had an excuse to
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    The whole family was sitting around the sitting room when Imade entered, the snicker on her sister's face was almost missable but it was there. It was no news that Helen thought Imade did some kind of magic and decided to steal all her beauty and outshine the rest of them. At first, she linked it to childhood fantasies and blamed the cartoons but growing up, the hate intensified and Imade avoided her like a plague. She would rather not be in a messy situation with her. She wiled herself to calm down because she wasn’t here for that. Not even her stupid sister would ruin her mood, plus they all made her worried for nothing. All the tension in her body slowly disappeared and she was faced with the horror of actually being in the same room with her entire family. Being the least favorite child would do that to you. The supposed person that was sick or in danger was sitting right beside her ad, looking everywhere except Imade’s face. Shady asf!She took her seat before waiting for whatev
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    “Imade please breathe. I know you are nervous and you are scared of how this meeting would turn out but please breathe.” Elle tried to calm a now nervous Imade but nothing was working. Since she looked up to the man she was supposed to marry, she had been feeling all types of jitters. The more she read those articles, the more they painted a deadly scenario in her head. What’s worse was that she couldn't stop even after knowing what she was getting into. She kept on devouring more of those devilish articles and now she is stuck with a deadly first impression of Romero Vaughan, nothing would erase that from her head. She took another deep breath and she proceeded to walk around the whole room. Elle was probably watching her and trying to phantom what was going on. She knew how dangerous this man could get and more reasons why she would always curse her father for putting her through so much. He had asked her to meet with him this week and she agreed without any restriction. She didn’
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    Imade rushed up from the sleeping position she had fallen asleep in, printed papers scattered all over her apartment and her laptop still wide open and running despite the owner falling asleep. The loud knock was getting irritating and she knew it wasn’t Elle. Her best friend had her own keys, it would be someone important. After her date with Romero went sour and he left mid-meal in anger, Imade found herself trying to gather more things about the man himself. Being in the same space with him took her to breathe away literally, she wasn’t expecting him to take the whole space up like that. Maybe she had imagined him too much that she actually set the bar so mid. Romero Vaughan broke the bar and went over it. She probably didn’t expect the man to look that scary in person. When she met him, she literally got knocked off her feet. He was simply breathtaking. No other words would describe him that perfectly. She just stared on and she wished she didn’t, the outcome was later too embar
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    Romero stood at the corner of his office as he waited for his father who had sent for him. Romero and the older man weren’t always on the same side and maybe being very similar caused it. He had a whole lot of things to do, like go early to his own wedding and maybe get drunk later with a bunch of old friends. The door opened and closed and Romero stood tensed. He readjusted his posture and he kept his eyes glued to the ground.Being in the same room with Lucio Vaughan would do that to you. Five times the world's best mafia don and the undefeatable king of the west mafia zone. He was a man of lesser words and more action. He would rather show you what he is capable of than say it with his mouth. This was part of the reason he was undefeatable in the mafia world. Lucio walked briskly to the window and he stared out at the estate layout, the city he had spent years building. Now very soon, Romero would be taking over soon, it seemed surreal but that was the truth. He would soon be reti
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