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Tom Holland, the CEO of Shellhouse Mall is nothing but a boring boss at work but has a secret no one knows of. His secretary, Amber Leo, is a fun-loving lady who also works as a stripper in the club during her free time. She got into trouble with him at work and signed a contract of being his slave when she was on the verge of losing her job but Amber didn’t know what she signed up for was bigger than what she expected. She got pulled into different dramas that even threatened her life while working as his slave. What happens when Tom begins to fall in love with her? Will Tom let her off the hook even after signing the contract with him? what exactly is the secret Tom is hiding?

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Amber has lived in Chicago for the past three years after she moved from Boston to start her office work where she works as the secretary to the CEO of the biggest Department store, Shell House. Her everyday work was always hectic but who was she to complain when her boss was always working with her even late into the night so it was not as if he was punishing her on purpose but one thing she really love about her boss, Tom Briggs is that no matter how hard they have to work, he makes sure she enjoys her weekend so every Friday she goes home as early as possible. This particular Friday was like every other one and she was so happy to get off work because she actually had her own plans for the day. “Miss Amber, the sales report should be ready by 2pm on Monday so make sure you try to finish it up over the weekend” Tom, her boss said to her as he came out of his office wearing a tired look on his face. The week have been extremely stressful for them because new arrivals just came in
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She was thankful that her outfit for today was at least covering up a decent part of her body because she wouldn’t be able to bear the shame of dancing that way while her boss was sitting there looking at her. Since she wouldn’t afford to forfeit her pay just because someone unexpected showed up, she played professionalism and just concluded that she will pretend as if nothing happened. She finally went to change, quickly received her pay from Mike and rushed out of the club before he would come out and they will bump into each other. She was still panicking when someone grabbed her from behind and she yelled. She shouted “It is not what you think” in shock and turned to see her confused roommate standing there “What am I thinking?” Emily asked raising her eyebrows in return, she was also shocked at the reaction of her roommate. “Oh! It’s you. When did you get here?” She asked comporting herself as she wiped her sweaty hand on her clothes “I arrived just now when Mike told me you
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Tom Holland left the office on Friday evening and was driving home when he got a call from Dave Lin the famous designer who owns the biggest cloth brand in Paris. He had been trying to sign a partnership deal with him for close to two years but it never worked. The manager of Dave Lin called him and told him that he should come over to the club to sign off the agreement if he still wants it because will be flying out of Chicago very early the next morning. He quickly turned the car around and zoomed off to the place he was called to where he met Dave Lin. Dave immediately explained, “Oh Mr. Tom! I am sorry that you didn’t get a positive response from me all these while. It is due to my extremely busy schedule and also I wanted to see you in person. The owner of Shellhouse mall in Chicago is extremely popular so I didn’t want to waste the chance” as soon as he saw him and he exchanged handshakes with him Tom wanted to counter him that he could have just told him so instead of keeping
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She slowly walked back to where he was standing with the keys in his hands and tried to lobby him but he was not in for whatever she had up her sleeve. She begged with a pleading eyes “I don’t know what this is all about but can you just leave the door open? I mean we don’t have to lock the door before we can stay here isn’t it?” and he shook his head “It is necessary we lock the door anytime I am here or not because that is exactly why it is there” he remarked and threw the key in his pocket. “Now since you are here, I believe we don’t have all day and we don’t have any time to waste. You said you would do anything I ask for if you can keep your job right?” he asked and proceeded to take his seat She nodded her head frantically in agreement and he motioned for her to take a seat while pointing to the sofa in front of him. She sheepishly adhered to the instruction and watched him speak with a tensed shoulder. He rubbed his palms together a little and hesitated before he finally open
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Joseph have been staying in Dubai for over three years and refused to stay home after his graduation. He would always argue about how he was still small to work at the company. “I want to enjoy my twenties a little bit because once I start working I won’t have the time for that anymore” he argued whenever their father brought up the topic of him coming back home. He finally came home that afternoon and he didn’t even let Tom know so as to surprise him. “You came this afternoon? How come I was not informed?” Tom questioned “Because I wanted to surprise you. Look at how shocked you are right now” he replied with a chuckle and Tom sighed “Do you like making a fool out of people?” Tom slammed him and he raised his eyebrows “What do you mean by making a fool out of people?” he asked “You said you will not be coming home anytime soon so why are you here?” Tom questioned “Oh that? I realized that there was no fun for me anymore in Dubai because I had visited every places for the three
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Tom was passing by the bridal section as he was returning to his office when he saw Amber in arguments with Charles. He walked into the room to ask what was happening when he heard her demanding for an apology. “I am demanding for an apology from you right now” she yelled at his face “What is going on right now? What do you think you are doing?” he asked looking at her “He was touching me appropriately, he was groping me” she explained “Why would I do that? I only dropped the cup of water by mistake and she was cleaning it up before she suddenly started yelling at my face to apologize” Charles said innocently and she scoffed “It was true that his cup shattered but while I was cleaning it up, he suddenly groped me from behind and it was twice at that” she insisted “Is there any proof that he did that? You shouldn’t make false accusations” Tom said and her shoulder dropped in shock. She has been working with him for close to three years and he could still think she made things lik
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Emily left the house very early the next morning after telling Amber that she has an early morning test. Amber dressed up and went to work also with a better mood than that of the previous day since Eddy made her feel better the last night. She got to the office and saw the text from Tom saying he would be coming in late to the office so she attend the meeting with the head of teams in his stead. “Whatever” she mouthed as she read the text and removed her long coat to start the day’s work. When it was time for the meeting, she picked up her coat and left for the conference room in the far end of the left side at the top floor of the building. She was shown respect to as the secretary to the CEO as she entered and sighed “At least, I still have some respect left to my name” she thought and had her seat “The CEO will not be joining us today because he has something urgent to attend to so we will start the meeting without him. What do we have on ground?” she asked and one of the tea
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TWO MONTHS AGO “Elaine, how is the search for small artists going? Have you found anyone yet?” Phoebe asked as she entered the office in her small black gown barely covering half of her tights “The search is going well but can you just put on some skin hose at least? How will you be comfortable in that?” Elaine remarked shaking her head “You are an artist and you are still this judgmental? Don’t you know that one of the beauty of arts is ability to express it freely and lovingly? I am a work of art so why are you restraining me from expressing myself freely and lovingly?” Phoebe countered “You can as well go naked then since you want to display your body art badly” Elaine stated and resumed clicking on the arts in front of her while Phoebe looked at it with her until it got to a particular art. “Stop! Stop!!” Phoebe screamed making Elaine jump “Who painted this?” she asked bending over a little “This was painted by someone we don’t know. There is nothing about the person except
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As Emily was hanging out with Mark and Jessica at the game house, she kept checking her phone as if she was expecting a call or message. Jessica who had noticed for quite a while decided to ask what was going on with her. “You seems restless, why are you staring at your phone all day?” Jessica asked moving closer to her “I am expecting a call from home that’s why” she replied immediately “You rarely talk about home but I hope it is not something serious though” Jessica said and she shook her head “No it is not. Do not worry about me and have fun” she responded with a smile and Jessica left her. A text dropped on her phone and she immediately checked it to see that it was from Amber who told her that she would be running late that day since something came up at the office. She also let her know that she might not be coming home for the night so she should not be worried or stay up waiting for her. **** Amber knocked on the door to Eddy’s room and he opened the door for her to com
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Emily left the house after making sure Amber had left and texted Eddy once again about their discussion. She and Eddy were good friends for a long time, way before he met Amber and asked her out. She was the one that introduced them to each other but unknown to Amber, they had been cheating on her behind her because she wouldn’t notice thanks to her busy life.“I think we should go together now, I have spoken to the doctor” Emily texted him“I will meet you there, just text me the address” he responded and she wore her clothes to move out.As promised, he came to meet her in the hospital and they both went to the doctor who helped them to abort the baby. She found out that she was pregnant few days to his birthday and texted him on his birthday to inform him but he told her that he was not ready to be a father yet.When Amber texted her that she would be late that day, she decided to go over to his house and discuss things with him before Amber comes around but her friends would not l
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