Arya the High Priestess Lycam

Arya the High Priestess Lycam

By:  Meagan West  Ongoing
Language: English
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When Arya ran away from her Alpha and husband with their child she had no idea what was going to happen. No one would help her. Not even the Alpha Josh, Alpha of the largest and most powerful pack, other than the King and Emperor of all wolves and lycans. If only they knew who she truly was and not just a rogue she just declared herself as, maybe someone would help. No one could have expected the king to recognize her when he came to visit. Would he kill her? Enslave her? Keep her? Send her back to her husband? Save her?

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18 Chapters
Chapter 1
ARYA POVJust keep running. They just had to keep running. That's what Arya kept telling herself. The Alpha wouldn't stop until he found them. She had to get away. She had been planning for months. Saving up any money she could. Bidding her time for the perfect moment. She packed her and the baby's things while he was passed out drunk from the night before. She hated when he drank. He was a cruel man sober. Even more so when drunk. Why he wants her for a mate she had no clue. Good thing they never marked each other. Just married. Would have made this harder to leave. So, she had to leave. She took advantage of the fact that he drank and put a sedative in his alcohol. Then when she was sure he was asleep they left. Trying not to alert anyone they were leaving she snuck out the window. she threw their bags down on the ground and climbed out and made her way to the forest behind the pack house. She didn't stop running until she was to the border.As soon as she stepped over the borde
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Chapter 2
Alpha Josh POV He was in my office going over paperwork and plans for the Kings arrival the following evening. He heard a knock at the door then hushed talking. My Beta Al came to knock on my office and said there was a rogue girl with a baby seeking help. 'Great! Just what I need right now.' "She is asking to speak with you, Jay. Said if you only see her, you will know who she is and she's not really rogue." Al said Josh looked at his Beta and rolled his eyes. "I can smell she is a rogue from here. Why would me seeing her change that?" "What would you like me to do, sir?" "Send her on her way. I don't have time to deal with a rogue when the King will be here tomorrow." Josh says while pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. As his Beta walked out the room Josh sat back in his chair and let out a sigh. He sat there for a few minutes just pondering to himself. 'Ugh! What else could happen or go wrong before tomorrow?' He sat up with his elbows on his desk and took a
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Chapter 3
King Loklyn POV The drive time get to Alpha Joshua's pack took 2 days. The drive was long and boring. Not much excitement happened when you're in a car or in a hotel room. He was dreading this meeting. We needed to go over the recent attacks that have happened around a few packs’ boarders. He also dreaded the huge festivities Alpha Josh always had when he came. We could have just a normal dinner. Not an entire feast. We were 15 minutes from the pack house driving through Alpha Josh's pack town. There was some sort of commotion that made the cars slow down. When we got close enough, he could sort of tell what was happening. A shop owner was yelling at someone holding what looked like a baby. They appeared to be a female. She had her head covered in a light blue scarf that hid her hair. He couldn't tell what was being said though. As we drove past, they all looked at the cars. That's when he noticed her face. It was pale white with red splotches from crying. Her mountain hung open
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Chapter 4
ALPHA JOSH POV As he stood outside the pack-house to greet the king he saw a few of the Kings guards hurriedly escort a small girl into the house. With a puzzled expression he faced towards the King. "Welcome back to the Hallow pack, my King. May I ask about the gir- " "I will introduce you later. For now, let's get ready for the festivities you no doubtedly have planned for my visit." The King said with a smirk on his face. With a smile across his face Alpha Josh said "Ahh, yes. The festivities nothing too big, Your Highness. Shall we, my King?" Motioning to the front door of the pack house. "Josh, enough of formalities. Call me Loklyn." "Well then Loklyn, I will have my coordinator, Jane, show you to your room." Alpha Josh said waiving Jane forward. "Jane. Please show Loklyn and his men their rooms." "Of course, Alpha. Right this way, Your Highness." Jane tuned on her heels and walked towards the stairs. "Thank you, jane" Loklyn said following her. While Jane showed t
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Chapter 5
ARYA POV After taking a shower and walking into the room Arya went to check on Olivia and saw she was still asleep in the crib that was brought to her room. Turning around she noticed a dress bag and a pair of silver heels on the bed. She unzipped the bag to a royal blue dress. As she slipped it on and looked in the mirror to see the true elegance of the dress. The Royal blue color went very well with her skin tone. It was forming fitting and the spaghetti straps held nicely allowing the low V-neck to stand out. The light sparkles that coated the dress made the dress stand out even more. There was a slight slit going up the length of her dress stopping right above her left knee. She slipped the silver heels on and buckled the straps completing the look. She left her hair down to allow her long white hair to flow down her back and waist. As she was combing through her hair for a final touch there was a knock at the door. When she answered it was her father that stood before her.
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Chapter 6
ALPHA JOSH POV On the way to the dining hall alpha josh heard soft murmurs of chatting and laughter signaling everyone had already arrived. Everything seemed to be going well so far. That was until he stepped inside. As soon as he entered, he smelled the strong smell of rogue. The growl that left him made everyone in the hall stop and stare. "Why is there a rogue in my dining hall?" Josh yelled to no one in particular. "Well? Is anyone going to answer me?" He yelled more angrily. While glancing around the room waiting for someone to answer him Alpha Josh noticed the Kings guards started slowly surrounding the rogue. Protecting her before he could even fully see her. Everyone just stared not knowing what to say. The King spoke first. "I'm sorry Alpha Josh. This is the girl we rushed in earlier. I told you I would explain later. Please let me explain now." Alpha Josh was too consumed with anger and fighting the urge to shift to recognize who he was speaking to. He took a
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Chapter 7
ARYA POV As she stared into his eyes it was as if time came to a halt. A million things ran through her mind. Alpha Josh was her mate. Would he accept her? Reject her? How would he feel about her having a daughter? How would he feel about Olivia being Alpha Mitchell's daughter? She ran away from her husband with Olivia. Would Alpha Mitchell come after her? Try to take her back? What about Olivia? She would not let her child go back to that monster. With or without her daughter. It was not happening. Firm but gentle hands rubbing up and down on her arms snapped her out of her thoughts. She shook her head while blinking quickly. Staring straight into the eyes of Alpha Josh who was the first to speak. "Are you okay? You look a little pale. Here have a seat." He motioned towards the table with one hand and with his other on the small of her back lead her to a chair. As she was sitting down, she spoke softly. "Yes. I am fine. I am just worried." "About us being mates?" He aske
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Chapter 8
ALPHA JOSH POV He sat in his chair waiting for the Kings daughter to come inside his office. The expression on her face was a mix of worry and scared. He wondered what she had to be worried or scared about. She just met her mate. She should be happy.. Right? "Arya? Are you coming in, dear?" The King asked her softly. Worry lacing his tone slightly. She seemed to snap out of whatever trance she was in and looked at the King. "Y-yes father." She stuttered quietly. Alpha Josh watched his mate as she walked in the room and took a seat in the chair in front of his desk. She sat with her hands in her lap and her eyes on the floor. Whatever she had going on must be bad for her to be this scared and not welcoming to him. Any other mate would be ecstatic and wanting to be by the other mate’s side. Watching Arya she wasn't like that at all. It worried him so he had to ask "Why do you seem scared and worried, Arya?" She slowly looked up at the Alpha. Her beautiful sky-blue eyes look
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Chapter 9
JOSH POV As he sat back at his desk, he looked at the King. "Did you know any of that?" The king spoke through his clenched jaw "Not all of it." "I see. I think we need to prepare incase Alpha Mitchell does come for her and the baby. I just found her, and I won't lose her or let any harm come to either of them." Josh's tone was unwavering. "I agree. Wait. You're okay with your mate having a child with someone else?" The King asked perturbed. “Usually, I would be. Given the circumstances though, no. She has been through enough. Who am I to make her choose between her child and her mate? She needs to be able to trust me. Forcing her to give Olivia away will do the opposite of that. Arya is going to have enough going on with Alpha Mitchell. He will come for her and their child. Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t already heard from him. My pack is the closest to his. It’s been, what? 24 hours since they ran away. Surely the sedative wasn’t enough to knock his ass out this long?” Al
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Chapter 10
Arya POV On her way back to her room, her first thoughts were on Olivia. Hoping she was alright she walked quickly. As she entered, she dismissed and thanked the person looking after her for the evening. When they were alone, she walked over to the crib so see her beautiful baby girl peacefully sleeping. Seeing that her daughter was alright she made her way to the restroom. She took off her dressed and slipped into the pajamas someone had left on the bed. After washing and drying her face she headed back to the room. She turned the nights off except the lamp on the bedside table. Laying int the bed she could not fall asleep. How could she? With everything that has happened the past 24 hours. Running away from her husband with their daughter. Sedating him. Her father finding her. Finding her mate. Not knowing if he will accept her or reject her. Will he let her keep Olivia? The war Mitchel would start to get them back. The fact that she met her damn mate! Her thoughts were broken by
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