The Hybrid Bed Warmer and Her Mates

The Hybrid Bed Warmer and Her Mates

By:  Yhen Amor  Updated just now
Language: English
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Gerthel is a hybrid one, born with innate power stronger than her witch and werewolf parents, making men either human or werewolf within their realm, despise her or afraid of her. Unknown to them, Gerthel could not find yet the trigger that would eventually unleash her power. As a she-wolf, supposedly, at the age of eighteen, she should have found her mate, but sadly, when she thought she have found her mate, he came to her not to claim her as his mate but to reject her outright and to kill her including her best friend and her family, which she considers as her remaining most trusted people. She felt lost and defeated. In her escape from his mate and his comrades, she found herself amidst further turmoil. She was sold to a Mafia Lord as a bed warmer, snatched as an offered sacrifice to a Hybrid King and eventually, her Alpha mate, who rejected her once, returned to finally claim here. Who amongst these men will determine her fate and unleash her power?

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69 Chapters
CHAPTER 1 -  About To Shift
I “Hiyaahhh, go, go my Scarlet, run fast, we need to go away from here,” Gerthel, pulled the rein of her horse she named, Scarlet while her one foot kicked the saddle to trigger the horse to run fast. At thirteen years old, Gerthel has been trained well to ride a horse by her mother. She needs to escape as told by her mother while her mother, a powerful witch, and sorceress was trying her best to fight against the Red Hill Pack. The Red Hill Pack as headed by their Alpha, Alpha Thor attacked and set on fire their five hectares of rice farm and banana plantation, burning their house and the houses of the families of their farmers. Since last month, her mother refused to give the usual fifty percent of their harvest to the Alpha of the Red Hill Pack. It has been several years that they are suffering from the abuses of the Red Hill Pack’s Alpha and his warriors. Just a week ago, the Luna of this Red Hill Pack tried to kill her mother by shooting her with her gun upon her mother’s refu
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CHAPTER 2 - Rejected and Caught 
I Too late, maybe her warning was too late as she saw Karla being jumped into by one of the werewolves. One moment after, she saw the lifeless body of Karla being thrown like a piece of bread onto the ground. “Karla! No!” she screamed so loud while tears rushed down her eyes. She tried to have her first shift but her wolf seemed to have forsaken her so early or maybe because she was not yet completely inside of her when the attack happened. Before she could move further, she saw Laura being attacked too by one big brown werewolf. The werewolf digs his claws into the heart of Laura, making her sizzle and die at once. Blood spurted from her body. Screaming so loud, Gerthel ran toward Tony with the intention to help him when he too was being attacked by another werewolf. However, before she could reach Tony, a black wolf hindered her when it blocked her way and shove her stomach. She flies into the air with a ripped stomach. Gerthel’s eyes grew big as she felt the pain in her stoma
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CHAPTER 3 - The Mansion
IGerthel’s eyes grow wide upon hearing what the man had just said. The word 'auction' rang in her ears.“What are you talking about? What auction?!” she spat at the man beside her.“Wealthy Masters, or even Kings and Princesses, will bid for you. You will be sold as a bed warmer,” the man sitting on the executive chair replied and then evilly laughed while his eyes raked over her body. Gerthel’s soft cat hairs stood up in fear while looking into the laughing man with shock.Suddenly, they heard a loud voice. “There is no need to include her in the auction tonight. My Boss would definitely like this woman. How much is her price?” With her head almost spinning, Gerthel turned her head to check on the man who all of a sudden spoke at their backs. The man seemed to be in his late thirties, tall, brusque, and with a brown complexion. He cannot be said to be handsome nor can be condemned to be called ugly. Ordinary might be more appropriate for him.Creases on her forehead became visible
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CHAPTER 4 - The Boss
IHer heart went wild, and so with her wolf inside. But the gorgeous man just looked at her with cold eyes. There were no traces that he felt what she felt. Her mate's pull toward her seemed to be not working. Until she realized by sniffing at him that he is not just a wolf. He is something more!“What are you doing in that tree at this hour?” his voice was colder than his eyes. “Err, I am sorry,” confused and rattled, she said. She will not of course admit to the man that she was trying to escape.He was looking at him intently. The light post nearby made her see how gorgeous the man could be. She had seen handsome werewolf men, but this one is far above them. His aura creates an illusion for someone who will see him that a Greek God just came down from the sky.“You better return to your room. Escaping is useless,” he said after a while, which brought scarlet color to Gerthel’s face. He easily sensed her plan of escaping, which has been a failure. Thanks to that tree and to him.Ju
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CHAPTER 5 - In The Pool
IWith his penetrating eyes, the Boss looked at Gerthel from head to foot and then he smirked. “You looked so conservative, huh,” he said with a lifted eyebrow. His hand reached for her chin and forced her to look at him.Swallowing her saliva, Gerthel looked into his eyes and try not to bat. “Indeed, I am a conservative woman. Is it not obvious?” she retorted with bravery. She could not bear not to answer him back. If she can prolong the time in order for the Boss to forget about the real agenda why he called her to be in his room, it will be much better. There was mixed emotion in her, excitement and fear unlike her wolf inside who seemed to be purely excited to meet again their second chance mate.“I can guess that you did not prepare in coming to me tonight.” It was a statement rather than a question which the Boss let out in a disappointed tone. His eyes never left her.“My apologies. I was dragged in here without my consent. You see, Sir, I was a free woman, I have my own home w
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CHAPTER 6 - The Promise
I“Ahmm, no, I mean, of course. I don’t want you to get sick,” she shakingly replied, remembering what Mr. Gab had just told her a while ago.He seemed to have appreciated her reply as his usual cold face suddenly smiled warmly. “Now, let me help you remove your bathrobe, because of course, you will not soak in the pool wearing that, right?” he said with a hint of naughtiness on his tone, again.“Oh, I can manage,” she said in resistance but his hands already moved and in just a millisecond her robe was already down the nearby lounge chair. He looked at her from her head down and then frowned when he saw her white shorts covering her bikini swimming attire.“Really conservative, huh?” He chuckled.“I … I just don’t want the guards to …” she was not able to finish her words because the Boss already captured her lips and kissed her with such passion that made her melt in his arms. She did not know how to kiss back, this is actually her first kiss, and oh, she did not expect that kissing
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CHAPTER 7 - She Will Be Punished
IHe intended to follow Gerthel into her room. He is really getting hot and he wanted to ravish her. Watching her swaying hips, with just a bathrobe wrapped in her body, really turned him on.However, suddenly, he remembered what she told him and he stopped walking. He closed his eyes while clenching his teeth and then made a slight turn. This time, he walked straight to his own bedroom.He showered immediately while trying to release the heat that was overwhelming his whole senses. He could not fathom why he was able to agree with her condition. No woman was able to do that to him in her entire life. Women come to his bed willing and able. Always ready to please him, but this woman, this newly bought bed warmer of his right-hand man seemed to be making things difficult for him, but alas, he even got the patience, which he never knew, where he got. He is an impatient man, always, actually. He got what he wanted, anything, anyone, anytime, and anywhere. How dare this woman refused him.
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Chapter 8 - Training On How To Please a Man
IEarly in the morning, loud knockings awakened Grethel. She opened the door and saw that it was Mr. Gab again. As if totally awakened, she guessed what Mr. Gab’s presence this morning means then.With eyes fearful, she asked, “Mr. Gab, goodness, would my punishment starts now?”“Yes. I have here with me, Ms. Dahlia,” Mr. Gab said while glancing at the woman beside him, which Gerthel did not notice from the onset.“Oh, nice meeting you, Ms. Dahlia,” she said with an embarrassed tone. She did not notice her a while ago.“Ms. Dahlia, I will leave you now with Ms. Gerthel. Just explain to her why you are here,” Mr. Gab said before he turned his back on the two women.“Ms. Gerthel, would it be fine to meet you at the third guest room from here after one hour? I was told to teach you, how to please a man,” Ms. Dahlia said with a smile. She seemed to be just comfortable with what she said but Gerthel on the contrary was shocked upon hearing her uttered words.“What?” she asked furrowing de
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Chapter 9 -  His Punishment Is To Torment Her
IWith her mind spinning with everything that has been taught to her by Ms. Dahlia, Gerthel could not help to slouch on the bed and sigh several times. She could not remember everything that Ms. Dahlia told her, actually.“Ms. Dahlia, just a question, what is the business of Boss Dar?” She asked curiously.Ms. Dahlia’s right eyebrow lifted while staring at her. “Everybody inside this mansion knows that the Boss is the notorious Mafia Lord Dar. From where are you, Ms. Gerthel, and you seemed to be innocent of almost everything?” Gerthel in total amazement abruptly put her hands on her mouth as if controlling the urge to gasp. “Goodness, he is a Mafia Lord?”“Shhh, lower your voice. ““So the Boss is really that powerful, huh.” Still feeling astounded, Gerthel said in a controlled voice this time.“Yes, so be quiet now and most of all, make sure to please him.” Ms. Dahlia said almost snorting at her.Gerthel’s face suddenly grew red. "How can I be able to do what Ms. Dahlia had just t
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CHAPTER 10 - His Way of Seducing Her
I“Ms. Gerthel, it is time to meet the Boss tonight.” It was Mr. Gab, whose face swang on the door after knocking thrice.Gerthel nodded and stood up. She mustered all the courage that she could get and followed Mr. Gab into the bedroom of the Boss. Mr. Gab knocked on the door as they reached the Mafia Lord's room."Come in. That door is not locked," said the Boss' inside the room."Get in now and make sure to please the Boss," Mr. Gab whispered at her after he opened the door. She got inside the room, her heart pounding. Her heart pounded even more when she heard the door closed and its doorknob being locked by Mr. Gab.Slowly, she looked in the direction of the bed where she saw the man lying there with his hands underneath his neck, wearing only a black brief.She swallowed hard as she suppressed her wolf from howling with excitement."Will you just stand there, Woman?" she then heard him ask. His tone was cold while his eyes raked all over her frame.“Ahh, sorry Boss,” she sai
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