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Dean is a werewolf consumed by vengeance, tirelessly hunting his mother’s killer through the dangerous territories of rival packs. His single-minded quest brings him to the brink of obsession, threatening to overshadow his duties as a pack leader. Meanwhile, Vivian, the devoted daughter of a sick Alpha, juggles her responsibilities within her own pack, fighting against internal strife and external threats. When their worlds collide, Dean and Vivian find their lives intertwined by fate and necessity. As Dean's relentless chase is leading him to discover shocking truths and hidden plans, Vivian faces the problem of protecting her pack’s future amidst growing instability. Together, Vivian and Dean must navigate the treacherous landscape of werewolf politics, where old grievances and new alliances can mean the difference between life and death. In the depth of battles and betrayals, Dean and Vivian discover a shocking connection that could change everything. As they join forces and strength to confront and challenge their shared enemies, they must also confront their own pasts and the choices that have defined them. Wolves Amongst Shadows is an intriguing tale of revenge, mystery, betrayal, and love in a world where trust is fragile and brittle while power is fiercely contested.

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14 Chapters
"What makes an Alpha different from other wolves?" a young boy, sitting between his mother's legs, asked as he curiously lifted his eyes to look at his mother."That's a wonderful question, Dean." She responded as she kissed his forehead lightly."It is called the scent of leadership. A trait that comes from deep within the hearts of those willing to face hardship as a sacrifice for those they care for. The first to face the storm, and the last to seek shelter from it," she continued."So you have to be a good guy to become an Alpha?" Dean turned to face his mother."No, my dear. Being good isn't enough. It takes more than a good man to become an Alpha. You also have to be strong and fearless." She tickled him and blew on his stomach as he giggled playfully."I am strong and fearless!" Dean raised his hand to flex his (non-existent) muscles."Yes, you are," his mother lifted him by his armpits into the air. "And you will become the strongest Alpha there is." She spoke with a gentle sm
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Vivian’s POVIt was just another night in Crescent Gold Hospital. Vivian was doing her rounds, checking the patient logs to ensure that everybody was getting the right treatments and medications, making sure everybody in her ward who was in critical condition remained stable. It was her job as a junior doctor. She had been working here for the last two years, and it was beginning to feel like a second home to her. She had basically grown up here; every nurse and doctor above the age of fifty had known her since she was a child. This was because the hospital served as a front of sorts for a good number of werewolf packs. While werewolves had quick regeneration for many injuries, some were harder and took longer to heal, and in some situations, some werewolves simply needed to heal faster to return to the frontline of any battle they were in.The pack with the closest ties to the hospital? The Shadow Rock pack, which happened to be the pack her father was currently leading as the Alpha
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"When in doubt, trust your instincts; you have the blood of a Lycan flowing through your veins. Your instincts will never lead you astray," Dean's mother always said. For the past decade, he had followed his instincts everywhere they led him and still, he had no answer to the question that summed up his entire existence. Dean knew deep down that his mother wouldn't have wanted this life for him, but a werewolf's emotions, as well as their senses, are heightened. Her blood called out to him for justice, and he made it his mission to appease her cries and allow her soul to rest in peace."Just a while longer, Mother," Dean thought as he sat in his favorite café waiting for Sam."Gloomy as usual," Matt, the owner, spoke as he gave Dean a cup of coffee. Dean sighed, then smiled as he looked at the cup. He reached into his pocket to pay, but Matt waved his hand to deter him."Come on, Matt, at some point you have to let me pay for this great coffee. I feel bad that you always give it to me
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Vivian headed back into the hospital ward, Ty had just left to go continue his training. He was a guy really dedicated to his craft, he spent a good amount of his time trying to hone his craft, practising as much as he could while still trying to balance out the less practical aspects of fighting like strategies and tactics.“He really would make a good Alpha.” She thought to herself as she signed herself back in. As she was changing back into her scrubs, she thought back to the conversation she just had with Ty. The selection process for the next wolves that would have to compete for the position of Alpha had basically begun. Normally an Alpha would be selected by one of two ways. Either by heritage, which would involve the eldest son of the Alpha taking up the role of Alpha from his father which unfortunately does not apply in this situation as her father, the now Alpha of the pack, had only one kid and she was definitely not male. The second way and a surprisingly just as common w
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Ty’s POVThe night air seemed ever so cool and, in some way, carried the promise of a beautiful tomorrow, at least to a regular human, werewolves of the shadow rock pack however embraced a different reality, they undeniably understood that for the foreseeable future the only easy day would be yesterday. While this outlook on life might seem cynical in nature, it was the truth.The entire pack had just watched their Alpha fight off a group of would-be usurpers try to take his position in the pack, it was a sight that was burned into the back of their minds. The laws of the pack clearly state that if any pack member fancies himself strong enough, they are to challenge the current Alpha to a duel wherein the leadership of the pack is at stake and falls to the winner of the duel. However, that was not the case tonight, the rest of the pack had to watch as their Alpha battled off seven werewolves. The majority of them present had never seen such a display of power from their Alpha or any
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Dean’s POV"I hope you picked your words carefully, Whitehall. Because they will be your last," Sam boldly stated in full defiance of the elder Whitehall's opinions.In the world of the Lycans, respect is earned by the show of strength. To look an elder in the eye is to rescind the respect owed to such an elder, hence a show of confidence in your ability to overpower him in battle.“A challenge, I see.” Whitehall grinned as his pupils constricted, as if to murder Sam with his glare alone. “Too bad you won’t live to regret this show of stupidity, feral pup,” he added, ready to put Sam in his place.“Are you both done disrespecting the council?” Dean began with his eyes closed while slowly tapping his finger on the table. “If so, I suggest you retract your fangs and we proceed as civil men.” Dean stopped tapping abruptly, and his eyes opened with a fierce glare. The aura exuded by Dean, what werewolves call the ‘true scent of an Alpha,’ gripped both Whitehall and Sam into submission. B
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Vivian’s POVAfter the ordeal with her father and seeing him in such a defeated state, the urgency of the whole situation dawned on her heavily. They both knew she had limited time together, and the battle at Shadow Rock had heavily affected her father’s timeline. It was now more important than ever to start preparing for a new Alpha so the clan would not be exposed and left leaderless after her father’s passing. She wished they could just give it to Ty and move on, but laws are laws, and they had to undertake the trials. She had just left the hospital as her father was still recuperating. She had not had a good rest in a while, and with what just happened this morning, she doubted she would be able to fall asleep. Sarah was waiting for her outside.“How is he holding up?” Sarah asked.“He is strong. He will recover from this, but his time is really limited, and this stunt he pulled off to display strength definitely did no favors to his health,” Vivian responded.“Yeah, but you have
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The emotions of werewolves are extremely heightened depending on the situation surrounding them, especially due to the effect of their animal instincts. This is particularly difficult for new sires to manage because of the sudden change in lifestyle they are thrown into. Dean capitalized on this as he and his followers chased after the whimpering new sires. The remaining six were struggling to escape, but any turn they tried to take was cut off by a member or two from Dean’s hunting team. Fear coursed through their veins as they thought of impending death. They ran hopelessly, bumping into one another and pissing themselves, until they saw Dean at the final exit point, standing casually and waiting for them. They stopped abruptly and soon realized they were completely surrounded by Dean’s hunting party.“What a brilliant idea to run away. I’m sure no one has ever thought of that before,” Dean spoke sarcastically, maintaining a sly grin. A murmur of deep voices, accompanied by low gro
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Sam insisted on driving the truck towards the pack hideout, despite just leaving the hospital. Dean didn’t argue because he knew that once Sam set his mind on something, it was very difficult to change it. This was coupled with the fact that Dean felt slightly embarrassed for keeping his guard up in the hospital. The reception was extremely warm, and the professionalism shown was unlike any other hospital he had been to where they treated werewolves. He also saw several werewolves from different and rival packs being treated, making Crescent Gold hospital more of a neutral ground.As Sam inched closer to the pack, Dean’s demeanor became colder. He always found that he lacked a certain enthusiasm whenever he saw the lights of the base from afar. It wasn’t always like that. Once upon a time, he’d have his head out of the car window, howling and screaming as soon as the same lights, which he now looked upon with disdain, came into view. He was much happier back in the day, a perfect kid
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Vivian’s POV Vivian had spent most of the day sleeping; her shift had been a bit stressful. The incident with her dad had happened the day before. After her breakfast with Sarah—if she could even call ice cream in the morning breakfast—they had gone their separate ways: Sarah heading to the Shadow Rocks while Vivian had headed home. The meal and the talk they had helped a lot, and the rest of the day had gone essentially uneventfully aside from one update. She checked her phone for the time; it was 5 p.m. The meeting was meant to start at 6. She had enough time to make it, but only if she started preparing immediately. The meeting was for the council leaders, and as the next Luna and the daughter of the current, yet absent due to injuries, Alpha, she was privy to join the meeting, and her contributions were valued. They had decided to move up their plans for the trials for the new Alpha, and as such, decisions needed to be made. They had to plan the specifics of the trials: the loc
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