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Because of the violence in the town of the beloved princess, Princess Chandra of Campbell, the only child of the old King Edric. The princess presents to find the culprit in their village. On her journey she met the most handsome pirate whom she would not have thought was a bandit who sailed only to steal every island they would land on so she was angry with them. But what if she was captured by this pirate, Randell, the most handsome pirate that Princess Chandria has ever met in her entire life? She was made the pirate's wife in exchange for her freedom to do whatever she wanted but the princess was very cunning. A few days after their wedding, the princess fled to the island owned by pirate Randell. But Randell is just a Prince hiding as a pirate. And when they meet again, the princess seeks the help of the pirate a Prince in the tragedy that befell her town. Will Prince Randell help Princess Chandra despite what the princess did to the pirate? This pirate was so furious as he searched for the princess. When did their married relationship end up to?

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23 chapters
The Worst Incident in the town of Sweet White Haven
“Dear princess, your hair is really very long and very beautiful,” praised a slave who was taking care of princess Chandra, the son of the old king King Edric (rich ruler).The princess smiled sympathetically. She tapped Min on the shoulder. The slave was surprised by what the princess did, so she smiled awkwardly. Although this princess is beautiful and very feminine when it comes to her hand, it is very easy.Because its hand is light when it moves. Perhaps she was accustomed to joining the army of which the Princess's own uncle was the General. And because Princess Chandra was the only child of King Edric, her wishes were obeyed. The princess loves to defend the oppressed. She also helped those in need, especially when they approached her royal father. So sometimes it feels like a man when it acts. It is also very agile, especially when fighting. Apart from the fact that she is very good at other things, this princess is cunning, which is why this princess is really unique. "You a
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Rumors about Evil Pirates
"Majesty! Here is your messenger! ” Eunuch Reagan shout, the king's main trusted servant."Let him in," King Edric replied.The messenger immediately entered the king's hall and knelt down. As Eunuch Reagan stood beside the King."Stand up and speak," King Edric commanded the messenger."Thank you, King Edric." He bowed again when he stood up and then spoke. “Evil bandits surrounded the town at midnight. After they looted and surrounded everyone, they killed some people. Those who cried out in the middle of the night were killed by those bandits. There are many witnesses, King Edric. ”"What!" A shout of the King. He was shocked by the news.Eunuch Reagan bowed to King Edric.“Majesty, they suspect that evil pirates entered last night because theft was the motive for their robbery in our town. They stole many things besides the ones they harassed and killed.”The king was stunned by what he knew. The King glared at the messenger even though the king was no longer strong enough to figh
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“Dear Princess, I'm glad to see you in person.” Luci greets the princess. Princess Chandra smiled at this then spoke.“It's also nice to meet you. Let's sit down, ” Princess Chandra also greeted and then asked the woman in front of her to sit down. They sat down in a chair at the opposite table.“Now, speak up. What do you know about what happened last night here in our town?” the Princess asked the woman seriously.“By the way, I am Lady Luci, Dear Princess. I even came from another town. It just so happened that we were here last night with my assistant to buy the product and because it got dark, so we didn’t go home right away,” Lady Luci began."Do you mean you spent the night here?” Princess's correction to Lady Luci.“Right, Dear Princess. And I was looking for my assistant because it takes him too long to return to our room last night, so I went out and looked for him. We met and he said in a low voice that we need to quiet and then we hid in a large container of wine, where t
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The Step for the Mission has Begun
In Princess Chandra's room."Dear Princess, are you sure of your decision?" asked her slave Min."Yes," was the short answer of the princess as she packed her things to carry on her journey out of town."Dear Princess, can I come with you?" ask the slave Min to his princess. Princess Chandra stopped what she was doing and turned to the slave Min."I know you are very worried about me, but I want you to understand that my walk is in the palace," the princess said seriously to the slave Min."B-but Dear Princess," added the servant Min that she could not continue because of his doubts.“I know your sadness when I'm not there, but you can't come with me because you might even be ruined. I can defend myself, you don't have to worry about me,” Princess Chandra told her close slave Min.She bowed in agreement with her princess and immediately smiled as well.“Don't leave my father the king while I'm gone. Follow him even if the Chief Eunuch is there. Are you reliable, slave Min? ” asked the
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That's why the other man who was ordered rushed forward. The princess sees the hand of the man who gave the order. That bag with only a small amount of gold belonged to the woman at the diner earlier.The people who watched what was happening to them just stared."Alright, just come closer. I will bury it in your brain! " The princess challenged the man who was going to attack her, but the man had not come close and was hit by the princess's sharp arrow. The arrow the princess uses has a poisoned tip. So, whoever it hits will weaken and lose strength little by less until it dies.The male leader cursed in disappointment, then ran away. The princess caught sight of it so she chased after it.“Stop!” The princess screamed again. When the male thief leader had nowhere to go because he was cornered in every corner of the wall, he just faced the princess."You're an interloper," the thief man said softly, angrily looking at the princess."You have nowhere to go, that's why you have to retu
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Astonishing Pirate Handsomeness
"Ma'am, here is your bag that was stolen." The princess was in the dining room again. She returned immediately after getting the bag that the four men had stolen earlier. As if the owner of the bag could cry as she had it in her hand. “Sir, thank you very much. You were very good and you got it from those thieves. Thank you very much," the owner of the small bag containing only a small amount of gold praised relentlessly. Princess Chandra grinned. Fortunately, she fixed her hair right away before she even returned to the restaurant where she ate earlier. She kept thinking of the man who saved her earlier. She was almost destroyed by that man. Who is that man who interfered in her fight with a group of male thieves? "That's nothing. Next time, be careful.” After that, the princess said goodbye to leave. She had to move forward to find traces of the culprit in their area. She had to find it as soon as possible. Earlier, while she was fixing her hair, she heard some conversations a
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The Pirate Captured the Princess
"It's my turn now." The word of a handsome pirate, then went along to start fighting the enemies aboard the big boat. The handsome pirate continues to fight against the enemies together with his men pirate. Until they kill everyone on that boat. “Master, we are very good. We have killed all the enemies," said the handsome pirate's right hand... Randell, the handsome leader of the pirates. Randell's right hand grinned like a child. "Stop that. You are pure nonsense. Am, Master? What do we do next?” Cronan asked, Another right-hand man of Randell. "Let's leave, right now. Tell everyone.” After the pirate Randell said that, he left the enemy's boat first, followed by his two trusted men. The pirate men of Randell did the same, they also followed suit and returned to board their boat. Princess Chandra immediately stands when the handsome face of a pirate who captured her exposed itself. She was now in a room inside the ship owned by Randell. “You?” Princess Chandra pointedly towards
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The Princess Became a Slave
Everything that Princess Chandra's eyes see is doing something. Almost everyone there was busy with their jobs so even she was not noticed by the people around her. Princess Chandra breathed a sigh of relief that she was seeing women too. All she really thought was that the people on the island were all male pirates, but there were also female servants. After she was taken to washing, picking, carrying water, splitting wood, stacking the products needed in the kitchen, and now cooking. All of that was taught to her so before those, she need to first clean every passage of every room. She was tasked with cleaning them before she ate dinner. The princess was still holding her stomach. She seemed to be hungry before she even started sweeping the wide hallway to each room. Her hand was holding the broom as she watched what she was going to clean. Cronan left her after explaining to her everything she was going to do. It's late at night and she's really still cleaning. When she just arriv
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Princess Scheme
The princess was looking down at the ground. She looks like she's going to cry because she's upset about her current situation. When she saw a pair of boots. Her staring into nothing suddenly stopped and she looked up. The handsome pirate crossed his arms right in front of the princess. His eyes that were focused on the princess seemed to be regretting her death sentence. "Do you know that what you did, a lot of wasted drinking water? What kind of body do you have and you're so faintly! Can't you act properly?!” Randell angrily asked Chan who was introducing herself to them instead of a princess. Princess Chandra was surprised when Randell said that to her. She stood up and was about to retaliate with harsh words but Cronan, the handsome pirate's right hand, suddenly stopped her. Cronan immediately whispered to the princess. "Ask for forgiveness so that his anger subsides and tell him that you will improve again." Cronan was about to walk away from whispering in the princess's ear
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The handsome pirate is now very angry with the Chief Cook because it has been reported that he has fallen ill. That's why the Head Chef was now shaking with fear and restless thinking back and forth about why that happened to their boss.Suddenly Cronan and Cooper entered. The kitchen door opened loudly. Even they are very angry.“Head Chef! You will now be responsible for what you did to our Boss!” Cooper shouted as Cronan entered first Cooper.“Head Chef! Go now to the Boss because he is calling you." Cronan also shouted. The Head Chef was shaking and it was evident in his hands as he held his cooking hat."I-is it n-now?" stuttered the Head Cook."Now, that's it! Follow us now," after Cronan answered, he and Cooper pulled the Chief Cook. When they left the kitchen, they met the princess who was carrying a container of food."Wait, where are you going to take him?" The princess asked Cronan and Cooper in wonder."The boss is calling him. He needs to take responsibility for what he d
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