Never Give Up on Us

Never Give Up on Us

By:  Kayden Jacobs  Ongoing
Language: English
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They had been married for one year and had a crazy night every day.She lay under him, but he called the other woman's name.The reason why Yael married Lucy was just to have a child.However, for Lucy, Yael was a person who brought her an unforgettable yet bitter experience...

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    39 chapters
    Chapter 1
      It was quiet in the villa late at night.   The mist wafted out from the bathroom and Lucy was standing on the carpet in a conservative nightdress.   In front of him was a tall man who seemed displeased. He took off his suit and stared at her.   \"What are you doing with your clothes on? It won\'t cause much trouble to take it off!   With his long arms stretched out, he pulled the person straight over and then fell onto the bed after spinning around for a while.   \"Yael wait... Let\'s talk!\"   \"We\'ll talk after.\"   Lucy exclaimed. Her face turned pale and she now feels frightened.   She wanted to stay away from him, but no matter how hard she tried and cried, this man was never gentle to even give her a chance to beg for mercy.   This has always been the case. Lucy has not seen her husband at all, except for the occasions every month since her marriage for one year.   She barely raised her head. But when she di
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    Chapter 2
      The next day, in the office of the Young Group.   \"Mrs.\"   The people on the top floor were surprised to see her.   Lucy nodded even her face was still pale, \"Is he there?\"   \"Yes, but...\"   But before finishing talking, Lucy had already walked over. She heard a familiar voice inside while she\'s still outside the door.   \"Yael, I really want to give you a child. I really want you to marry me with integrity.\"   The woman\'s crisp voice made Lucy froze.   She pushed to open the door straight and saw two people who were both undressed. Her eyes were stinging!   \"Lucy why are you here?\"   Amy dared to question her.   Lucy almost lost her mind when she heard this. She knew about her and Yael and it\'s okay. But now, he brought her directly to the office!   \"What are you doing in my husband\'s office? As what they say, when the cat is away, the mice will play.   When these words came out,
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    Chapter 3
      \"You know it\'s impossible.\"   Yael\'s face was covered with a layer of frost and he was furious. \"You know it would be perfect if we divorce after giving birth because you are just pushing Amy to hell!\"   The old lady knew about Amy\'s existence a long time ago, simply because of their deal. Thinking about the future heir, she didn\'t interfere with them.   If they divorce, the blame will be on her and they will never see each other again.   \"So what? Why should I take my things back and be considered impersonating? Why should I give birth to a child for you? You hate me. You hate touching me. You don\'t even like me, but you still have to face me every day!\"   \" But Amy can\'t give birth for you. You can\'t marry her, but why do you love her?\"   Yael stared at her coldly without a trace of emotion in his black eyes.   \"Because she saved my life. She became miserable for me, so no matter what happens, I will only love her!\"
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    Chapter 4
      Samuel is dissatisfied with the request and Yael is particularly irritable.   Lucy bit her lips tightly, staring at him with her moist eyes, \"Do you really want me to be pregnant\"   \"Of course!\"   He should be refreshed, and for a moment, Lucy had a little hope in her heart and grasped his hand tightly.   But the next moment, she was thrown heavily on the bed. The man\'s handsome face was mocking and bloodthirsty, and he dragged her over and sneered.   \"I don\'t have to touch you when I have a child. You are useless after giving birth!\"   Lucy\'s small face was blue and gray. She had always known that he didn\'t care about her at all and knew that everything he cares about was to have a baby!   She subconsciously protected her lower abdomen as she cried and begged him.   \"Please don\'t be like this...\"   But the man didn\'t seem to hear anything.   Lucy\'s head hit the bedside table hard. She felt dizzy aga
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    Chapter 5
      Gross.   Lucy felt like throwing up the moment she knew that what she just did was seen by others. She feels nauseous!   \"Yael didn\'t conceal anything from me. During this time, you have been deliberately trying to hook him up and do something other than getting pregnant. I naturally want to be there to supervise him.\"   Yael frowned inadvertently, looked at the stiff woman on the bed and said nothing for a while.   Amy is triumphant. She knows best how to defeat a proud woman like Lucy!   \"If you don\'t want to be watched by me, you\'d better get pregnant early. As soon as you have an heir, Yael will definitely not want to touch you at all...\"   Suddenly, Lucy\'s heart was as gray as death. Her face turned pale. She bit her lips as her eyes turned red.   \"I\'ll give birth to the heir of the Young family. You\'re a mistress! How can you be so arrogant!\"   The room was quiet for a few seconds.   The next moment, Amy
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    Chapter 6  
      Three days later, Lucy, who had been married to Yael for a year, arrived in Young\'s villa in black.   Today is the death anniversary of Yael\'s grandfather and the entire Young family will come.   Before entering the door, she received a message.   \"Please tell grandma that I\'ll be late.\"   Lucy glanced at it and didn\'t reply. But as she checked her circle of friends online, a photo of Yael and Amy was dazzlingly posted above.   Have they blatantly made their relationship in public among our circle of friends?   \"Lucy, why are you still standing there and not coming in?\"   The old lady saw her from a distance, raised her hand to ask her to come over as she smiled in kind-eyed.   Lucy sat down next to her obediently. When the incense was lit, the old lady grabbed her hand to the corner. Her face suddenly became serious, \"Do you feel anything inside you?\"   \"Didn\'t you go to the hospital a few days ago? What did
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    Chapter 7
      Lucy sighed. She even begged her.   The child is her last hope. She can bear all the humiliation, but leave this child alone!   Amy suddenly pushed people away and said, \"Who said it was yours? It\'s mine!\"   She approached with an ear, \"Lucy, do you know why I don\'t let Yael pick another woman for surrogacy? I like it when you give birth to a child, preferably a son. I will be his mother and will stay with me every day.\"   \"At that time, I will teach him how I want to teach him and I will torture him the way I want!\"   Lucy froze and unable to believe what she heard.   Amy has slowly walked away and waited outside according to what the old lady said.   \"Yael.\"   Lucy was flustered and her eyes were red. She knew Amy. If her child was raised by her, he would be beaten or scolded or maybe he would be abused...   \"She will torture our children, Yael. Amy hates me. If our child will be brought up by her, she might
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    Chapter 8
      \"What?\"   Lucy raised her face. Her right cheek that was still painful after being beaten was red and swollen and her voice was clear and clean.   \"I said, let\'s divorce.\"   Yael suddenly squeezed his palms. His dark pupils were full of gloom while staring at her.   Lucy didn\'t notice it. She just turned around and walked straight out.   Surrounded by the guests, she saw Yael\'s grandma not far away and walked towards her. Her voice was clear enough to be heard by everyone.   \"Grandma, Yael and I decided to divorce.\"   There was an uproar in the audience.   The old lady stared at her viciously as if she couldn\'t wait to swallow her in one bite.   \"What happened?\"   \"The face was still swollen. Shouldn\'t it because of domestic violence?\"   \"Grandma probably wouldn\'t agree...\"   Lucy stood motionless there letting all those discussions and various speculations overwhelmed herself.
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    Chapter 9 
      Lucy suddenly laughed and said in a soft voice, \"I still have things to do.\"   She hung up the phone quickly right after speaking.   Lucy could imagine that Yael\'s emotions at the moment must be unstoppable.   But she couldn\'t go back immediately. She drove all the way to the outskirts and stopped in an old apartment an hour later.   This is the place where she used to live with her parents. It was cleaned regularly by someone.   When she was young, her mother told her to marry a little bit later, so that she could return to her family if something goes wrong   But in a car accident many years ago, she lost her parents.   Lucy does not have a family.   Lucy looked at the group photo on the table and smiled sadly, \"Mom, if you are still here, will you teach me what to do? If you are here, will he not bully me like that.?   Finally, she couldn\'t help crying. She sat there and talked to her mother without noticing that
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    Chapter 10
      Suffocated around for two seconds, Yael lowered his eyes and said, \"Lucy, you\'re so cheap!\"   She smiled sharply, \"Don\'t you know how cheap I am compared with Amy who is pure and clean? I am one of those few women in your eyes.\"   Close to his side, Lucy\'s fingers kept shaking. She had never done anything embarrassing like this before. Even if the man in front of her was his beloved man, he just stood there from start to finish like an emperor ruling the world.   His body was indifferent and stiff and he looked down expressionlessly.   She knew what she was doing, but her whole body was shaking...   There was a faint pain in the lower abdomen. Lucy knew that the child could no longer withstand any sexual intercourse, so she thought that she could only use this humiliating way.   Yael was so excited that she couldn\'t stand it. Seeing Lucy\'s enchanting appearance at the moment, his heart palpitated and ignored her feelings...   
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