Mysterious Destiny of Us

Mysterious Destiny of Us

By:  MoonLight27  Ongoing
Language: English
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She said, "Fate is nothing but a question which the Deity throws, the answer... is the choices we make..." He looked at the small figure in front of him and said, "What you are saying is known as Destiny, because Fate is something… that you cannot avoid.” .... Yoon Su Yeon is a simple-minded, focused and nerdy girl, living an average life until things suddenly started to change when she meets a doctor who happens to be part of the underworld. Things started to get more complicated when some mysterious people from her past life starts emerging in her present life. They desperately want to change something monumental that happened in the past which left a lasting impact on them. But without any recollection of her past, she doesn't know whether she was even connected to it or not. If she helps them altering that fateful event, what would happen to her current life? . . Excerpt: He was standing in the corner, looking at a girl who was enjoying with her colleagues, for whom he was waiting for more than 4 years. he whispered, "I think it's enough of waiting now, it's time for us to be together. Little Bunny, will you accept me this time?" The cover page is not mine, credit to the owner! I will make a cover page soon!!! No major misunderstanding, no rape but an exciting and mysterious plot!!

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agwu chris junior
ugh hbubv up y
2022-12-21 19:04:12
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i love it.........
2022-04-04 20:27:36
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Tirtharaj Patra
A mind-blowing creation ...
2022-02-03 02:15:57
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Hello everyone! I am MoonLight27, the author of this book... I would like to know how you feel about my creation ^ ^ Feel free to drop a comment or post a review :D Your reviews are boosters for us!!!!
2021-09-22 23:40:18
237 Chapters
1. Silver Masked Man
It was a calm winter night… The occasional barking of faraway dogs was breaking the silence of the night… A girl came out to take a walk. She was unfamiliar with the surrounding area. Knowing martial arts, coupled with a Swiss knife in her pocket, she decided to choose a quiet road. Although it was cold outside, her white-colored hood was enough to keep her warm. She was walking quietly until she heard the sound of footsteps… She looked everywhere but found nothing. "I am 100% sure that there is someone," she whispered. Even if it was a faint sound, she heard it. While passing by a construction site, she once again heard that sound. This time it was a sound as if someone was carefully taking steps, like those ninja fighters in the action movies. To save herself from the intruder, she went inside the building to hide. Her white hoodie was shining because of moonlight, which was disadvantageous in that situation. Thus, taking benefit of
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2. How Firmly You Hold Your...
"And rest we will continue in the next lecture, that's it for today." by saying this the professor ended the last lecture of that day. Adjusting her glasses with her finger, Su Yeon woke up from her dream. It was not a dream but a memory of some years ago. "I truly envy people like you who shamelessly sleep during lecture and still score O grade(1)!" with a thud, Min Seong, Su Yeon's deskmate and best friend in university, started keeping books in her bag. Kim Min Seong is a 5'6 ft tall, smart, confident, and straight forward yet well-behaved person. Her long, jet-black hair and honey-colored skin compliment her personality. Yan Su laughed at both of them. Oh Yan Su has the same height as Min Seong and a delicate snow-white skin. She is also a ballet dancer. The trio studies in the same class of the senior year, majoring in business and finance at Imperial Business University. And lastly our little dwarf Yoon Su Yeon. She is a simple because s
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3. Memory
The rest of the day Su Yeon spent in the library to modify their business model and research about other aspects relating to it. It will somehow help while criticism round. Wrapping everything up, she went home at night before dinner. "Welcome back sweetheart, go fresh up quickly and come for dinner" a mellow voice welcomed her which has always been stress relieving for her, her mother's voice. Qin Su Ryeon, a bit taller than Su Yeon, is a sweet housewife. Su Yeon's father Yoon Taek, is a senior-level employee in a company. In short, Su Yeon's family is a simple and typical upper-middle-class family. As usual, Su Yeon keeps talking and they both listen to her. This is an unspoken rule of her family set by her. She will share everything that happened that day including her study and progress. Her parents like to listen to her very much because they both didn't spend their college days like this. After dinner, Su Yeon washed the dishes and went to her room.
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4. Kim Jin
The remaining few days of the week went as usual. With the help of the information given by the Wang family when she used to visit them, Su Yeon was able to create few highlight points and strong points of their business model. Even if it was just a project, a hypothetical model, Su Yeon was overexcited for it. The presentation will be next week so she was able to prepare thoroughly. She sent those extra key points to her group so that the other two will have a basic knowledge of what and how she is going to present and if, by chance they were asked about it, they could give correct answers. On Sunday night, Su Yeon was practicing her presentation. She 'asked' her parents to sit on the bed as the audience as well as critics and also made a video call to her other two members. During the whole presentation, they both looked at her in awe and then asked some questions. Yan Su was a bit nervous because she was not quite comfortable with business and presentation
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5. Business Model (1)
The next morning Su Yeon woke up early intentionally. She turned off her alarm and did some stretching exercises. There was a message from Jin. It was sent today at 1:30 am saying, 'Sorry, something came up. I won't be coming to pick you. Once again All the best!'. She replied with 'Ok', took bath, and started getting ready. She decided to wear formal clothes today and keep a nice and decent look. She wore a simple off-white shirt, paired with black skinny trousers and a blazer. She left her waist-length dark brown hair open with a side partition. Since this hairstyle wasn't matching her look, she clipped her long bangs from both sides at back to have a decent and formal look. She chose simple stud pearl earrings and applied very light makeup. She took her laptop, kept it in her bag, and came out to have breakfast. In the dining area, her mother was keeping the dishes on the table and her father was reading the newspaper. "Morningggg!!" she
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6. Business Model (2)
After the break, it was their turn to present. Su Yeon had a mini sandwich and juice for lunch, as it will give sufficient energy and will not make her dizzy. While everyone was coming into the auditorium, she was practicing backstage. Yan Su was scared to her wits even if she wasn't the one who will be presenting. Min Seong was equally nervous and reciting the details and numbers. Moreover, they both were more nervous because Su Yeon, who is going to present, wasn't showing any kind of anxiety. She was calm as water. For outsiders, this was the impression of Su Yeon but in reality, Su Yeon was nervous too! Presenting in front of the class and presenting in front of everyone on the stage is different. She closed her eyes and started taking few deep breaths. When the professor called out her name, she came out taking elegant, calm, and confident steps. While standing at the center of the stage, her heart almost came out in her throat. It was thumping c
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7. A Perfect Boyfriend Material
The three of them waited to see the remaining presentations. Yan Su was at the top of the cloud because of what she did earlier and how she was appreciated for it. Looking at Su Yeon, Min Seong said, "So, this is why you wanted to delete those slides," Su Yeon nodded and they both looked at happy Yan Su. Yesterday Su Yeon told Min Seong to delete those slides of their marketing plan of Imperial City and today in the morning, she asked Yan Su to answer it in the critics round. That is why when they were asked, Su Yeon waited for Yan Su to answer. When everything was over, Yan Su offered a meal to both of them, "I am famished, let's eat something. You don't have any plans, right?" Min Seong replied, "In! But I don't think Su Yeon will come, she is going on a date." Yan Su exclaimed, "With Kim Jin? Aww so cute, Su Yeon ah you should accept him. He is perfect boyfriend material and he loves you a lot." Su Yeon said, "Wait, wait, wait! It's not like that,
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8. Date
In the car, There was a deep silence. No one knew how to start a conversation. Kim Jin was stealing glances at Su Yeon. He always liked whenever she sits beside him. Just her presence was enough for him to lift up his mood. To remove the awkwardness, Su Yeon started the conversation, "It may be real or maybe I am paranoid but, you look a bit sad. What happened? Is everything ok?" Thump! His heart started beating loudly. Just a glance and she can see through him. He was indeed sad because of what happened today with him and he was hiding something from her. He stopped the car at the signal and looked at her. She was looking way more gorgeous and in addition to it, she knew what is happening with him. He was feeling sad and lonely so he desperately wanted to hug her tight at this moment. He smiled at her and said, "Hmm, it's true that I am feeling down but no worries since you are here with me right now! I can always get free therapy fro
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9. I've Got My Memories Back
While returning to the car, Su Yeon suddenly wanted to use the washroom. She asked Kim Jin to wait for her as she wanted to use the washroom. They both entered the café, Su Yeon went to the washroom and Kim Jin sat on the empty table, waiting for her. When she came out, she saw a tall figure at the entrance. She was surprised! "Isn't he..." she thought but suddenly that person held his head and sat at the nearest table. She panicked and quickly went near him. "Mr. Secretary, are you alright? What happened?" Su Yeon asked that person. "Do you know him?" Kim Jin asked. "Yes, he is the secretary of our Professor," she told him but her eyes never left the person in front of her. She offered him water but he rejected. He looked at her and said, "Thank you for your concern Miss, I am alright." Even if his face was aloof, his eyes were saying different. Those eyes were happy as well as lost. He bowed to her and left. Kim Jin and Su Yeon both were equally sta
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10. Voice Tapping
In the other private room of Sky Lounge, two men were drinking. One had average height and physique, but had short hair. He had a casual aura and was enjoying the drinks. The other one was the polar opposite of him. He had a tall and well-built body, well-maintained hair and a cold aura. He was looking sexier as he was fully focused on doing something on his laptop. His fingers were almost flying on the keyboard. After a minute, he smirked. "Done already?" the short-haired person asked. The other one adjusted his specs and wore earphones. He asked, "Want to listen?" "Whom did you hack just now? Don't tell me it's that person!" the short-haired asked. When the other person nodded his head, he took one side and fixed it in his ear, "Let's see why that person is disturbing our handsome demon!" They started to listen when Gon entered the private room. The short-haired person was listening casually while enjoying drinks but the other one closed his
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