The Alpha's Unknown Mate

The Alpha's Unknown Mate

By:  FeiFei17  Ongoing
Language: English
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What is an Alpha without her Luna? Everybody knows that when their Alpha meets his Luna, his strength will become tenfold and everyone in the clan will receive the Alpha's blessing. Once the Alpha turns eighteen, he would release a huge amount of aura to attract his mate if he hasn't met her yet. That was the culture of every wolf and it is the most important year of an Alpha. Marvin Brimon, Alpha of the Phantom clan, has been looking for his Luna even before he turns eighteen. With each year that he fails to find her, other werewolves started judging him and targeting his clan. It was a good thing that James Knight, Alpha of the strongest werewolves in the entire nation which was the Scarlet clan, was his father's friend. After learning that the Scarlet clan are joining force with them, nobody dared to mess with the Phantom clan. Although this only lasted when a Soothsayer appeared and claimed that a half human and half wolf would end Eric's life for good and stop his madness. He went in war to kill every women who was pregnant until he fulfilled his mission. After the war ended, Marvin started showing symptoms of Woreas. A rare disease when a male wolf doesn't have a mate. They grow weaker and weaker everyday until they have no strength left.The only cure for this is if they finally meet their mate but they have until the age of twenty five. So far, only one male had experienced this and he died a crucial death by the hands of other wolves. Will Marvin finds his mate or will he be mateless forever, allowing others to take his position as an Alpha. Read the story to find out. Story written by FeiFei17

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    13 chapters
    Chapter One
    Under the pouring rain, a woman with black hair and dark brown eyes ran through the storm and stopped to take shelter under a big tree to catch her breath. She panted hard while wiping her face then looked ahead to see the shop that was almost closing soon.“You’re almost there, just two blocks away and you're there…” She encouraged herself before stepping out of the rain again and sprinting towards the shop.As soon as she made it to the shop, the owner immediately saw her and stopped her by the door."I'm sorry, you can't come in here like that." The owner, Greg, told her.She was obedient so she took out the money in her pants which were drenched with water and showed it to Greg."One… one bottle of vodka please." She politely asked while panting hard to catch her breath.Greg gave her a look as if she was crazy before turning around to get what she needed."This one's on me, save your money." He told the woman and handed her the vodka. "Are they giving you a hard time?"The woman
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    Chapter Two
    "I raised you and this is how you repay me?" Delilah angrily said and Marjorie knew that it was going to be another torture night.Damon loves to abuse her, Delilah loves torturing her while their daughter loves putting her in trouble. A perfect family who all have something in common, they love making her life miserable and won’t even feel sorry for her."How about throwing away that MP3 once and for all? It's quite old now anyway and I'm sure it's not working anymore." Anna suggested with a wicked grin plastered on her face."N-no, you can destroy everything but please, not this." Marjorie begged while holding the player closer to her.Delilah didn't care, she took Marjorie’s wrist and grabbed the player. She then threw it down the ground and stepped on it over and over until it was smashed into pieces. Marjorie watched in horror as she begged her to stop, tears streaming down her face as she blamed herself for being weak. She held the MP3 player her whole life, it was the only th
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    Chapter Three
    When Marjorie didn’t get any reaction, she shrugged her shoulder and stood up. She clumsily fell on her first step and was about to fall but the wolf went in front and caught her.Marjorie was shocked when she felt the wolf’s fur, it was the smoothest and softest she had ever encountered. “Whoa, so soft!” She unconsciously said while rubbing the fur but the wolf took a step back away from her. “Oh I’m sorry…”"A-are you okay?" Marjorie questioned, then she suddenly started laughing while shaking her head. "Silly me, I bet you wouldn't understand what I'm saying right now. I just hope you don't eat me." She said to the wolf then realized something that made her look up at the sky. “I didn’t know it stopped raining, the moon is beautiful isn’t it?”The wolf just stood there, as if it was studying her. Probably planning how he's going to eat her or it was thanking her for saving his life. In Marjorie’s perspective the wolf can’t understand her but she doesn’t know that what’s in front
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    Chapter Four
    "You'll always be welcome here anytime you want." Marvin made sure that he used the right words to avoid offending James."Well I was just passing by, came in to say hello and now I'm going to take my leave." James said and Marvin nodded. "I'll make sure to visit you on your special day.""I am looking forward to it.” Marvin slightly bowed to show respect and James nodded.As James was about to leave, a blind woman suddenly appeared by the entrance. Marvin was surprised by her sudden appearance and saw James staring at her with curiosity. "Who is this?" He questioned."We found her injured on our way back here and decided to treat her wounds before sending her off." James answered and he gave me a suspicious look. "Don't worry, she's blind so she won't know anything about us."After hearing his explanation, James continued walking towards the exit only to stop when the woman called his name."James Knight..." James narrowed his eyes towards her as he studied her features.She has lon
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    Chapter Five
    Maria stared at Marvin for a while before deciding to turn around to join her friends. Marvin also made sure that he introduced himself to all the females so he can find her mate immediately. Three hours had past and there was still no sign of her. “I guess you’ll have to use the aura to find her.” Charlie suggested and Marvin sighed. He then closed his eyes and gathered his aura on his hands. When he opened them, his eyes were gold and his hands were glowing blue. He then placed both of his hands on the ground and the aura on his hands quickly spread throughout the Earth. Everyone in the party felt this but none of them became attracted towards him. When a male wolf turns eighteen, his bond would immediately react when they find their mate. To the female, they won’t know who their mate is until they turn eighteen but the male can distinguish them before they can know who their mate is. “She’ll come soon, she won’t be able to resist the aura you just released now.” Charlie state
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    Chapter Six
     The years came by and it became difficult for Marvin as his people started judging and questioning Luna. They were eager to meet her as soon as possible and receive their blessings. Marvin was mocked and called names but he didn’t pay attention to them. Some even started attacking him but he was still stronger and defeated them without a sweat.  In a week time there’s going to be a Gathering for the wolves. It is where wolves who are over 18 and haven't found their mate gather. Others were lucky to find their mate while the rest went home in disappointment.Marvin had been attending this gathering to find his mate but for six years, she never showed up. Now that he’s twenty five, he didn’t plan on attending the Gathering but Charlie wouldn’t stop p
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    Chapter Seven
    Without moving from his spot, he closed his eyes and accepted his fate. He waited for everything to end as Moon Goddess witnesses his death when all of the sudden, he heard a voice that made his heart skipped a beat. "Watch out!" He shot my eyes open to see a woman with black hair drenched in the rain and her dark brown eyes glowed under the moonlight. The moment she touched him, it’s like his strength came back so he used his feet to help the two of them get out of danger.  "What a crazy driver..." The woman commented then looked at him. The smell of rose mixed with the rain smell filled his nose. He wondered why he managed to get his strength back with this woman’s touch but he did not want to assume that the woman in front of him was his mate.
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    Chapter Eight
    The news of Alejandro and ten other wolves getting banned were spread throughout the packs by those who had witnessed the fight. It was Charlie’s idea so let it spread slowly to let those wolves who’s planning to demote Marvin stop their wicked plan.Marlon was disappointed to lose his Beta as he was also one of the most powerful and loyal wolves in the packs. Although he was blinded by his ambitions of taking over the Phantom packs, believing that he was fit enough to become the Alpha.After the incident, the two best friends rested in the office. One was frustrated that he had to clean and replace everything in the room that fits his Alpha’s desires while the other one panted really hard on his chair.“That fight drained all the energy I got from that woman.” He stated and Charlie gav
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    Chapter Nine
    They went straight in their room and went to their seats. The room slowly got filled with students, some of them giving Charlie a flirtatious look and some were minding their own business. "Yo Marj, have you finished your homework?" Charlie asked as he remembered that he hasn’t done his assignments."Which one?” Marjorie replied and Charlie’s face flushed in embarrassment.“All of them…” Charlie avoided eye contact and Marjorie shook her head.“Tsk tsk tsk, when will you ever learn.” Marjorie said in disappointment as he handed his best friend her one notebook.Charlie frowned at the sight of this before handing one of his new notebooks to her.Read more
    Chapter Ten
    "N-no..." Charlie couldn't believed that out of all the girls that can be his Alpha's Guardian Angel, it has to be Marjorie. "Please tell me you've made a mistake." "What's going on?" Marjorie was confused on what was happening. One second she was following Charlie, the next she bumped into this man then he announced that she's the one. 'The one? The one for what?' Marjorie thought as she tried to understand the situation. "Alpha please-" Charlie didn't get to finished his sentence as Marvin swiftly lifted Marjorie and put her on his shoulder. "H-hey! Put me down! What is going on!" Marjorie tried escaping but Marvin has a firm grip on her. "Charlie help me!" Not being able to do anything, Charlie clenched his hand into a fist while looking down the ground. "Let me go! Charlie please help me!" Marjorie begged and he felt guilty that he won't be able to help her. Marjorie’s movements annoyed Marvin so he swiftly knocked her off by hitting
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