Rescued By The Boss

Rescued By The Boss

By:  A.I. Blessing   Completed
Language: English
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Lanaya lost her parents in a horrific car accident when she was a baby, tennis stars sent her to live with them as a kind of repayment. It took fifteen years of cruelty and neglect before she was ultimately saved by a guy more dangerous than her foster parents on the night of her 18th birthday. His place in the Marchetti line of succession means he has little time for women, let alone women who faint when they see trouble. When he wants something, he does whatever it takes to get it, and if people have to die in the process, what? Why is his touch so kind when he's with a certain abused princess, a buddy of violence and death? In the wake of her rescue, Lanaya is eager to begin a new life, but owing to the Mafia is a significant undertaking. The Underboss seemed to be interested in her as well. Secrets, deception, and death taint their relationship. She may not be able to tolerate finding out the truth about her parents' accident or lack soon. Despite this, Salvetti and Lanaya's unusual sentiments blossom, and she's determined to battle for happiness by letting them grow. A difficult one, including a great deal of suffering, healing, and even some violence.

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    As she lay in her foster parents' house, Lanaya breathed a painful sigh. She feared she had broken a few ribs, but she couldn't be more certain. As time passed, the number of injuries Lanaya sustained daily became too many to keep track of.Coughing, she spat a mouthful of blood on the floor. "What a fucking scumbag!" The man thrust his fingers into her hair and yanked her forcibly backward. "You fucking whore! You're bleeding on my floor!" She fell to the ground after receiving a heavy kick to the stomach from her foster father. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her across the floor while she screamed in pain because of a severe ache in her wrist.When Lanaya saw her foster mother sitting on the couch and pouring herself a glass of red wine, her head slammed into the coffee table. With her brow furrowed, she stepped forward, only to smack the bottle of red wine into Lanaya's face.She fell back, her vision blurred by the wine and whatever made her sweat. A darker red than wine g
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    Chapter One
    She opened her eyes to an awful white light and gasped in pain as she realized what was happening. She was surrounded by people staring at her, caressing her, and even hugging her.Stop rubbing my thigh! Every touch physically burnt her skin, and she began to convulse.Suddenly, someone was right before her, so she yanked her chin back."Calm down, Lanaya," he tells her. The order slashed through the air.The effect on her body was immediate, no matter how small the room she was in. She ceased her struggle and lay motionless on the ground. She turned her head to meet the Devil's icy, harsh gaze.Oh my God!After yet another fight, she began to choke on her vomit. She gritted her teeth and kept her mouth shut to avoid drawing attention. The Devil's attention quickly shifted from her to another target, and he pinned them with his angry look.Why is she so depressed? His singing voice was sophisticated and silky, and it was really lovely. Similar to the voice of the Devil."She has a lot
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    Chapter Two
    Lanaya got out of bed and went straight to the bathroom to shower.Anyone could tell immediately that she wasn't in a hospital but rather in an enormous mansion. Probably a mansion. Dropping her towel and standing in front of her closet's floor-to-ceiling mirror, Lanaya did something she'd sworn herself she'd never do again.She had a few stitches right below her hairline, but other than that, her face was perfectly unharmed. She had not washed her hair or face. What I saw of her was a whole other tale. Staring at the purple bruise covering her clavicle and hipbone was uncomfortable.Every breath she took hurt her ribs, but she was protected from the elements by a thick layer of waterproof gauze.Lanaya had her suspicions that she had a few cracked or broken ribs, but she couldn't tell for sure because of the gauze. Scabs had formed on her right elbow and left forearm. They itched like crazy. In addition to the purple welts on her feet, her knee and calves appeared exactly like her ms
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    It was a quick trip back to the mansion because Salvetti disregarded all traffic laws and speed limits. When Salvetti eventually dropped by, Travis was waiting for him outside the front door.Found her? That's what he insisted on hearing, after all. Travis gave a disapproving shake of his head. So then, "why the hell are you here?"Travis didn't bat an eye; his fortitude was impressive. He was completely loyal, but he was also within his rights to question Salvetto's directives if he saw fit. That's why, while Salvetti was away, Travis was entrusted with Lanaya's safety.You have a greater understanding of her than I do. And Travis's response was.The Italian sighs and Salvetti is no exception. Exactly, he was right. The truth was that he had a greater understanding of her.Maybe I can tell you where she is. He said this as he made his way to the house's rear. A small space between the Peony and the roses in the backyard served as his secret hideout ever since he was a kid.No one cou
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    CHAPTER FOURWhen Lanaya woke up, the room was completely pitch black. She found herself in the same room where she had awakened before, but the curtains were closed this time. The only illumination source was the bathroom, and even it wasn't sufficient to fully illuminate the bedroom.The confusion overcame her as she heard the water running in the bathroom. Lanaya could make out a tall beautiful figure in a suit.She swallowed nervously, then quickly laid her head back on the pillow as her neck started Exactly what was the man doing in her stall?Her skin tingled, and the hair on the back of her neck stood on edge when she smelled cedar and pine in the air.Lanaya had a hunch that the Devil was lurking in her toilet.Why wasn't it enough that he tracked her down in her isolated state, melted her defenses with stories of eerily familiar times, and touched her flesh? Did he see her collapse and then have to physically move her to her bed? When she woke up, he treated her like a peb
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    Salvetti cocked his head to one side as he tiptoed silently down the hall. A persistent crick in his neck prevented him from giving his all in his battle with Brian. He laughed at the idea. When Salvetti started pounding the crap out of him, Brian curled up into a ball to defend himself.He sighed and walked up the stairs to the space between his floor and Lanaya's. The space he had picked out for her was adjacent to his own.Perhaps he was a pervert for wanting her close, but he knew that if she slept in his bed, he would inevitably mishandle her in her sleep. Or maybe she had a bad dream about him molesting her.When around Lanaya, Salvetti is always so calm that he can't hurt a flyHe was about to enter his bedroom when he stopped halfway through removing his cufflinks. Lanaya was found seated at the end of the hall on the window seat, gazing out at the garden. Even though it was already 2 AM, she was wide awake. That was not something that usually happened.Salvetti had read every
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    The bright sunlight shinning through the windows caused Lanaya to squint. It was apparent early afternoon, but she had no intention of getting up. For one thing, she was unusually comfortable and warm because Salvetti was holding her tightly with his arms banded aroud her.Lanaya had fallen asleep throughout the second movie, and she was surprised when she found out that she was curled up on his chest, seemingly unconscious. When she awoke, Salvetti was arguing with Travis, and his arms were around her waist, stroking her hair.She felt ashamed of herself. The heat was getting to her.She felt confident that another panic attack was imminent.But more than anything, she had to go to the bathroom.It appeared like Salvetti went back to sleep immediately after Lanaya woke up, and Travis had already left the room. Just how can guys sleep and become so powerful?Lanaya put in a feeble effort, but it was to no avail. His strong, warm arms and chest were like chains, confining her to his be
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    As Salvetti exited the building, he ran towards the courtyard. The time on his wrist showed 1:00 p.m. As Parker and Andrew exited behind him, Vane turned the car around. Because he fell asleep, they ran out of time to complete their tasks.The moment they entered the vehicle, his phone began to ring. The caller ID showed it was the Capo, so he answered the phone. Salvetti declined with clenched teeth and gave Andrew a stern look.As in, "What's first on the schedule?" He asked. There was an exchange of glances between Andrew and Parker. Salvetto's eyebrows raised in a passive expression.We must visit the Shanti residence immediately. Rather than look at Salvetti directly, Parker said.This caused a frown on Salvetto's face. "Our visit to Shanti House will conclude our day's activities. Why even bring that up, to begin with?" A knowing glance was exchanged between Andrew and Parker once more."We decided to help you out by completing part of your work for you. Parker replied in disdai
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    Salviana was almost finished with her serving of macaroni salad when Lanaya glanced at her. She looked like she had been starving for weeks, the way she was eating. She glanced around quickly and saw that the other women were busy eating and chatting.They had all shown unending tolerance for her difficulties. Although she was grateful for their concern, Lanaya couldn't help but worry whether they saw her as a bother. She stared dejectedly at the meager meal before her. Served with a tiny slice of garlic bread, meat stew, and macaroni salad.Following the men's attempt to force her to eat pizza the night before, she attempted to eat. But Lanaya had thrown up after eating just a mouthful of steamed carrot. The women hadn't grumbled; they'd only explained that Lanaya couldn't eat much because she hadn't been eating much. They also assured Lanaya that she would recover fully and be able to eat as much as she liked so long as she remained in a positive, loving, and supportive environment.
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    As the man carefully tended the cuts on her hands, Lanaya bit the inside of her cheek. Salvetti stared at her hands as he crossed his arms across his chest and leaned against the wall across from her. Salvetti was told to go by the man she later found out was called Doc.Salvetti merely frowned back and resumed his watch post-duty. Doc rolled his eyes and mumbled about how boys might be stubborn and pick up terrible habits from their mothers. Nonetheless, she did notice the striking similarities between Salvetti and Doc.I thought Salviana mentioned that her dad was a doctor. I thought Salvetto's father was the Capo.Is there anything else in the area, and Lanaya is just making up these crazy stories to explain what happened a few minutes ago?The smelling salts or whatever it was that awakened her after Salvetti had rushed her unconscious body to Doc's room had worked. Surprisingly, she hadn't been as nervous as she usually was around new people after seeing Doc. This may be because
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