Alpha Arienne

Alpha Arienne

By:  Kat Todd  Ongoing
Language: English
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Amikat lives a relatively quiet life and nothing interesting ever happens to her. That is until one day, when a mysterious letter arrives in the mail. It's from someone called Alpha Arienne, and it's an invitation to a Summer Solstice Celebration at some place called River Moon. She knows this is the place where her dead parents are from, and this might be her only opportunity to get to know who they were. When she arrives, she makes some shocking discoveries about herself, and problems arise when she realizes she's Alpha Arienne's second chance mate. Will he be able to overcome his grief and accept her as his mate? And will Amikat choose to stay?

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16 chapters
Chapter 1
Amikat’s POV I always find myself in the woods after a long day. Work sucks, all I do is talk to customers all day, and I am not a people person. I work at a local grocery store in the customer service booth. That means I get all of the angry and disgruntled customers. I’d like to think that one day I’ll have a career and a life that I enjoy, but for now, it’s just working to make ends meet. The air is crisp and cold tonight. It’s summer, but I live in Northern Washington in a little town no one’s ever heard of called Greggs. It had just rained a few hours prior, so the foliage is dripping with rain and the soil is wet. This is my favorite scent. Musky, after the rain, mixed with the smell of pine and sap. The moisture has already soaked through the canvas on my Converse from my short walk out to my favorite spot. It’s a little cliff, probably about twenty feet or so, overhanging a little pond covered in lily pads and algae. The frogs are always singing by this time of night. It’s
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Chapter 2
Arienne’s POV I know that feeling. I’ve felt it before, and I never thought in a million years that I’d feel it again. I stood there, staring at this girl at the end of the hall, her long waist length brown hair in a tight braid down her back gave me a perfect view of her beauty. A little heart shaped face, and the most gorgeous pair of golden brown eyes stared back at me, wide, and confused. I was confused too, damn the Moon Goddess… What a sick sense of humor she has. Bringing me a second chance mate? Today? This was the last place I expected to meet her. I’m not ready. I don’t know if I can handle this yet. I try my best to keep my emotions at bay and not lose it in front of her. I don’t want her, yet still, I have to know her. I approach her quickly, my feet moving me towards her. Arlo is howling in my head, screaming the same word over and over again, as if I didn’t already know what was going on. ‘Mate! Mate! Mate!’ Arlo forwards himself and grabs her face, pulling her close
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Chapter 3
Amikat’s POV Everyone applauded us as we stood on stage together, and Arienne never let go of my hand. The sensation was unreal. I’ve held other people’s hands before, been in relationships, but just touching his skin was more than anything I’ve ever felt towards anyone. He looks down at me and smiles, and I hate to say I couldn’t smile back. This man has been so hot and cold with me. I feel like I never know what side I’m going to get. After he’s done making his announcements, he helps me off the stage and trails after me like a lost dog as I head back to Carmen and her friends. “Amikat, wait please, can I talk to you?” I turn around sharply and glare at him. “Dude, you hated me an hour ago, and now you wanna be all buddy buddy with me? It doesn’t work like that.” “Please, just stop and listen.” I continue pushing my way past people to the edge of the yard. I start to remember what the girls told me. How I should give him time. I stop and turn to look at him. “Thank you. Can we
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Chapter 4
Arriene’s POV I didn’t mean it like that. I need to make sure she knows that. Panicked, I jump out of the bed and head to the bathroom door and start knocking, hoping she’ll just let me in. I can feel her hurt in my chest, and I know she took offense. She doesn’t reply to my knocking. I hear her shuffling around in there and occasionally she lets out a deep, skaky breath. I knock again. “Go away!” she yells. “Just leave me alone!” “Kat, I didn’t mean it like that.” “What else would you have meant by telling me I mean nothing to you?” “That’s not what I said!” I’m beginning to grow impatient. She won’t even listen to me. “You need to calm down and listen to me. Let me in, please.” She says nothing. Angrily, I begin to walk away, but right before I reach the door I hear the locking mechanism on the bathroom door click. The cracks the bathroom door open just wide enough for me to see a puffy, red eye. A sharp pain goes through my chest at the sight. I’ve made my mate cry.
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Chapter 5
Amikat's POVI woke up to an empty bed, Arienne being long gone already. He'd switch me a text saying he was in his office working, and not to disturb him today. Great. It's my birthday, and he doesn't even want to hang our with me. Go me. I decide to deep clean my tv and sitting area after the little get together the girls and I had. I wiped down the table, vacuumed the crumbs out of the carpet and furniture, and then went over to the sink and did all the dishes. Maybe I should go see Carmen. I head down the hall with Jace in tow down to Carmen's room. Knocking at the door warranted no response, so I move on, planning to check the kitchen. She likes to bake, so she might be somewhere down there. This lead was a dead end as well. "Everyone's been pretty busy today, maybe you should just head back to your room," suggests Jace."Sit there and be bored all day again? I don't think so. I'm already not allowed to go outside so it's not fair to confine me to just my room," I argue. Jace
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Chapter 6
I drop my robe to the forest floor, exposing my naked body to Arienne. He doesn't flinch or turn away at my nudity, and I gather that this might be becasue werewolves are accustomed to this sort of thing. If they're always in the nude after they shift, I'd think they might be a little desensitized to it. I admit I'm a little shy to show myself like this, but it feels okay, and I feel confortable around Arienne. I turn to him to ask for the time, but as soon as I look in his direstion, I know. Fire shoots through every single portion of my body and my breathing becomes labored as I try to keep myself from screaming. Soon, I hear my bones begin to snap and crack, as if trying to rearrange themselves. Of course I don't have to hear it to know it's happening. This is absolutely the most physical pain I've been in, in my entire life. Eventually I can't hold it in anymore, and I begin to scream and howl. As I lay, writhing around on the ground, both Amira and Arienne try to talk me throug
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Chapter 7
Amikat's POVBeep. Beep. Beep.Just the monotonous sound of a hospital monitor. I hear voices. Someone's there beside me, but my eyelids are too heavy to lift open.Beep. Beep. Beep.I want Arienne. Can someone get me Arienne?Where am I, Ari? Please tell me what's happening.Where are you? I know you're not here. I would feel it if you were here. Where did you go?Carmen's POV"Oh Goddess, she's lost so much blood..." my hands tremble as I keep my fingers clasped around hers. She's going to be so scared when she finally wakes up. It's been a week since her birthday and her first shift. It's highly unusual that she hasn't healed from the attack yet, and the doctors are still looking into why. It would go faster if Arienne were here, but he hasn't even come to see her. If I were Kat, I would never forgive him for that. I know he's got other things going on, but his first priority needs to be her. Occasionally she becomes lucid but every time it's always her wolf, Amira, fronting. The
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Chapter 8
Amikat's POVI open my eyes, and immediately find myself in an immense amount of pain. I look down and to my dismay, there's several tubes and monitors connected to my appendages. Great. 'Oh My Goddess!' howls Amira. 'You are finally here! You do not know what we had to go through to get you back!''How long was I out?' It can't have been for more than a few hours, right?'You have been gone for eight days,' says Amira. 'And I am so glad to see you again! I have missed you so much!' I sit up to see that the room is empty. Where is Arienne? "Hello?" I call out. I hear some mumbling outside the door, and it stops abrubtly after my call. The door swings open and a few women in white coats rush into the room and begin to check all my vitals. "We are so glad that you're awake," one of them says. "We were beginning to worry.""I was out for eight whole days?" I question. "Where is Arienne?"The doctors
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Alpha Arienne Playlist on Spotify
Hello my dear readers! I thought I'd do something fun and share the playlist I listen to when I write this! It's on spotify as Alpha Arienne, with a cherry emoji attached to the end. My name is the same on there as it is on here, so you'll know you're on the right one if I'm the playlist creator. I've also opened the playlist as collaborative, so if you have any song reccomendations to add, you can do that as well. Just please don't be a troll and ruin this opportunity for everyone. Happy reading (and listening) ! ~~Kat Todd
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Chapter 9
Carmen's POVDespite how terrible Arienne's being, I think he needs to know about Kat's dream. If there's even a slight possibility that the vampires might have something to do with the war brewing, knowing as soon as possible would be our best bet. Every war in history between werewolves and vampires has been an absolute bloodbath, so much to the point that a winner couldn't even be declared. They would all end up dead. They're extremely cunning and not to be messed with under any circumstances. There hasn't been any vampire sightings in this part of Oregon in quite some time.I tried mind-linking him and it wasn't a surprise when I found I was still blocked out. I was going to have to go see him in person. His office door is locked when I get there, and I can tell by putting my ear up to the wood that he's not in there, either. I go out to find Samuel, who told me that Arienne’s away on pack business to see The Council. It must be getting pretty serious if they’ve decided to start
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