Alpha's Healer

Alpha's Healer

By:  S. Alexander  Updated just now
Language: English
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He's the sexy ALPHA. I'm the girl who saved him. After the death of her mother and sister in a tragic accident that also claimed the life of their father, Alyssa is forced to leave everything she's ever known behind. Her family were rogues, cast away from their pack when Alyssa's wolf failed to come. She moves across state lines with nothing but what she can carry in a backpack --and an ancient amulet given to her by her mother. A friend of her family helps her secure a job at the house of a rich family in Jacksonville, Oregon. The house belongs to the Blackwood family--the most powerful pack of wolves in the region, led by Alpha Trey Blackwood himself and his Luna, Brynne. After some initial hostility on both sides, Alyssa settles into life as one of the pack's new members until she meets Trey's son, Adam, who seems determined to make it clear he doesn't want anything to do with her. Yet, he is strongly attracted to her. When Adam comes home one night, injured after being attacked by another rogue, Alyssa rushes to him and discovers something unexpected about herself...

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    Chapter 1
    AlyssaHere I am... Jacksonville, Oregon. It's been three months already since my parents and little sister died in that stupid car crash. My family were rogues, castaway from their pack when my wolf failed to come. I left everything behind, my memories, my past... my life. All I have left is this backpack and the moon-shaped amulet my mother gave me when I was a little girl. I'm twenty years old and I'm still waiting for my wolf. But it seems like she never comes. And now here I stand, at the gate of the Blackwood mansion. That's the family that accepted me into their pack when none other would. I'll help around the house and stuff. Thanks uncle Mike... I owe you big time for putting a good word for me.I approach the gates when a guy shows up with two dogs on leashes "Hey there" He says as he stops next to me "You must be the new kid?" He asks smiling "Yeah." I answer him not knowing what else to say. "I'm Alyssa Bailey. Mr. Blackwood is expecting me." He tells me his name before op
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    Chapter 2
    AlyssaThe sun is setting in the horizon casting an orange glow across the sky. I stare at the clouds moving lazily above the trees watching them turn pinkish red then fade away as night falls. I stretch my arms over my head yawning loudly. I stand stretching my legs and back getting ready for bed. Suddenly, the door opens making me jump startled by its suddenness."Hey, Alyssa!" Adam yells coming towards me. "You forgot something."He hands me a bag containing my clothes and shoes."Thanks," I mumble taking it from him."Don't forget to wash my things tomorrow," he reminds me still standing in the doorway."Okay..." I respond turning to leave."Wait," he calls stopping me mid-step."Yeah?" I question suspiciously."Can we talk?" He asks quietly."Talk about what?" I retort frowning."About why you are here." He states flatly. He looks angry.I shrug my shoulders. "Because your dad, Alpha Trey gave me a job."His jaw clenches. "That's not good enough." He turns walking past me heading
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    Chapter 3
    AdamUseless. I don't know what my father was thinking when he agreed to welcome this mutt into our pack. Alyssa is worthless. She's weak. She can barely hold her own against me. She couldn't even protect herself yesterday morning. What kind of weakling could that be?"Then do what I ask," I growl grabbing her wrist tightly. Her eyes widen with fear."Let go," she whispers trying to jerk her hand free from mine."If you won't listen to me then maybe you need to hear it through the voice of an Alpha," I snap glaring down at her."Stop it, Adam!" Mother shouts from the doorway. "You're hurting the girl.""She needs to learn respect," I snarl. "And no matter what happens, I will make sure she knows it."Mother sighs and shakes her head. "Go take a shower so you can look presentable. Then get dressed and meet me downstairs."I release Alyssa's wrist and turn to leave. I'm going to show my mother exactly what she has brought into our home. We will teach this little bitch a lesson she'll ne
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    Chapter 4
    Alyssa"You're a jerk and I fucking hate you," I shout at Adam as tears start running down my cheeks."Look, I'm really sorry. Can we please just forget this ever happened?" He asks reaching for me.I slap his hand away angrily. "Fuck you! And fuck anyone that thinks it's acceptable to treat women like shit."Adam stares at me speechless. "How dare you say such things to me? How can you possibly think that after what my father has done for you?""I said, 'fuck you!' Are you deaf?" I scream. "Do you understand English?"He steps closer to me until there are only inches between us. His hands rest against my shoulders. "Stop yelling at me," he whispers softly. "I never meant any harm to you."My heart skips a beat hearing his voice again. "Then why did you try to make me feel bad?"His jaw tightens and he shakes his head. "I don't trust you. That's all.""Why does that matter? Why would you care whether I trust you or not?""That's none of your business.""Oh yeah, sure," I scoff. "You k
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    Chapter 5
    AlyssaI wake early the next morning feeling groggy and confused. I must've fallen asleep during the night because the last time I remember seeing the clock was 9 pm. I check my phone for messages or missed calls but nothing comes up. I glance at the window to see the sun shining brightly outside.I lay in bed listening to the sounds coming from downstairs. Someone is cooking breakfast which means they are already awake. I climb out of bed stretching my arms above my head enjoying the stretch. I have to get dressed and go help Alice in the kitchen. I don't want her to do it alone since she has been doing most of the work lately. I pull my clothes on slowly trying to decide whether I should wear jeans or shorts.My hair needs washing too so maybe I could wash that before leaving my room. I run my fingers through my long brown locks pulling them back into a ponytail. I pick up my toothbrush and brush my teeth thoroughly scrubbing hard to clean every surface of my mouth. Then I spit the
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    Chapter 6
    Alyssa The rest of the day passes slowly. My mind is preoccupied with wondering what Brynne meant when she spoke of the 'truth' of myself. Was there something wrong with me? Had my parents kept it hidden from me somehow? Were they ashamed of me? Being in a home without knowing the truth of my origins doesn’t feel right. I just want answers. I'm so tired of not understanding anything about who and where I am. It feels like an endless cycle, one that I can never escape. "Alyssa," Adam shouts from downstairs. "Time to go show you around." I don't trust this guy. He's been nothing but a total ass ever since I arrived in the Blackwood pack. He makes sure to tell everyone exactly how little he likes me. Well, screw him! This is my life now. I grab my phone off the floor and head down the stairs to find Adam waiting outside in front of the main doors, wearing a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. "I'm good. Don't worry... you don't have to go with me anywhere. We can just tell Luna Brynne
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    Chapter 7
    AdamI'm in my wolf form, crouched low to the ground, watching her through narrowed slits. She's terrified but determined to fight. Her breathing becomes erratic, making it difficult to track her movements.She kicks wildly, striking me repeatedly. I could rip her limb from limb easily, but something about her defiance intrigues me. Something that tells me she may be worth keeping alive.I shift slightly, moving closer to her so that I can smell her fear. My nose twitches as I catch a hint of her blood as she scratched herself.Her eyes are wild as they dart everywhere, looking for some kind of salvation. I lift one large black paw, placing it gently on hers. Immediately, she freezes. A smile creeps across my muzzle as I begin to rub it along the length of her arm. She makes me furious, yet her scent invokes such powerful feelings within me. I want to kill her just as much as I crave to protect her.I lick my lips and inhale deeply. Her sweet scent overwhelms me, driving my wolf crazy
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    Chapter 8
    Alyssa "I mean it, Adam... get the fuck out of my room," I yell at him angrily. I slam my hand against the wall beside my bed, causing plaster dust to fall everywhere. He stands there frozen for a moment before moving toward me. "Are you sure about this? How about I show you some fun?" He reaches forward and grabs me by the waist. His hands slide up my stomach and cup my breasts roughly. "What the hell are you doing?" I gasp, trying to pull away. "You don't know what you're missing," he mocks. "Adam, please..." His mouth crashes over mine and our tongues clash together. Our teeth scrape against each other when we kiss. It feels wrong yet exciting at the same time. "Get out or I'll scream for help," I warn him. He smirks. "Fine... have it your way." He steps backward and leaves the room without another word. I sit on my bed, staring after him in shock. What just happened? Was that even real? I thought I was dreaming. This guy is insane. And now he thinks I'm interested in havin
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    Chapter 9
    Adam "Alpha, I need a word with you," I tell my father while having breakfast in the dining room. "I know it's early, but I would like to speak to you about something." "Of course. Please, take a seat. What is it?" he replies, motioning for me to sit as he places a plate of eggs and bacon in front of me. "It's Alyssa, sir. There's something I think we need to discuss," I reply, taking a bite of egg and chewing slowly as I wait for him to say something. He eats his food in silence, glancing up at me every few moments. "We've already had this conversation, son," he says, placing a hand on my shoulder. "You don't need to worry about her anymore. She's safe here in our pack." "She's not one of us, dad." I lean forward, lowering my voice. "She doesn't have a wolf and I don't know how you still keep her here." "As I told you before, she is a guest, and guests are welcome here. We cannot afford to turn away anyone in need. Besides, our pack is large enough now that it's unlikely she wou
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    Chapter 10
    Alyssa"Hey, love! It's your free day. Got any plans?" Alice asks, throwing herself into a chair opposite me."Nope. Just chilling out today." I shrug, staring blankly at the television screen in front of me."That's boring!" she laughs. "Come on, we're going shopping.""What for?" I raise an eyebrow questioningly."Clothes obviously," she grins. "And shoes, bags, makeup... But before that, we're going for a cup of coffee at Marta's.""Marta's?""Yes," she giggles. "The best damn café in town.""Yeah, okay..." I roll my eyes playfully, getting up to follow her."Don't worry, it'll do you good to get out and have fun. I mean with everything going on lately, you should definitely deserve a break.""I guess so," I sigh, following her down the hall towards the exit. I think she's right. I deserve a break from everything. And if having a nice hot latte will help, then why the hell not? I sit back in the passenger seat of Alice's car when she pulls into the parking lot of Marta's Café."Thi
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