By:  Robin D Ace  Ongoing
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Ella is a breed from a werewolf father and a human mother. After losing both of her parents at the time of a war breakout, she starts to live in the pack house with the other wolves of her pack. On the verge of her teens, she is still living a mateless life. But all of a sudden her life takes a turn when she finally finds her long-awaited mate. However, she gets rejected immediately. But will her mate's possession of her let him do so? Being a wolf of the rarest kind, eventually, she gets desired by the wolves but rejected by their vessels. Obsession of the wolves and hatred from their vessels. How will she progress in a world full of mystery and revenge? Instead of revenge, Ella just wants to get away far from the sight of rejection and possession. Will she be able to do so? Leave the loveless bond and extreme possession and start a new life?

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such a nice story, i like it! i'm wondering, is there any social media that I can reach out?
2021-07-12 12:23:37
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Elizabeth Oyuga
a very beautiful story but could you please update.
2021-06-10 05:37:01
16 Chapters
Ch 1 : I'm Ella
I'm Ella, a wolf female. Why am I emphasising on the female part? Well, there's a lot to tell. But mainly because I am partly a human as well. By stating the human part, I'm not pointing towards the human form that every wolf has. I'm actually a breed.These all started when I was 19. But before starting my story, let's go back to the time before I was born, in a mystical world. Where every part held its own significance.  My dad was an alpha male. But he willingly withdrew from the conclave for the throne of the lead alpha of the pack.Generally the wolves used to live in packs in north. We would never go beyond the boundaries. None knew what was it like in east or west. Or even barely had any ideas about how the south  was.
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Ch 2 : Memories of Pain
I can still remember that day. I woke up in the morning earlier than usual. Birds were chirping sitting at my window frame. Sweet morning breeze was coming to my room. A beautiful smell of pancakes were coming from downstairs.I saw a very young couple was enjoying themselves from my window. They looked so lovey-dovey. I was looking at their little sweet moments. I was 19 and still mateless, though generally wolves would find their mates after turning 16. After a while I heard my dad's voice coming from downstairs calling my name. I quickly got up and freshened myself. I never wanted them to see me hurt or worried. I never wanted them to think that being mateless was depressing me. As I was a half wolf and a half human, I wasn't a heavenly beauty
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Ch 3 : The girl in white
I went to the senior oracle's tent. No matter what happened, the oracles of a pack wouldn't leave their tents. They would live separately from the other wolves."Isabella," the old woman sitting in front of me called my name. She was the oldest oracle in our pack. Even after aging for more than 100 years, her eyes were still clear. A spark of intellectuality was shining through them."Ella. Ella is fine," I said politely."Sure, Ella. So you might know that you were living in the royal valley because of your father's status don't you? " she asked calmly."Yes," I replied politely again. I already knew that this was coming."Now that he is no more, May God rest his soul in peace, It's a heavy loss for us as well. As you're his daughter, we have a soft corner for you. But due to the condition of your wolf and your skills, it is not possible for us to consider you as a royal anymore. So even if we want
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Ch 4 : The girl Covered in Red
The next morning all the omega females got a call by the curvey, scary looking woman who was the head of the omega girls. She was a beta wolf. "We need flowers for tonight's banquet. But the flower shops and the gardens are already destroyed in the downtown, we need people to go to the woods to collect flowers for tonight's decoration," she was describing the tasks very casually."What?!! " but a stir of panic flowed through everyone. Who would go to the woods to die? People started murmuring."Banquet?" I asked in low voice."Yes, Don't you know? The Alpha is throwing a huge banquet tonight for the celebration of the prince's return," June replied whispering."As you all can see, we can't mess up with the cooking, so people who are directly involved with preparing the recipes can't leave," the woman continued. "You there!" she suddenly pointed her index finger towards me, "you, you an
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Ch 5 : His Obsession
I followed Alex to the top floor. Where the alpha and his family lived. The upper floors looked so expensive, totally different from the first floor. The discrimination was screaming through every bricks.Finally we stopped in front of a massive black door. Alex asked me to go inside. I nodded and was about to knock at the door, but found out that it was open already. I slightly pushed the door and it opened. It was completely dark inside.Just when I kept my foot inside, I was grabbed quickly and pushed against the door. I felt a weight on top of my body. A hand clicked the knob beside me to lock it from inside. The intoxicating fragrance of lotus flower and heavy breaths were falling all over me. My wolf was almost losing its  mind. I was still pressed against the door. I could feel Zen struggling with his wolf to keep it in his control.Suddenly he asked in a hoarse voice, "What
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Ch 6 : Captured
I really wanted to get away from the pack. I realised that I was wrong before. I should have left the pack when my father told me to. I was deep in thoughts regretting. Suddenly I heard a knock at the door. It was locked from outside so I was wondering who it was. The door opened afterwards and Zaden came to my room. Finally after a long time I met Zaden who was like a family."Oh Ella! I heard everything. I am sorry, even though I promised your father that I would take care of you, I couldn't even meet you when you needed a family. But you are not alone anymore. Whenever you want to leave this pack, I will help you. I said this before, you remember? " he asked."Yes, I remember," I replied. "Do you want to leave now?" he asked again. "I can get you out of this pack tonight.""Yes, please!! Help me," I pleaded. "Okay, stay alert. Tonight I'm getting
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Ch 7 : A new beginning
My breath was getting heavy. A sweet smell was hitting my olfactory nerves making my head dizzy. Strong arms were preventing me from going near Edward. He was struggling on the ground, a strong, big white wolf above him pinning him down on the ground, keeping him away from coming towards me. My senses were fading, my eyes were getting heavier, Edward's screams were now barely reaching my ears. I wanted to help him, I wanted them to stop. But my peripheral nerves were losing their abilities. Slowly I fell on the arms.  When I finally got back my senses, I saw a beautiful artwork on the ceiling. It was so aesthetic and surreal, sophisticated furniture surrounding the room. Beautiful white curtains with rich embroidery on them.  I was still feeling drowsy. I was not being able to remember exactly where I was. Suddenly my senses hit me all at once. I quickly got down from the king sized bed. I looked outside through the window. 
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Ch 8 : The first encounter(one)
I was born and brought up in this pack. From a young age I realised that I was different. I knew that I was not strong like others in my pack. But my father being a royal always saved me from being treated as one I never wanted to be facilitated over others. But my mom and dad used to always give  their everything to protect me. Even though my father was a person of morales but even he couldn’t excuse himself from the fatherly love.  I was always so distant from the pack responsibilities that I started to believe that  there was nothing that this pack needed me for.  In the past few years with Edward, I felt loved, I felt wanted, important. I spent my days well. But he made me realise one thing that I wasn’t born just to be judged by someone else's scale. I had my own role to play in this life. All the past memories  were flowing in my head like a reel. I was moving forward to the throne.  Everyone in the hall mov
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Ch 9 : The first encounter(Part 2)
I saw someone's hand grabbing the butt of the knife and pulled it out from my arm. I screamed in pain. I was bleeding heavily. The whole hall went silent. Everyone was shocked. I was again forced to get up. I looked into the person who just attacked me and was still grabbing my injured arm right where I was bleeding.A very beautiful girl with ocean blue eyes, matching her pale white skin and pitch-black long hairs were touching her knees. Her clothes were ancient-looking. That white piece of clothing that was wrapping her whole body was making her look like a goddess from an ancient myth. But her action startled everyone. Even Zen was taken aback by her sudden behaviour. "Claire! You are going too far. Leave her hand, " the oracle ordered. "Tsk- How dare you to put your filthy hands on my mate, you b! tch?" she asked ignoring the oracle. "Mate?" I asked back confusedly. My arm was hurting like hell. She was still applying p
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Ch 10 : The Conclave
When I came out of the hall, I finally got the chance to pay attention to my surroundings. Surprisingly I wasn't being held as a captive anymore. The constructions had changed so much in the past few years. But there were way more people outside than I imagined and it was quite clear by their attires that they weren't from this pack. Even though no one was with me to put cuffs on my hands but there was a feeling of continuously being watched. Guessed I was a prisoner after all. And so looking for Alex still made sense more than trying to free Edward by myself. Besides all the people were moving busily.  It seemed like they were preparing themselves for a festival. Alex had vanished without a trace. I never saw him after that morning's little argy-bargy. "I guess he is only good at appearing in exasperating moments," I thought. "Hey, you girl! Keep that bottle away right now!" A man with a flabby stomach came out o
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