Alpha Alexei

Alpha Alexei

By:  Crystal L  Completed
Language: English
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“You are nothing but a slave, do you understand?” Alpha Alexei said, glaring at Scarlett whose eyes hardened in anger. “That is where you are wrong” Scarlett said, glaring at the Alpha. His eyes were fixed on hers, waiting to hear what she had to say “I am no slave, Alpha Alexei, and whether or not you are Alpha, you are not my Alpha” ************************ Sold, beaten, and taken advantage of. Scarlett has fought for her life to stand strong and not give into the pain. But when she is sold to the Alpha, the Russian Pakhan , her life takes a turn like no other. Would Scarlett give into the cold Alpha, or would the Alpha soften to the girl who he saw as nothing but a slave?

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72 Chapters
She watched as her family’s pack burnt to the ground and yet, no matter how much she wanted to, she knew not to break her promise to her mother. “Stay here, Scarlett, and no matter what you see, don’t come out of this place until they’re gone” she had told her right before she went to fight the Russian Pakhan, Alexei Volkov and his pack alongside her mate, Scarlett’s father. She closed her eyes, trying to block out what she was hearing. The pain she was feeling was bad enough; she didn’t want to keep the image in her mind. However, her hiding spot wasn’t as concealing as she had hoped that it would be, and it was minutes before she was lifted in a man’s arms. Sparks coursed through her veins, distracting her momentarily. However, her calmness didn’t last for long before she processed what was happening. She screamed and thrashed, trying to break free from his tight grasp, but the man wouldn’t budge, instead, he simply walked out of the hiding spot, ignoring all her attempts of bre
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Chapter 1
Scarlett: “Move” the headmistress said, glaring at me. She pushed me forward, forcing me to walk toward the auction hall where they waited. The auction where they would show us off to men who were willing to buy or use us for their pleasure and money. My emerald green eyes met her brown ones, and having been living here with her for the past five years, I didn’t need to look twice to understand that she wasn’t in the mood for games. She wrapped her hand around my arm, squeezing it lightly, careful not to bruise it when she knew the importance of the day; however, I had plans of my own. I did not survive until I was twenty, older, and stronger, to be dragged to a different auction the way that I was today. I watched in silence as she placed a white collar around my neck, the white color resembles me being a virgin, and those who were not, had a red one. She fixed my curly brown hair, nodding in satisfaction before they placed the leash on the collar, knowing that I would most probab
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Chapter 2
Alexei: “You bloody damn, monkey sucking balls…” “You have a mouth on you, malyshka” Ivan said, putting Scarlett on my bed as she squirmed, fighting the cuffs that restrained. I took a sip out of my whiskey, keeping my eyes on her as she squirmed. Clearly not feeling the bond as she lay in front of me, her wolf being blocked or more specifically, tamed. I nodded at Ivan, watching as he walked out of the room before I approached her. I slowly took her collar off, hovering her body as I un-cuffed her. She glared at me, sitting up as she watched what I was about to do. Her body which was initially bare when I bought her was now covered in my jacket, at least, her upper half was. “You managed to stay quiet” I said, looking her in the eye. However, her quietness didn’t last for long, and raising her hand, and slapped me in the face. I frowned, growling at her, grabbing her hands, pinning her down, glaring at her. “LET ME GO!” “I suggest that you fucking tone it down before it gets agg
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Chapter 3
Scarlett: I looked around the room, scanning my surroundings as I tried to familiarize myself with the area. My back stung as I clenched my fists on the edge of the bed, focusing on the target that I needed to do. My wolf, who was usually quiet, tamed, and under control, whimpered, disagreeing with me for the first time. My heart throbbed for her, the lone broken wolf who was forced to survive in the shadows for us to stay safe. I knew that I had to find a way out of this hellhole, staying here was something that I didn’t want, and the idea of him getting inside this room to claim me as his own was something that I didn’t even want to think of, and knowing that I wouldn’t have any chance against him; I knew that I needed to run away from here. I walked toward the door, my hand shaking as I extended it to the knob, wanting to open it. However, I was quick to retreat as I heard footsteps getting closer, and forcing myself to run and sit on the edge of the bed, I watched as the bedroo
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Chapter 4
Alexei: I frowned when I entered the room to find Scarlett laying on the floor with a pool of blood under her head. “Shit” I whispered, running toward her, lifting her in my arms. I could hear her heartbeat weakening and her calm breathing. The woman has been here an hour so far, and the last thing I expected was to find her laying on the ground when I came back. I laid her on the bed, not caring that she was bleeding, and taking off my shirt, I placed it under her head the wound. I knew not to call the doctors or nurses, I needed to get new ones anyway. I walked to the bathroom and brought the first aid kit. “You really are a handful, Scarlett” I said, running my finger over her cheekbone. Slowly removing the jacket of her body. I walked to my closet and pulled a black shirt, setting aside, I removed the pillow which was smudged with her blood, and covered the cut that was on her back, bandaging them. Slowly wrapping a scarf around her head, covering the cut. I slowly raised her,
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Chapter 5
Scarlett: Tears fell from my eyes before I could stop them as my walls stretched to fit the Alpha. His forehead resting against my own as he kept his eyes on me, clearly amused by my expression. His words played in my head with each passing second, and I could feel his veins pumping inside me as he stayed completely still, watching me, taking deep, slow breaths. Our hearts raced against our chests, and despite hating to admit it, they both matched in rhythm. His hand, which was holding both my hands up over my head, let me go as his arms wrapped around me, holding me close, kissing me. His kiss was tender, gentle, and had it been any other situation, one would have actually thought that he was my lover, hell, I would have mistaken him for being my lover. His lips moved from my lips to my cheek, nose, forehead, and neck, clearly wanting to distract me from the pain of being stretched to him. His arms which were wrapped around me, caressed my back gently, his touch soothing despite t
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Chapter 6
Alexei:I glared at Scarlett, and never in my life did I find the urge to punch someone in the face so hard to contain.Her body which was still under me, reminding me that she was two times smaller than I was, was sore, bruised, and beaten, and the last thing I wanted to do was break her more than she already was.I sat up, moving from on top of her, heading to the bathroom to get myself cleaned. The last thing I needed or wanted was to get into an argument with a slave at five in the morning, and if she was refusing to be tamed, then I would know how to deal with her my way.I smirked at the sight of her blood coating my cock, a reminder that I was the one person to touch her, and that would be the case, until at least, I grew tired of her. Getting in the shower, I quickly washed myself before getting out of the shower and wrapping a towel around me. I could hear Scarlett’s racing heartbeat as she anticipated the worst. I wasn’t sure what she expected, but I had nothing to tell he
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Chapter 7
Scarlett:I woke up to Alexei getting up from bed.Sitting up, I rubbed my temple, slowly massaging it as I tried to soothe the pain in my head.“Good morning” Alexei said, not turning to face me. His toned back faced me, his muscles flexed and I couldn’t help but stare at him.“Can I take a shower?” I asked, not bothering to respond. “The bathroom is right here, you don’t need to ask permission to go” he said, pointing at the door.“Thank you” I said, lowering my gaze to the ground when he turned to face me. My heart raced against my ribcage as he approached me.He sat on the edge of the bed, and extending his hand, I couldn’t help but flinch “I won’t hurt you”I stayed still, watching as he removed my hair from my neck, touching the mark on my neck. The mark sent sparks running down my spine, and seeing my reaction, Alexei smiled at me.“You’re in a good mood” I stated. He chuckled, shaking his head at me.“You are one interesting woman, has anyone ever told you that” he said, maki
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Chapter 8
Alexei:“Madeline, you will be in charge of taking care of Scarlett. Teach her the rules of the estate and make sure that she doesn’t go around shifting and killing the other wolves” I said, looking Maddie in the eye. Her brown eyes met my blue ones and she shook her head at me, crossing her arms over her chest.“Something happened, and considering that you just called me Madeline, I have a feeling that you are more than just a little pissed off” she said, raising an eyebrow at me. Maddie, Ivan, and I grew up together and considering that, she was never treated like the other maids despite that being her job.“She’s just being a handful” I said, pinching the bridge of my nose. The fact that she was different made this a lot more exciting; however, I wasn’t sure whether it was in a good way or a bad one “I slapped her today”“You, Alpha Alexei, laid your hand on a woman?” Madeline asked, straightening up “that’s a first. She must have really annoyed you if you resolved to the one thing
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Chapter 9
Scarlett:I walked out of the bathroom to frown when I saw a woman sitting on Alexei’s bed. Her blonde hair was loose over her shoulders as she scrolled through the phone, and I couldn’t help but frown when I heard the bedroom’s door get locked. Her eyes met mine, and she raised an eyebrow, looking me up and down. Her brown eyes met my green ones, and regardless of the fact of having a towel wrapped around me, I couldn’t help but feel exposed as her eyes scanned me for a second too long.She twirled her finger around a lock of her straight, blonde hair before standing up, showing me a few clothes that were on the edge of the bed. I looked at the clothes, then at her, waiting for her to voice out what she wanted to say.“I wasn’t sure of your size, but if they’re too big, we can always tighten them, at least, until you’ve gotten your own clothes” she said, taking a step back. “Whose clothes are they?”“They’re mine, but don’t worry, the underwear are new. I figured that you could use
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