His Forbidden Obsession

His Forbidden Obsession

By:  Taevya  Completed
Language: English
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"Is my Seraphina afraid of me? " She pressed her shivering naked body more against the wall to prevent getting touched by the bare skin of the owner of that raspily husky voice . "So you don't want me to touch you? But you had no problem getting touched by him, Seraphina? " Her eyes filled with tears hearing his words because her mind immediately recalled the face of her friend and how brutally he had killed him. "Then why are you afraid of getting touched by me, Princess?" She unlatched her lashes and immediately tried to free herself from him but her body turned into ice when he pinned her wrists against the wall and pressed his drenched body against her. "Hadn't I fucking warned you to stay away from him? But no, my little princess wanted to defy me? And look, her defiance made me to take another life, " A soul quivering smirk crept on his lips by watching the terror emerging into her alluring azure eyes . "So ,I guess now we have to make her obey me and for that, I have a very precious way to teach her, " His hand roamed over her naked skin. "A forbidden way which will hurt my princess a lot, " He squeezed her soft bosoms, making her whimper. "But the more pain she will feel, the more pleasure she is going to get through that way, " He chuckled when he found her struggling, like a little afraid kitten. "The more you will fight it, the more it's going to hurt, Princess," His hand went down to her lower abdomen And her blood drenched from her body when he gently grazed his knuckles against her pelvic line . "You're mine," His hand went down more to taint her purity. "You belong to Arzal Darius Grayson, Sera."

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125 Chapters
"Let me see him for once. I really need to talk to him, " "Sir is not here ,so please leave, Ms. ." "No, I know he's here. Let me meet him. " The argument at the door continued which gained the attention of a certain pair of emerald green eyes. "What's happening there? " Those eyes remained glued at the door where the woman and the guards were still quarreling . "She's Lia Campbell and wants to meet Mr Grayson, " Those green eyes filled with curiosity at the answer and then they trailed towards the owner of that voice where they fell on the lowered head of that person. "And why does she want to meet him? " That person didn't dare to take his eyes upward and looked into those green eyes. "She had met Mr. Grayson last month at one of his business events and now she's claiming that she's pregnant with his child , " That man answered , still looking down. The amusement left from those emerald eyes and got replaced with venom after hearing his reply. "Does he know about her preg
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For The First Time
"The weather is clean . The sun is looking happy, " Her alluring azure eyes peeked through the glass window. "Thank you, Miss weather reporter, " She teared her eyes and saw her brother stuffing her lunch in hot cases for her. Her nostrils filled with the delicious smell of her favourite mixed vegetables curry. She ran towards him and tried to dip her finger in the food to taste it but he stopped her . "Careful, Seraphina. Did you get hurt? " He tensed up and immediately started checking her fingers. She smiled and shrugged her head. "I am fine, Nate. " He sighed and then took a spoon and dipped it in the curry bowl and then blew it with his mouth in order to cool it down. "It's really very hot, Sephi. You need to be careful, angel, " He spoke in between cooling down the curry and then extended it to her mouth. "Now it's cool enough to eat, so eat and tell me how's it? " She tittered and ate it with his hand. "It's delicious, " He grinned warmly and closed the hot cases. "
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Grayson Corporation
Her legs were slightly trembling. Her palms had started sweating whereas her azure eyes were still faintly blurry because of her tears. She was clutching that envelope tightly in her fists while her eyes were staring at each and every vehicle running on that highway road at its full speed. Her throat turned dry in fear because she was not used to being all alone on such a dangerous highway where an uncountable number of vehicles were running at their tremendous speed. She didn't even know how to take a lift or call for a cab because her brother had always been there for her whenever she had to go out, including going to her school and coming back to home. Basically, throughout her life, she had found herself totally secured and guarded by her brother and his protection, in each and every situation and that thing had made her totally dependent on him and Nathan had always kept her secured in his protective cage because he knew his sister was too innocuous and tender hearted and head
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A Forbidden Touch
"Mr Grayson's car has reached here. Make sure everything seems perfect in front him, " Everyone tensed up and turned alerted. The guards nodded and then turned around only to find that fragile little girl still standing there helplessly . "Leave right now. Our boss is coming, "The guard's voice was laced with threats which made her chest tighten in fear but she still didn't give up. " Please, let me meet… " "Jace, throw this girl out before Mr Grayson reaches here, " One of the guards said glaring at Seraphina, making her teared up more badly at his choice of words for her. But the worst had started when the guard grabbed her petite arm, making her gasp and he started dragging her out from that place. Seraphina made no efforts to stop him because that helpless girl was crying her heart out ,enduring that humiliation which she had never felt in her life before. Her eyes were tightly shut but tears didn't stop and then she finally felt the guard pushing her slightly but her body
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An Insane Desire
"Good evening, Mr Grayson, " Each and every guard bowed to him as they saw him getting out of his luxurious car and straight walking towards his huge villa , completely ignoring the greetings he had received on his way. He stepped inside his villa and every single staff member present inside turned alerted. They all lowered their gazes because they didn't have the audacity to look into those piercing grey eyes. He also made no efforts to give his attention to anyone and continued straddling towards the direction his room was, but halted in his steps hearing that voice. "So how was my son's day? " His icy grey eyes travelled to look at the owner of that voice and his lips stretched into a small grin when his gaze fell on those emerald orbs. "As usual , " He answered and then hugged her. "But endurable, " He completed his sentence which made those green eyes filled with curiosity. "Really? " She asked and he nodded with a slight smirk on his face ,recalling the azure eyes of his
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Breaking The Rules
The beautiful rays of sun entered through the glass window and straight fell on those closed eyes which made them open and those baby blue eyes gleamed up more when the sun rays hit them. Her rosy pale cheeks started glowing like the shine of white pearls. She slowly yawned and tossed her head and buried her face into her teddy bear. "Wake up, Sephi. " Hearing that voice, she again shifted and answered in her baby whining voice. "Please two minutes more, Nate. I am very sleepy, " Nathan smiled at her answer and then delicately tapped on her soft cheeks, making her squeal more and buried her face more into the teddy . "If someone is sleepy than I guess I have to eat someone's favourite chocolate pastries alone "She shot open her eyes and immediately got up. "No. I am not sleepy. I will eat 6 pastries this time," She announced her tummy's desire which made her brother raise his eyebrow at her. "And here I thought someone was sleepy? " He asked to which she shrugged her head and
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Forgetting The Way
"Don't leave this room until I get back from the meeting, " Nathan made Seraphina sit in one of the waiting rooms of Grayson Corporation because she didn't want to go inside with him in the meeting room and besides, he knew it would be inappropriate taking her with him to meet his head boss and he didn't want to make Seraphina uncomfortable. "I will be back within 10 minutes , okay? " Seraphina nodded at him with a smile and replied"All the very best for your meeting, Nate. "He beamed and patted her head and then left the room, leaving her alone in that waiting room because he knew that place was safe because that entire building,including that room was under strict surveillance and besides no outsider was ever allowed to get inside the company, except Seraphina. Her azure blue eyes were scanning that entire room in curiosity which was looking clean, luxurious and beautiful. That entire building was more magnificent from inside . She was admiring that room's beauty when her pho
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A Sweet Little Thief
"What the hell are you doing here? " Her eyes widened in pure horor. Her blood ran cold. Her entire body turned numb in fear, hearing that raspily hoarse voice which was the deepest voice she had ever heard in her life. She immediately dropped that half eaten cookie back on the box and closed her eyes tightly. She didn't dare to turn around and look at the owner of that voice and now she was regretting her decision of getting out of that waiting room and specially came inside this room. "Turn the fuck around right now, " Seraphina terribly flinched at her place when she heard that voice get raised a little and those choice of words made tears prick into her eyes in fear and panic. For a brief moment, the room fell into a deadly silence until Seraphina heard those heavy footsteps getting closer to her direction. "I said fucking turn… . " That heavy growling voice halted when Seraphina turned around and her face became visible to those eyes. Those eyes which shamelessly scanned h
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A Promise To Pay Back
"Not until you pay for what you have taken from me, Seraphina , " Her azure orbs widened when she heard him taking her name but how did he know her name, that question stunned her. "How do you know my name?" Seraphina asked him while gazing into his silver eyes, shocked , which made his smirk turn more devilish. "Hmmm… " Her face tingled when his warm breathing fanned over it. "Do you know who I am? " He asked her and she just shrugged her head in denial, making him smirked more. "Seems like I am not that famous yet , " He uttered, filling her eyes with confusion. "So let me introduce myself first, " Seraphina heard him speaking and she just stood there, staring at him untidily, until"So my name is Ar… . " His words halted with her phone call. Seraphina's gaze enlarged by watching Nathan calling her again. She picked his phone call. "Hello.. ""Sorry, I am coming. Don't worry, please. No I am not lost, I'll be there. Okay, " She hung up her phone and looked at him, who was
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Ruin & Love
His steel grey eyes were keenly gazing at that pencil which was tainting the whiteness of that painting board. "So she was stealing something from your private cabin? " His lips stretched into a smirk ,hearing those words and remembering that face which he recalled by hearing them. His hand continued to move that pencil on that pale board. "But what exactly was she stealing? " He halted his hand and then turned his head around and looked at the owner of that voice. "Chocolate cookie, " "What? Ignoring everything inside your cabin,she was stealing cookies?" He chuckled and again turned his head to look at that painting board. "Yes, she was stealing cookies, Nick. " Nick was his friend from his school days. He was like a brother to him and now Nick was even working for him and he knew almost each and everything about him. "Wow, man. Of all the expensive things in your cabin, she was interested in taking those cookies. Damn, " Nick commented, earning a snigger from his 26 years
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