The Beta's Mate

The Beta's Mate

By:  Ellie Scott  Updated just now
Language: English
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Beta Sam has just been rejected. His fated mate was a rogue who did not feel worthy of him. Sam takes off from his Pack for a break, meeting a new woman. She is not a second chance mate, but he thinks she would be a good chosen mate. Will Sam find the happiness he deserves, or will he be bombarded with challenge after challenge as he finds his way toward his Beta Female? His Alpha, Luna, and Gamma will help Sam along the way toward finding his own happy ever after.

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97 Chapters
Chapter 1
Sam’s POV “I accept your rejection,” I say to Josie before I walk away from her. I walk past Alpha Adam, Luna Jenna, and Gamma Jack. I want to get as far away from everyone as possible. I leave the dungeons and walk towards my bike in front of the Pack house. I wipe my eyes before I put my helmet on, throw my leg over the bike seat, and squeal out of the parking lot. The pain I felt at the rejection was destroying me inside. I had no idea where I was going, but I was heading toward the coast. I wanted to experience the sun on my skin, sitting at a beach and forgetting my troubles. Maybe I would get lucky and pick up a couple women to provide a distraction for me. I rode for hours before stopping for the night. I grabbed a burger and fries from a fast-food place and went to my hotel room to eat it. I was not in the mood for socializing tonight. How had the Moon Goddess connected me with a rogue? A rogue whose brother happened to be the Ro
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Chapter 2
Josie POV It had been a couple days since I had last seen Sam. I had been shocked when Sam had accepted my rejection. A small part of me had hoped he would continue to refuse. I know it was ridiculous, but I wanted him to fight for me. Not that he had not. He had. I kept shutting him out. He deserved so much better than me. Someone who had not spent a lifetime being a rogue. My father had been the Rogue King, before my twin brother Eric killed him and took over as the Rogue King. A rogue was a wolf who did not want to be a part of a Pack or had been kicked out of a Pack for some reason or other. Others were born into it. As the Rogue King’s daughter, I was born to be a rogue. It was our family’s legacy. Rogue royalty, I think with a sarcastic chuckle. For me all I can remember is pain. Physical pain from inside my body. A pain that twists around your internal organs. And then the physical pain from years of abuse by my father. I nev
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Chapter 3
Sam POV As I walked into the quaint pub, I could see why it was so popular. There were lots of sitting areas, along with a small dance floor. A place for a band to set up. As I took a spot at a booth toward the back, I nodded to the waitress indicating I would l like to order a drink and some food. It was not long before my food was delivered, and I was taking in the scenery. There were a lot of couples present tonight. Happy couples. I had been with lots of women, Jenna had kept warning me that my future mate would not be happy with my promiscuous ways. Not that I found that when I found my fated mate, I think with a low growl. I knew I needed a distraction. Someone to take my mind off what was going on at home. I had accepted her rejection and had felt the bond break when I said those words. Looking around the club I noticed a hot brunette looking my way. She smiled and gestured for me to come over to sit beside her. While a part of
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Chapter 4
Josie POV The day had finally arrived. I was eating my meals, and Jenna was pleased with my limited progress. Adam had finally agreed, although Jenna had already decided she said she wanted to give him the illusion of having a choice. I was moved to the holding cells. Jenna did not want to do healing in the dungeons. Not that I blamed her, I would not want too either. It was a dreary place. As I looked around the room, it was a closed in cell with a door. The only way people could see in was through the door window. And I could see a curtain was placed to block out inquiring minds. I was anxious. I did not realize how badly I wanted this to work. I wanted to feel worthy of being with someone. I wanted too not be a rogue anymore, and I felt like I had the option today. I did not know what would happen after Jenna attempts to heal me, but I would try my best to get Sam back. I had never experienced hope before. Now I seemed to have it,
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Chapter 5
Jenna POV “We need to get her to the Pack hospital now,” I say to Adam. He stands up mind-linking Jack to advise we were moving. Jack comes in once Adam unlocks the door and picks Josie up as we all run to the Pack house. Adam had also mind-linked Doctor Rivers, the Pack Hospital doctor, to have a gurney ready when we arrived. Doctor Rivers and one of his nurses were waiting and rushed Josie to the designated room. Adam came in behind me with Jack guarding the door. Doctor Rivers excused the nurse waiting for her to leave before looking at me waiting for an explanation. As the door closed, I looked to Doctor Rivers, “I am trying to heal her as I started to heal her brother,” I say to him. He looks at me confused and looks down to Josie. “Why her?” he asks me. “She was innocent in all of this; she deserves a second chance,” I reply to him. He nods as he moves around starting to attach different machines to Josie. “What happened when you s
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Chapter 6
Jenna POV After diner, I went into my office to check on a few emails. I was planning a Mating Gala in the next week, and I wanted to see who had accepted so far. As a new Luna, I quickly realized we have a lot of unmated wolves in our Pack. I quickly learned that this was the case with other Packs in our alliances. So, I decided to host a gala with the goal for some of our wolves to find their mates. Upon entering a bouquet of white roses catch my attention. I love white roses and it would be just like Adam to leave them for me. With everything going on, he could be so thoughtful. I mind-link him, “Thank you for the beautiful flowers, mate,” I say to him. There is a pause before Adam replies, “I did not send you any flowers.”. Hmmm, I think as I move toward the bouquet first smelling them before I remove the card on the flowers. “From your secret admirer,” it says. I feel a weird feeling in my stomach as Adam walks in looking a
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Chapter 7
Jenna POV Adam, Josie, and I had briefly discussed the potential of having the tracking device removed but I did advise them it was in an intricate part of the brain. The risk would be high that she would either not make it out of the surgery or would potentially have brain damage. I agreed to consult with Doctor Rivers on his knowledge of doctors who might specialize in this type of surgery with high success rates. The bigger question was why did she have a tracking device inside her? Was it something from her father, or had it been put there for other reasons or by someone else? And who was monitoring it now? Did this mean someone would be coming for her? We had no idea and no way to prepare. Josie asked about Sam for the first time this morning. Adam honestly replied he had not heard from him recently. We had not heard from Sam. Jack had tried to call him with everything that had happened in the past twelve hours but had not had a reply as yet. Jack had ente
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Chapter 8
Jenna POV “Dad?” I ask confused. My father looks at me with a mixture of embarrassment and frustration. What is he doing here and what happened to the mystery man I was supposed to meet? I looked around the diner once more in case I have missed him, and this is some bizarre coincidence. “Sit, Jenna,” my father says as he gestures to the server to come take our order. As Adam suggested, I refused anything and sat there expectantly waiting for my father to explain why he was here. He ordered himself a coffee with breakfast. He smirked when I refused to order anything, “Did your mate tell you not to take anything?” he taunts me. Again, I am confused by his behaviour. This is not the man I grew up with. I ignore his question considering standing up and leaving. I would not tolerate his treatment of me, regardless of if he was my father or not. “Why are you here?” I ask my father. He takes a sip of his fresh coffee, and simply looks at me.
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Chapter 9
Jenna POV I try to get away from Adam scrambling on my hands and knees to get to my father. I hated him in this moment, but I did not want him to die. Adam held me back until he was certain the shooter was no longer a threat. He and Jack protected me with their bodies as we hurried to where my father had fallen. I immediately see that my father has a gun shot through the chest. I quickly role him and see that the bullet went through him. I am uncertain what might have been hit with the shot, but it is a good sign that the bullet went through him. I tell Adam so they can start looking to make sure the bullet did not strike anyone in the diner, while I go to work on my father. I do a discreet scan and see that his heart was nicked with the bullet but everything else is fine. I do a quick fix that does not require a lot of my healing efforts. I put my hand over the bullet hole and hold it there while his wolf tries to stop the bleeding. Bein
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Chapter 10
Adam POV Jenna had taken a seat on the couch. Jack was standing against the wall next to where she sat. And I was sitting behind my desk. I had been advised two warriors were on their way with Tiffany. The door was open in expectation of their arrival. As the warriors entered the Pack house, we could hear Tiffany screaming profanities at the warriors. They clearly were not bothered by her words as they suddenly appeared with her in the doorway. Pushing Tiffany inside she fell to her hands and knees in the middle of my office. As she turned to scowl at the two warriors, I yelled, “Enough!”. She was startled and suddenly looked around the room realizing where she was. A look of fear crossed her face briefly before she smirked at me. She had the audacity to smirk. She stands in front of me, “You called for me, Alpha? Finally, had enough of your Luna?” she taunts. I see Jenna tense out of the corner of my eye, but she does not rise to the
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