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We were like two peas in a pod, our passion burned hot and bright, atleas that is what I thought. But it had all been a plot, nothing was real. He was in love with my step sister Nia, he was just using me. So when I found out I was pregnant, I took it as a chance to get out and escape town and start afresh with the new life growing inside me. But he was a werewolf, an alpha. There was no place on earth he couldn't find me.

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4 Chapters
Chapter One
Six months ago. Aliya . There were loud noises in my head and for a moment I thought I was dreaming. But the noises got closer and closer, I slowly opened my eyes looking around confused, that's when I saw him, my father standing over my bed. "Get up!" he yelled as he started kicking and throwing things around. Completely in shock, I immediately sat up wondering what was going on when he grabbed my arm roughly pulling me off the bed. He dislocated my arm in the process and I shrieked in pain as tears started running down my eyes. This was not the first time he was being abusive to me, I should have gotten used to it by now. But every time he did it still hurt like the first time he laid his hands on me. I looked at the my bedside clock, it was still pretty early, so why was he so mad and angry at me? "You better get ready young lady and join me in the living room in the next ten minutes." he said before storming out. He was always angry about something, but this seemed di
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Chapter Two
Chapter Two. Aliya . Present. It was amazing how fast a pregnant woman could run with the right motivation, and I was very motivated to get away from Kai Ballard. I bolted into the kitchen, barely avoiding one of the runners and i winced when the Chef roared his displeasure.'Pregnant women do not belong in my kitchen. Go, go! Get out!' he yelled at me, Of course, that same ornery chef slipped me a meal at the end of my shifts each night. Not one from the menu, but a dish he prepared just for me. The baby needed good food to grow big and strong, he always said. Chef was a true Italian through and through, and i loved him for always taking care of me. I dipped past busy waiters and a sous chef or two as I rushed towards the back door. When i slipped past Chef, hoping that his gruff demeanour coated a good heart, i patted his back with a low apology and a few desperate words.“Stall him. Please.” I said breathlessly, "Don't let him catch me."The swinging door to the kitchen slamm
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Chapter Three
Chapter Three. Aliya. The bus slowly gathered speed as the driver ran it through its gears and demanded the massive vehicle respond. The entire time, Jake kept pace, his glare focused entirely on me as he ran behind the bus. I hadn’t feared him a few months ago, not when I had discovered he was a billionaire, when i found out he was a werewolf. Even discovering he was an alpha hadn’t frightened me. But right then, right now, I was deathly afraid. Afraid for myself, i rubbed my stomach, attempting to soothe the child still within me afraid for my baby. He continued their rapid race down the street, the surrounding cityscape passing with an ever increasing speed, until the world around us was nearly a blur. And still he kept pace with us. At least until two other large bodies came abreast with his racing form and tackled him to the ground, ceasing his pursuit. His bodyguards. They went everywhere with him. At first it had been a novelty, something that annoyed me but my love for him
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Chapter Four
Chapter Four. Aliya . Olive skin, midnight hair, strong features and heavily muscled body… all so familiar. Even the gray fur that peppered his flesh and the yellowed eyes that overtook the normal chocolate hues were familiar. I knew his body almost as well as i knew my own. We had touched, tasted, and loved each other for three months before it all came crashing down. And now he was back. Would he destroy me all over again?Probably.Fury coated his features, and I knew it was only a matter of time before his roars echoed off the walls. Rather than causing the spectacle in the middle of the hallway, i brushed past him and carefully made my way into my home. “Kai,” i murmured as i passed by him. I didn’t miss his growl.I would brave this out. I would explain my position, tell him exactly what would happen, and then he would leave. I thought to myself, giving myself the strength I so desperately needed. “Aliya ,” he snarled my name.I ignored the violence in his tone and looked ar
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