His Assassin's Love

His Assassin's Love

By:  Hazza4 life  Ongoing
Language: English
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The son of a well known billionaire is hunted down by his father's numerous enemies. But what the young boy doesn't know is that his father's rivals are not the only ones interested in seeing him buried six feet beneath the earth's surface. A story of love, heartbreak and betrayal. Who will be last one standing unscathed? Find out more in the action novel of His Assassin's Love.

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31 Chapters
Chapter one
SILVIA'S POV"I want to go to Yale, baby. "I choked on my drink, and his hand quickly went to my back to rub it softly. Once I was able to clear my throat and fill my lungs with enough oxygen, I looked at my boyfriend, Josiah, with a mix of shock and disbelief."Yale? Why Yale? And why so sudden? I thought we agreed to go to the University of California together," I said, pinning him down with my gaze. Most people thought of me as intimidating; that probably had something to do with my fierce eyes and tall stature. And I was told I always had this uninviting look on my face that chased people away. Can't an eighteen year old girl have grey eyes, be six feet tall, and always have a stoic expression without looking terrifying? But I know Josiah didn't look at me as intimidating. He always felt at ease around me. A little too comfortable.He nodded slowly, never taking his striking green orbs away from my grey ones as he spoke, "Yes, we did, but Yale has always been a dream of mine. I
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Chapter two
GERALD'S POV The stripper unveiled her body to me like a mother would on her favorite child's birthday. Her body was one of the best I have ever seen—exactly what I ordered. Her breasts were full and perky; those hard and pink nipples were practically begging me to suck them. Her stomach was flat and defined with ab lines, giving her a small waist. But her hips were to die for. They were so wide and smooth, my hands itched to grab them, and those creamy white thighs of hers... Goddamn. "You like what you see, Baby?" she asked, and I didn't bother to hide my cringe. Her voice was not as appealing as her body, so instead of responding, I grabbed her wrist and dragged her down to my lap. A giggle left her lips, and it made the boner I got from her body soften a bit. I pressed my finger to her lips and looked into her dark brown eyes. "Not another sound, okay baby?" I asked, but smiled when she stuck out her tongue and licked my finger. She stuck it into her mouth and took my other hand
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Chapter three
GERALD'S POV "Your father is requesting your presence," Paula said as she walked towards the bed and placed her hand on my knee. I caught a glimpse of her smile as I groaned.My father was over seventy years old, yet he followed me around like he was in his twenties. I know exactly what he wants: to nag and yell at me for how much of a failure I am turning out now that I don't take my education seriously. Our conversations have practically been the same over the past five years."You are nothing but a disgrace, Gerald.""How can I hand over my life's work to you if you don't know anything, Gerald?""You're such a failure Gerald.""Your mother would be so disappointed, Gerald.""Gerald, you'll never get into Havard like this.""You need to become more serious with your life, Gerald."God, are all old people like this? Or am I just unfortunate?"Well, his request is denied," I answered, leaning towards the table to grab my phone. I could feel her eyes on me as I scrolled through the de
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Chapter four
SILVIA'S POVI checked my make-up through the rearview mirror as I pulled up at Josiah's house. He always likes it when I don't wear makeup, but there are times I keep it simple so other guys don't get attracted to me. He's possessive like that.But today I went a bit extra. I wanted to lure him into making out with me today because honestly, it has been a while. I made sure to go with smokey eyes and a blood red lipstick in order to give me a sexy look. I almost put on some bronzer, but I had to remind myself that we were only going to school. Besides, I have other ways of seducing him. A sly smile stretched my lips at the thought. I was getting too excited, I needed to calm down.On hearing his front door open and shut, I quickly got out of the car to hug him. My smile was bright, but my hands only grazed his jacket before he took a step back from me. His frown was disapproving as he looked at my face. "What's with all that make-up?" he asked, pointing at my face."I wanted to do so
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Chapter five
SILVIA'S POV"Do you like him?"My heart jumped out of my chest as Josiah’s voice infiltrated my ears from behind. I turned on my heels to find him glaring at me. My tongue slid over my bottom lip as I desperately tried to search for an excuse for my prolonged staring at another guy.I shot him a disbelieving look before a snort left my lips: "What? Of course not," I answered, but it only appeared to make him angrier.I could have sworn I heard him growl before he said, "You were practically drooling at the sight of him!"My lips parted to defend myself, but Chloe had chosen that moment to step in, "Ugh! Stop being such a drag, Jos. You can’t deny that any woman could be attracted to him; he's so fucking hot!"My eyes fell on Josiah’s clenched fist and chin. It was obvious Chloe’s words had made things worse. A wave of panic rushed through me as he pushed past the both of us and stormed down the hall. I threw Chloe an exasperated look before throwing my hands in the air. "What did you
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chapter six
GERALD'S POV My eyes fell on the familiar car, and a relieved smile graced my lips. Everyone present in the parking lot gaped at the glistening black Audi R8 as Paula brought it to a stop in front of me. So much for keeping things low-key, but I had my doubts based on how I dressed, as I barely managed to keep a low profile myself. But I felt good seeing Paula’s smiling face through the windscreen. I needed a familiar face. I was tired of this hell hole. But sadly, I wanted to come back tomorrow, and that’s a sentiment I have never had towards school.I could feel the eyes of hundreds on me as I got into the passenger side of the luxurious vehicle. I was immediately greeted with a slap on the head: "Ow! What did you do that for?" I whined, earning a chuckle from her. Pain shot through my brain like an arrow during war. Of course she just had to add to my already growing headache.The thing about Paula is that she looked like the weakest person on the planet. Her arms and legs were b
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Chapter seven
GERALD'S POV I loved the way they marveled at my penthouse. When we left the school, they were all skeptical about picking my place to do our project. The looks on their faces when we pulled up at the club were hilarious. Jessica was the first to speak when Silvia put her car in park."I knew it, you are just plain crazy! Do you think this is funny? We can’t do our project in a strip club!" She yelled, and all I wanted to do was put tape over her mouth. Why was she screaming? We were all in the same damn car, and it didn’t help that she was right behind me.I twisted my torso to get a look at Jessica’s scowling face. I shot her a smile because annoying her was one of the very few things I found joy in doing. "Why not?" I asked, and she looked at me as though I was crazy. I could feel Silvia’s eyes on me, and if the circumstances were different, we probably would be making out right now. If only these three nuisances at the back weren’t there."What do you mean why not? You know what?
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chapter eight
GERALD’S POVI shuffled to my feet and was by Paula’s side in a flash. My heart pounded against my chest at the sight of the knife plunged into her side. My hands flew to the wound, and a ringing resonated in my ears when her warm blood soaked my hands and formed a puddle around her and my knees.No, no, no."Relax," Paula croaked, and my eyes snapped to meet hers. They were already focused on me, and I did not like the way her eyelids fluttered slowly."Relax? You have a knife sticking out of you and your blood is everywhere!" I snapped as though it were her fault she was injured in the first place. When, in reality, it was all my fault, Whenever she gets hurt, it’s always my fault.Fuck! Why couldn’t I just defend myself for once?"Let’s take her to the hospital, dude," Mason said, coming to kneel beside Paula’s other side. His eyes fell on the wound, which he inspected. I didn’t like the worry he had written all over his features.But then Paula did something that had all our jaws
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chapter nine
GERALD’S POV"So, guys, where are we meeting this time?" I asked casually, coming to take a seat beside Mason. He, along with Abel and Jessica, were at the table. I couldn’t stop my eyes from searching for Silvia. Where was she?"Obviously not your place," Jessica countered, and I shot her a tight smile."You won’t be saying that when I am down between your legs." I have no idea what made me say that, but it was too late to take it back. Jessica choked back on her soda and burst into a coughing fit. What I said must have really taken her off guard. By the time she had gotten a hold of her bearings, she shot me a venomous glare, but the redness of her cheeks didn’t make me take her seriously. I don’t know what made my eyes glide downwards; maybe it was because the last time I saw her, she was wearing a baggy sweater and sweatpants.This time was much different. She wore a bloody red crop top that had her boobs popping out; they looked so full and luscious that it was almost impossible
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chapter ten
SILVIA’S POVGerald didn’t show up at all last night, and I was grateful for that because the baseball bat Josiah brought to my place later that evening was not something I would want to add in a police report. Josiah said it was just in case the people after Gerald decided to show up at my place, but that was highly unlikely. We both knew what he planned on doing with it.The night was spent working on the project, and we were almost halfway done. I could only hope Gerald would be present while we were doing the other half. But with Josiah traveling this Sunday, something told me Gerald would be there. Josiah would be away for a whole week. He was going to see Riley in Denver. Apparently she was sick, and Josiah wanted to make sure she was okay. He was such a good big brother.His flight was on Sunday, so we decided to hang out on Saturday. It was Friday and I could not stop searching for Gerald; my mind was racing with so many thoughts. He didn’t come to school yesterday, and I wond
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