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People say that love and obsession are two different things that are hardly related. Do you think the same? In reality, these are opposite sides of the same coin. The question that comes to mind is, can obsession be so intense that it blurs the thin line between right and wrong? To see these things better let's dive into the journey of A merciless, cruel king and a common village girl. This is the tale of a ruthless tyrant, Eric Leonor, and his obsession which brought a drastic change in the life of the one whom he loves. What will happen to the girl who catches the king's eye? She is not only the king’s obsession but his slave too. She is the most beautiful slave in his harem. Her name is as serene as her looks. Isabelle lived a beautiful life until the time when the king attacked her village. She was made a slave. She does not know if her family is alive or not. But she knew what would be her destiny when she stepped into the Dark Palace. She knew she will become a slave to the king and she will have to bear this cruelty upon her.

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65 Chapters
This is a beautiful tale of Eric Leonor and Isabelle Winston. A king and a village commoner who later became the slave in King’s harem.From a free girl, she became a slave. A life of slavery was written in her destiny.For years the Alsair Kingdom has been ruled by the Leonor Family. Eric Stone Leonor is the ninth king of The Alsair Kingdom. He has proved to be more ruthless than any other king of his family in just two years of reign. It is said that his eyes reflect the cruelty in him. There is not even a single person who is not afraid of him.He is not only ruthless and a tyrant but brave and courageous too. Wins after wins have been seen in his reign for two years. His kingdom has become the largest and the richest among all other kingdoms. The strongest among all other kingdoms.Isabelle is that girl with whom destiny played in the cruelest way possible. She did not only lose her freedom but became a slave too. She is the most beautiful slave of his harem and has also caught th
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ISABELLE’S POV “Lily, where are you? Lily? I am tired now” I call lily as I enter the farm. Warm wind collides my body and I feel hotter. It is so much hot today. The sun is blazing. It seems like fire is reaching the earth in the form of sunlight. Why summers are so hot? I hate summers. I am now angry at myself. Why did I even agree to play with Lily on this hot day? Now I am all sweaty. Complete silence follows me as I continue to call Lily. Where is she? We were playing hide and seek and it was now my turn to find her but it seems like she has disappeared instead of hiding. I have looked for her everywhere but still, she is nowhere to be found. It has been too much time since I have been looking for her. I have checked everywhere. I look towards the sky. The sun is about to set. The sky is covered with a golden yellow hue. It is so much beautiful. Shit! It is going to be dark soon. Mom and dad will be worried about us. I should find Lily as soon as possible. Mom has always said
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ERIC’S POVThe royal chef presents the goblet filled with wine. I gesture for him to leave and he bows his head before leaving. I look towards the goblet. It is a silver goblet adorned with different precious and rare stones. I pick the goblet up and take a sip of this wine of Eden. The moment the liquid touched my tongue I felt heavenly bliss. This is my favorite wine because its red color represents victory, my victory. It has always been said that red is the color of victory and that is the reason I like it.I look at the map sprawled in front of me. I, Eric Leonor has now become one of the most powerful kings of this world. I have made my kingdom the strongest by conquering a large number of towns and villages. I have made my kingdom the largest by extending its territory. Now I will extend the trade over to far areas. I bring the goblet to my mouth and gulp the whole goblet filled with wine in one go. Now no one can defeat me.I look towards the servant who entered the tent. “Sir
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ISABELLE’S POV “Wake up! Wake up, Isabelle! Is this time for you to sleep? I will not tolerate this behavior of yours. You are in the palace not in your home”. An angry voice brings me out of my sleep. Who is shouting at me at this time? I open my eyes and wince immediately at the sharp headache that I am feeling. My head feels as if someone has struck it with some heavy thing. I blink my eyes to see clearly because my vision was blurry. I sit up in my bed and upon looking around Lillian’s angry face comes into my view. I put my hand on my head. It is paining so much. Why? “Why are you sleeping at this time? Don’t you know about the rules here? You should have woken hours ago”. She says angrily. I close my eyes at the sharp wave of pain that strikes my head and an involuntary wince escape from my mouth. “Isabelle, what happened? Are you fine? Are you in pain? Did something happen to you?” The angry voice of Lillian suddenly turns into a worried one. What a change of emotions! I op
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ISABELLE’S POV I enter the harem and I am surprised to see it. I look from one corner to another. My eyes move toward every single part of it. It is beautifully decorated. It looks like a place from heaven. The addition of candles and rose petals is just adding beauty to it. I have never seen a harem decorated beautifully like this. At festivals, it used to be decorated but not like this. These decorations themselves seem to be from heaven. Different types and colors of flowers are hanging on the walls. Every color of the rainbow is present here. I know all these decorations are only because of the king’s arrival but why have they decorated this place? It is not like the king will straightly come here after coming to the palace. It seems like there is going to be a huge party here. This makes me think, is there really going to be a party here? Will the king attend? I look around me. All the other slaves and maids are busy with the work. Some are decorating the area with flowers whil
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ERIC’S POV We enter the boundary of Ash Ville and even from here I can see the citizens of AshVille waiting for my arrival. They are all lined up to welcome me and my army which has never failed in protecting them. If not for the army, then some other kingdom would have destroyed us. People of every age are present here. They all are holding baskets filled with flowers in them. I can see the excited faces of children. They are eager to see the king and the army. “Long live the king”. They all chant loudly when we reach them. They shower flowers on us as we pass through the narrow streets of Ash Ville. I can see that people are scared but happy too. I love to see this fear in their eyes. They all are scared of me and they know I show no mercy but still, they are forced to be happy at my arrival. We continue to move forward toward the magnificent palace. When my palace came into view, a smile crept onto my face. My Belle is there. I have not seen her for such a long time. I cannot wai
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ISABELLE’S POV I look towards the door. It is still locked. No one came to open this. I don’t know how much time has passed since I am locked in this room. I don’t understand why Lillian has locked me inside the room. I think the sun must have set by now because I have started to feel cold. The weather is changing and winter is in its initial stages so it is cold at night but days are usually normal. I feel like as winter is approaching the coldness inside me is increasing. There is an unknown thing freezing me from inside. I am feeling like a trapped bird in a cage that has wings but is not allowed to fly. The bird who was once free in the blue skies is now trapped inside the hard walls of the cage. I think soon my wings will be clipped too if things continue to be like this. Is there any purpose in life? Is there any point in living a life like this, the life of a trapped bird? Life is not meant to be like this. It is us people who make it like this. Life should be meaningful an
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ISABELLE's POV “No Belle. I don’t want to escape from this palace. I don’t feel trapped here and I don’t want to return to my previous life. I am happy here and you should be too”. She tells me. In her eyes I see honesty. I can see that whatever she is saying is true. She is really happy here. “But why?” I ask her. I cannot understand why does not she feel trapped here. Why does not she want to escape? “Are you asking why I am happy here?” She asks me. At her question, I nod my head a little. “Who would want to leave when here you get clothes to wear, food to fill the stomach and you are not worried whether you will have food for the next day or not? You don’t have to worry about anything here. I have no family, Belle. My parents died when I was nine years old. I have no siblings. I am alone in this world. Before coming here, my life was a mess and I was living in poverty. I hardly had clothes to properly cover me. I hardly earned money to have one loaf of bread for the day. At n
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ERIC’S POV “The mistress is here, my king”. The servant says. I pour wine into the goblet and look toward the servant. I move my eyes from the servant towards the big windows from which the magnificent gardens are visible. The windows are open so cold winds are coming inside my room chamber. I like this cold wind. I am sitting on the couch. This couch is placed near the windows. “Send her inside”. I order the guard and he leaves after bowing his head. I am feeling so lonely tonight. I know this is all because of Isabelle. This room feels so lonely without Isabelle. Before her, I never felt these foreign feelings but now because of her, I have started to have feelings that I never had. I am feeling bored. I want her to be beside me, near me so that I can touch her. More than this, I think I want her presence. Only her presence can bring peace to me. She is the only one who can give me peace. I want to inhale the beautiful scent which comes from her. I want to roam my hands in her bea
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ISABELLE’S POV Another day passed with me inside my room. I was not locked inside like yesterday but I stayed inside with my own choice. I did not step out of my room the whole day. Simply because I did not want to. There were many reasons why I decided to spend my whole day inside this room. I woke up early as usual. I have had a strange feeling inside me since the moment I woke up. I was feeling like something bad was going to happen but then I thought what worse can happen to me as compared to what has already happened. I chose to ignore this feeling as it was making me worried. Moreover, where can I go except to the harem. It is not like I can roam the palace. I am tired of this whole place. I cannot leave this harem and I am feeling caged. Whenever I think about this, I feel my throat constrict. I snicker at my misery. I have to live with this. I thought to meet Ivy and Elise and spend some time with them. At first, I did not want to meet Ivy after yesterday but she is my fri
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