Out Foxed by Fox

Out Foxed by Fox

By:  Mary Foster  Completed
Language: English
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In the far future a pair of friends are kidnapped on their way back to the Lunar Station by the warlord Fox and used by him to change a future war brewing. Ella and Ander along with Emilia are held captive and abused by Fox as he he opens their minds and bodies to the cruelty of war. ~~~ "Jackson..." The man behind the desk stood as they approached, his gaze flicking over each one of them in turn. It was a quick visual inspection, but it felt very thorough; Ella quailed a bit, automatically leaning towards Ander for comfort. He was already chafing at the bit, angling himself forward so that she was slightly behind him. The sharp jade eyes noted his movement and Ella wondered if Ander's obvious protectiveness had just helped or hurt them. The smile across Fox's face - she was sure it was Fox - wasn't at all reassuring. "So what have you brought me today? A present?" Fox's voice was low, gravelly, and almost hypnotically seductive. Ella frankly stared, shocked to hear such an appealing sound coming from the mouth of a man who was completely physically intimidating. "You did say you wanted a replacement for Izzy soon," Jackson said, his voice indifferent. The big man didn't seem at all intimidated by Fox, although something about his stance said that he respected the other man a great deal. "Mm... I could be persuaded to take a blonde... it would make a contrast from Abby," Fox said, “Then again, it has been a while since I've had a couple." "We're not a couple!" Ella blurted out.

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84 Chapters
Unexpected Awakening
When Fox first emerged from the criminal underworld on Earth, clawing his way to the top of the heap, the wealthy families who had relocated to the Lunar Station and the first-class living installations there did not pay much attention. Those who had dealings with Earth were used to the changing regimes of the crime families that now reigned supreme behind the politicians left on Earth. For the Lunar Station Families, their planet of origin was no longer much of concern. It was considered a teaching tool, an entire planet-sized museum of the past, but its focus was on the future and the stars.Then Fox became a household name, and Earth a testing ground, for a certain generation among the Lunar Station families. They wanted the taste of danger, the thrill of escape... for Fox would occasionally select one or two of the young men and women who would visit Earth for schooling or leisure, and they would disappear. Sometimes for days, sometimes for months. Those who spent the shortest amo
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Please be a Nightmare
The room they were led into was almost empty despite the fact that it was large enough to hold a multitude of people. It reminded Ella of her history lessons, when they'd studied ancient earth and the royalty that had ruled over the time period. There was even a dais at one end of the room, a slightly raised platform on which there was a table. Chairs were scattered around the table, six in all, but only one man was currently seated there.Ella's breath caught in her throat. No one had ever seen a picture of Fox, no one even knew what his real name was or where he had originated from, but everyone knew the description. Tall, dark hair that had been allowed to go silver at the temples (shocking in an age where almost no one retained their true hair color past the age of forty, preferring to use the various applications that were available to keep the appearance of youth), bright piercing green eyes that were hard as jade, muscular, and with cruel lips. She'd always wondered how lips co
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Choose Pet
Oh god... Ella's head whirled with Fox's choice - which was no choice at all. Have sex with him or have sex with Ander."Toy. I mean, Ander," she said, using Fox's new name for Ander and then realizing what she'd done."Ella no!" Ander yelled, straining against Fox's hand on his hair, the men who were holding him on his knees. "You don't have to do this!" He glared up at the man whose fingers were entangled in his hair. "Let her go.""You're getting repetitive. Boring," Fox said, his green eyes glinting in a way that belied his words and he reached into his pocket, ignoring Ella's sudden yells to leave Ander alone, that she'd made her choice. Pulling out an object, he popped it into Ander's mouth and then wrapped the straps around his head. A gag.Panting from the fear that had coursed through her, Ella almost dropped to her knees. Just because Fox was known for letting people go unharmed, that didn't mean that he wouldn't start now. One of the most common things his former victims ha
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What Did I Do?
The heavy weight of her breast was soft and warm in his hand, and he groaned as her nipple pressed against his palm, his fingers automatically closing around the offering of flesh. How incredibly lowering to discover that his cock throbbed even harder, not caring that this wasn't his or Ella's choice.   Aware of the eyes around them, although doing his best to ignore them, Ander reached up to cup both of her breasts in his hands. To his surprise, Ella let out a breathy little moan as he gently squeezed. It soothed his feelings somewhat to know that his touch wasn't completely repellent to her. Unless of course, she was pretending that he was Mitch... which he would kind of understand, even if it was still a little lowering that she might be imagining her cheating ex.   Read more
My Turn
Fox's words pinged through Ander's brain, but he couldn't make sense of them. His brain felt fuzzy, hazy as if all his ability to think had been sucked right out of his cock along with his cum. Ella's orgasm had ripped the shreds of his self-control away, a battle he'd already been losing thanks to how hot and wet she'd been. But he didn't blame her, she couldn't help her body's response any more than he could help his - and in some ways, it made him feel slightly less guilty that she'd been aroused and that he'd managed to make her enjoy the sex, despite the less-than-ideal circumstances.But what did Fox mean it was his turn?Ander struggled to push himself upright, ready to defend Ella. Even though it was stupid, he somehow felt betrayed that Fox was going to rape her after allowing her to choose between them.A heavy hand pushed him back down and Ella let out a small cry as his weight came down hard on top of her, her body bending in half again. Goddamn, she was flexible. All of t
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Satisfied at Last
Beneath him, Ander could feel Ella responding, her body tightening around his cock as Fox fingered his ass. He chanted 'No, no, no, no, no" behind his gag, but of course, no one could hear it – and he doubted that Fox would stop even if he did. Ella was mostly quiet, other than the occasional squeal or moan, but he didn't blame her for not drawing further attention to herself. In fact, he was glad that she didn't. At the very least, his current position protected her from molestation by Fox or his men; even if it wasn't by his choice at least he could feel like he was doing something for her. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything he could do for Emilia. Although at least it looked like Jackson was being fairly gentle with her. Ander wasn't sure whether or not he had hope for that himself. Read more
The Doctor is In
Dr. Wolcott led her to a large room, all the walls were tiled and white as was the floor. Steel cabinets lined one wall, their gleaming surfaces giving no hint as to what horrors might be concealed inside. There was a drain in the center of the room, which Ella stared at with a sinking feeling. In the far right corner there was a shower stall, with nothing to obscure the view of anyone inside it, and in the center of the room was the kind of table she was used to seeing on her rare visits to the doctor. Well. Almost.Made out of padded black leather and steel, it had stirrups attached to one end and a multitude of straps hanging from the rest of it. Ella didn't doubt that a person could be secured to it in far too many ways."Come, come," Dr. Wolcott said impatiently. "Get on the table and put your feet in the stirrups."Standing at the end of the table, Ella turned and put her hands on it to help hoist herself up, as she did so she saw the soldier taking up a post by the door. It was
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Doctors Are Evil!
"No! Please!"The combination of heat and ice inside of her caused Ella's body to bow against the restraints, but there was nowhere for her to go. Her screams echoed around the room; the water felt even hotter because the walls of her cunt were so cold from the ice water and she thought that surely it was boiling her insides.When the doctor pulled the wand out from her pussy, it was followed by that spray of water that was quickly reduced to a dribble. As Ella panted and sobbed, he leaned close to inspect the swollen, angry red folds of her abused cunt."Hmmm... too much hair here."Ella barely heard what he was saying. She barely registered it as he spread the depilatory cream over her abused pussy and mound. At that point she didn't care that he was permanently removing her pubic hair, at least it didn't hurt! As he scraped the hair away, leaving her pussy bald and smooth, the prominent pout of her swollen lips became even more pronounced. The doctor pulled and tugged at the abuse
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Nurse Mendel
After being dragged away from Ella, the gag still firmly in his mouth and his asshole burning from Fox's anal rape, Ander allowed himself to slump in his guard's hands, forcing them to drag him. Although he picked up his feet to keep the skin from being scraped off, he didn't make their job easy.Ahead of him, Nurse Mendel stopped, turned around, and raised her eyebrows. "Well if he can't walk, then carry him," she said briskly, and then turned around and continued.The bigger soldier shrugged and picked Ander up over his shoulder, which was humiliating. Ander had always considered himself to be a fairly big guy, definitely strong, but this particular soldier had about twice his mass. The only sop to Ander's pride was that the soldier didn't seem to be having a particularly easy time carrying him. For a moment he considered waiting for the soldier to tire out and then struggling and escaping... but there was the other soldier to consider. Not to mention that he had no idea where Ella
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A Renewed Promise
Even though her pussy was slick and tight, mentally he couldn't let go and enjoy what was happening to him.Not that she seemed to care. Neither did the soldiers in the doorway. They just watched impassively as Nurse Mendel, her skirt bunched around her hips, started to bounce up and down on top of his cock. It felt fantastic, physically. His cock was so hard, so engorged, and the wet haven of her pussy was exactly where it wanted to be. But his head was not engaged and he felt sick and ashamed that he couldn't force his traitorous organ back down.The nurse's moans filled his ears, churning his stomach as she bounced and gyrated on top of him, obviously enjoying herself. He truly did feel like a toy; a sex toy that she was using for her gratification. As her pussy squeezed and slid up and down his shaft, he began to feel his orgasm begin to build, the physical stimulation overriding his mind.Part of him felt relieved, it would be over soon.But the tight ring around his balls and d
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