His Human Mate to Claim

His Human Mate to Claim

By:  Linn Lilly  Ongoing
Language: English
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Werewolf. Carlene had never believed such creatures existed in this world, living side by side with humans. But, after she met Jacob, who claimed her as his mate, had opened her eyes to a whole new world. Furthermore, it turned out that he was an Alpha and automatically made her a Luna. It was a remarkable turnaround in her life--from just an ordinary human being into a werewolf's mate. Destiny would change her entire life abruptly and unexpectedly and teach her a new meaning of love.

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The Party
CARLENEI was staring at the reflection of myself in the mirror. A woman in the early twenties, wearing a simple black dress with a pair of heels in the same color, was there. She let her shoulder-length bob hairstyles without planning to tie them or put some accessories on. She just liked the view. That woman was me. Of course. Who would have been here—in my studio apartment—except me, the owner of this place? Ah, my best friend, Sarah, could be here—she liked a sleepover, although her apartment was more extensive than mine. I had ever asked the reason. And she replied, "Because you stick to your home." She was true. I loved my apartment so much. Yeah, I knew. It was a small place, and sometimes I felt crowded here. Maybe, because there was no ample space to move around. As I said, it was a studio type. What should I expect? I could only afford this kind of place. Living in Oxford was not a joke. I was checking myself for the last time. I looked a little bit monotonous. Perhaps, a
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Chapter 2 - The Green Eyes Man
CARLENE"Huh?"I was looking at the clear green eyes staring intensely at me.Me?Why?As my brows furrowed, I couldn't stop watching him, who showed his stiff face while gritting his teeth. He seemed angry, though he said something that sounded pleasant. The only thing that resembled his state was how he looked at me. I could feel his longing, pain, and slight bliss through his eyes.Once again, why?"Can you let go of my hand?" Instead of questioning the reason why he suddenly grabbed my hand, I asked him to release me. It was the right thing to do, wasn't it? I didn't want to have a conversation with someone I didn't know. Moreover, the one made me uncomfortable.He remained silent without having the intention of complying with my request. His eyes still locked on me, like I was the only person he could see."Hello, can you hear me?" I waved my hand to him to draw back his attention to me. Although he looked at me, he seemed lost in his deep thoughts.My patience was on the limit.
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Chapter 3 - You're My Mate
JACOBI knew it right away.As soon as the scent of blueberry mixed with vanilla came into my nose, I knew I had to turn my head and pay attention to the doorway. And there was I found her, taking steps carefully towards the ballroom. She was exquisite in her midi black dress. No. She would be magnificent in anything.She had shoulder-length hair, which made her look more lively and adorable. And despite wearing no bold makeup on her face, except her lips in orange-brown, which would stand out no matter what, she looked alluring.She was my mate.My only mate.Finally, she showed up.I rushed my strides to her and stopped a step behind to inhale her intoxicating yet calming scent. It filled my nose, which went through my lungs, then flowed throughout my body. I could feel my muscle loosen and bring ease to my mind. It also woke my wolf, Thunder, from his deep slumber, and he growled in joy with me to celebrate our finding. And as soon as I grabbed her hand and looked at her beautiful
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Chapter 4 - A Determination
JACOBI couldn't stop my smile from forming on my lips. I was on my way back to the pack house after dropping Carlene off at her apartment. It was pretty quick, and I was so happy to be close to her. But I couldn't deny that I had already missed her. And her leaving scent was making it worse, though I loved the fact that she just sat in my car with me.And so, I made a call through a screen on the dashboard connected to my mobile phone. Actually, I didn't use a mobile phone often because we preferred mind-linking to communicate among pack members. It was faster and more secure. But I clearly couldn't use that to Carlene, so I needed to get used to this thing now."Hello." She answered on the third ring."I miss you." I was being honest. Separating from her was like torture for me. I wanted to touch and taste her. She must be sweet and amazing, and just thinking of that made something in me harden. Fuck!"Who is this?" I heard the confusion in her voice."It's Jake, your only mate. I'm
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