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I hated Cable James McCaffrey. He was entitled, spoiled, a user…and an addict. He was out of control and didn’t bother trying to hide it.Every move he made, every mistake he stumbled his way through, rubbed me the wrong way. However, I couldn’t stop myself from trying to save him from himself. In the sweltering heat of the summer, Cable taught me that having it all means nothing if you can’t have the one thing you want more than anything else.I was obsessed with Affton Reed. She was rigid, uptight, and no fun. She acted like she was above all the normal faults and failures that clung to the rest of us like the scent of smoke after a fire. In the scorching heat of summer, Affton taught me that there is always a way back from the brink of despair. She showed me that the trick to having it all was realizing that it was already there, in my hands. Recovered is created by Jay Crownover, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Author

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50 Chapters
Chapter1: Introduction
Chapter 1: IntroductionI know most of you are in my reader group or subscribers of my newsletter, so you've heard me talk about where the idea for Cable and Affton's story came from, but for anyone who was waiting until publication day for this book, I want to go ahead and catch you up.Cable is based entirely on a real person. He is based on the boy who taught me all about love and loss. My first love. My first crush. My first taste of disaster and heartbreak. Pretty much everything about the way Cable acts and reacts to things is 100% taken directly from my actual experience dealing with my own broken boy. I throw that out there as a qualifier, because I want readers to understand this isn't a book dealing with addiction and depression from a researched and documented place. This book deals with those things from the point of view of someone who was watching a train wreck happen right in front of her and was helpless to stop the crash or the carnage.I know there are no simple textb
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Chapter 2: Prologue - Affton
Chapter 2: Prologue - AfftonI hated Cable James McCaffrey.I loathed him.I detested him.I despised him.My dad would tell me that it's dangerous to wish ill upon someone, that it's risky to borrow trouble by thinking bad things about a boy who had the means to buy and sell us both several times over. But I couldn't help it. I really, truly hated him, and every single day it seemed like he did something else to justify my complete and utter disdain. The boy was a year ahead of me in school. When I was in the sixth grade, my dad moved us to Loveless, Texas. I'd shown up skinny, shy, and uninterested in the world and my new school. My world had flipped upside down, and though my dad viewed the move as a fresh start, all I felt was failure and loss. I wasn't impressed by the tall, attractive blond boy who ruled the school. I wasn't impressed by anything. I felt nothing when he smiled at me in the hallways. I was numb when that smile turned to a sneer. I didn't want his attention or his
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Chapter 3: Affton
Chapter 3: Affton The day after high school graduation"Your father works for me, doesn't he, Affton?" The woman lifted a perfectly groomed eyebrow at me and cocked her head to the side as if she was honestly waiting for me to answer. She knew for a fact that my dad, my uncle, and two of my cousins worked for her and her ex-husband at the brewery and bottling plant that had been in her family for years. I also had an aunt who worked at the McCaffrey grocery store, and my best friend was a waitress at one of the three restaurants they owned. Nearly everyone who lived in this town worked for—or knew someone who worked for—her and her ex-husband, so I thought the question was ridiculous and misleading. I was supposed to be celebrating my freedom and relishing my escape. I was meant to be soaking up the last hours I had with my friends and the last few days I had with my dad. I was not supposed to be pandering to Melanie McCaffrey."Yes, ma'am, he sure does." I forced a smile and fought
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Chapter 4: Affton
Chapter 4: Affton I felt my jaw drop ad heard my breath wheeze out. I was sure I misheard her, so I narrowed my eyes and snapped, "Excuse me?"Her fingers tightened on my wrist and her perfectly painted lips pressed into a tight grimace. "Cable's father owns a house on the Gulf down in Port Aransas. It's a vacation property he rarely uses. Cable is going there for the summer, but his father and I only agreed that he could use the house if he stays clean and continues seeking treatment for his addiction. He's going to be called in for random drug screens for the next ninety days, and if any of his tests come back positive, he goes right back to jail."I tugged my hand until she reluctantly let it go. I rubbed the spot and continued to watch her through narrowed eyes. "All of that sounds reasonable, but again…I'm failing to see what any of this has to do with me." Letting Cable loose in a tourist town packed with sun chasers and party people didn't seem to be the brightest idea, but wha
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Chapter 5: Cable
Chapter 5: Cable Port Aransas I liked the water.I appreciated the way it could be calm and serene one minute, but as soon as something disrupted the surface, it could rage and churn with a scary kind of violence.I also respected that you could never tell what was lurking beneath the surface. There was no telling how deep the water was until you waded in. One minute your feet were solidly on the sandy bottom, the next you were in over your head. Sinking, falling, flailing as you went under.That was pretty much how I felt every single day of my life. Some days I could touch the bottom, but more often than not I was struggling to find my way to the surface, desperate for a breath of air.I watched the water roll up over my toes, touching the torn hem of my jeans. My ass had been planted in the sand for a couple of hours now, and the tide was starting to come in. I was soaking wet, and my jeans were going to weigh a ton by the time I made my way back up to my dad's waterfront beach ho
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Chapter 6: Cable
Chapter 6: CableI could see in her pretty blue eyes that she meant it. She hated me. She hated what I did, and it was like she knew the things I was going to do and hated those, too. She hated that she was standing in front of me giving a shit if I lived or died, and it was clear she hated that she knew she was the only one who dared to say something. She hated that she cared when I was incapable of feeling a damn thing.I wasn't lying to her when I told her she should join the "I Hate Cable Club." My teachers hated me.Most of my fake friends hated me.The girls I blew through, used, and left, hated me.My father hated me. This was clear. Despite every effort my mother made, all the ways she's shown up since the incident, my father had been absent. He took the opportunity to wash his hands of me entirely and ran with it. He left my mom, and he left me. Now that I was sober and thinking somewhat more clearly, I realized that it wasn't much different than when he'd been around. My mom
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Chapter 7: Affton
Chapter 7: Affton The hike across the sand back to the towering beach house was no easy task. The sand sucked at our feet and Cable was anything but steady as I struggled to keep both of us upright. He smelled surprisingly good—part salt water, part cinnamon. He looked ragged and scruffy. He sounded despondent and disappointed. For all the things that had changed since I last spoke to him, an alarming number of things had remained the same. I wasn't sure how I thought the incident, then a year and a half in prison, plus a stint in forced rehab, would change him, but I was shocked at how familiar he seemed and how similar he was to the Cable who always got under my skin.His dark blond hair was a little shorter, his face a little harder, his cheekbones sharper, and his mouth set tighter in the frown that seemed to be his default expression. His dark eyes still appeared fathomless and void of any kind of basic human emotion, but there was a vulnerability about him that was new. The disa
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Chapter 8: Affton
Chapter 8: Affton My phone was glowing with messages and missed calls. I'd left it on the dashboard when I first got to the house, but I regretted that now. I could have used the distraction while dealing with Cable. I told my dad I would call him when I arrived. He had no idea why I was in Port Aransas for the summer. I didn't want to tell him that he was hanging onto his job by a thread or how Melanie McCaffrey had me over a barrel. He would quit in a heartbeat, but then he would struggle to find work if he stayed in Loveless, and there really was nowhere else for him to go. I was headed to California in a few months, and his entire family was in that small Texas town. So, I lied. Something I never did. I told him that Melanie had set up an internship for me over the summer that would help me not only earn money before college but would look great when I applied to grad school. He didn't question any of it, and was, as always, so supportive and proud of every little thing I did. It
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Chapter 9: Cable
Chapter 9: Cable I never made it to my bed.The whiskey and melancholy proved too powerful of a combination to combat, so the farthest I managed to make it was to one of the reclining Adirondack chairs that dotted the deck. I woke up when a seagull squawked, and a family with several small kids who couldn't wait to get into the water came screaming by.My eyes felt like they were coated in sand and laced with fire. My mouth was dry, and there was a charming combination of something that tasted like ash and asshole on my tongue. Everything from my neck down hurt, and my shoulder throbbed from where it had been wrenched at an awkward angle all night long since I used my arm as a pillow. All my joints popped and creaked as I slowly got to my feet and tried to stretch out all the kinks. I cringed as my stiff, crunchy jeans scraped across my skin. I should have at least climbed out of them before I passed out. The saltwater had dried, and the residue was flaking off in white chunks with ea
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Chapter 10: Cable
Chapter 10: Cable "Did he call?"I forgot Affton was there until her question snapped me back to reality. I scrolled through all the messages and shook my head at her. "No. I'm in the clear." At least I was this morning. If I did something stupid like getting wasted and passing out without my phone again, I might not be so lucky. The expression on Affton's face clearly indicated that she was aware of the truth. I tended to be one lucky bastard.She pointed to the phone. "Call your dad and tell him you don't need the housekeeper while you're here this summer."I let out a startled laugh and lifted my hands to rub my aching temples. "Why would I do that?" I really enjoyed the sound of her voice, but I would be really happy if she stopped using it until I had my headache under control. "You're going to do that because you and I are perfectly capable of keeping ourselves fed and this house in order. You might be comfortable being waited on hand and foot, but I'm not. And since you have t
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