In love with you Mr professor

In love with you Mr professor

By:  Violetbrim  Ongoing
Language: English
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Selena Thompson, is a young everyday girl whose life's sole goal is to finish her studies and become a journalist so as to help her mother get a better life. She meets the handsome and dashing Neil Wayner, the new professor in her department, what begins as a simple crush becomes something more. He is a soldier under cover to uncover the biggest Mafia organization in the country, but the sweet bubbly girl who's supposed to be his student might be a hindrance to her plans. And she might not be as innocent as she seems. Will they end up overcoming all odds to end up together? Or will they be tied down by responsibility.

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10 Chapters
"Suicide Attempt"
Selena grumbled internally as the climbed the stairs hurriedly. Swinging the door open she entered the open space of the rooftop.This was her sanctuary, away from all the noise, away from all the people who do nothing all day but bark orders at her, away from it all even if it just for a short time, to feel the wind blowing against her face, to breathe in the fresh air it was all so refreshing.She went to the edge closing her eyes she spread her arms wide open embracing the fresh air as it came. Her brows still slightly furrowed from the upsetting situation that happened earlier.She popped an eye open noticing something weird.'Why was there no breeze today? 'It wasn't like the air was completely still, it was just that the wind wasn't blowing as furiously as her heart right now.'Come wind, come wash away all my worries.' she chanted but it was as if nature had no plans of listening to her today.Today was probably a warmer day, because even this high up the wind was just blowin
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"Suicide Attempt" (2)
Rayne quickly squeezed her way through the crowd reaching the open space on the rooftop. And there she sighted the familiar back, arms wide open to air.This idiotic girl, was she really attempting to take her life? Why? She suddenly found herself wondering why Lena would want to do that. She knew that the rumors going around was fake, since Lena would never take her life over something so insignificant, Yes, she was well aware it was Lena's own hard work, but she knew Lena wasn't so shallow. Was it probably because of a problem at home?"Lena! Lena! You idiot, What's wrong with you, why are you doing this? ".No reply.Shoot she probably should take a more gentler route."Lena! Please come down from there OK, come on down please ". But it seemed her pleas were falling to deaf ears. Was she really psychologically depressed, to take such big action as suicide?"Lena listen to me I know things are hard OK, life is hard, but you know what? Everything is going to be OK no matter how di
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The voice sounded familiar, it was Rayne.Seeing that Lena continued to stupidly lie atop the stranger's chest, Rayne pulled her up to face her." What? Can't talk? Or too ashamed to say a word? "Lena looked around confused suddenly realizing the dense crowd of students on the rooftop. And everyone's eyes were on her, some pointing while whispering, others giving her a sympathetic look." What's going on? " Lena looked around confused." What's going on? Shouldn't I be the one asking that? Something goes wrong and the next thing you do is try to kill yourself? " Rayne snapped." What? I......" Just then the man beside her cleared his throat after dusting himself clean.She stared at him in a daze again.Seeing the man standing straight and tall stunned her once again she couldn't help drooling forgetting Rayne's words just now.That height, that figure, certainly her type.She found herself squeeling internally.Rayne was even more upset at Lena's absent minded behavior." Hey! " She
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Fiction of her imagination
"Humph, you're not going to ask me why I was questioned?""Why were you questioned?" She heard him ask his focus still on his book."Because I tried to jump off a really tall building." Lena's beautiful face held the hint of a slight smirk."Hehe." She heard him chuckle absentmindedly before he realized what she said and let out an exclamation pulling her to face him again. "You tried to jump off a building?" Subconsciously yelling out the words due to shock."Tsk, be quiet, don't let mother hear you." She glared at him. "Do I look like someone who would try to jump off a building? I just went to the rooftop to get some air, who knew that by the time I'd opened my eyes I was surrounded by a crowd who thought I was trying to kill myself, they even called the police, you should have seen their faces, it was as if I'm some sort of pitiful depressed person." She explained exasperatedly."Hahaha!" Will laughed out loud at her words, he pinched her cheeks as he said "I told you your habit
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Pretentious little flower
Her gaze on Diane turned sharp as she roughly snatched her hands out of Diane's delicate ones.'Wow, along with stealing her story, this pretentious little flower had also soiled her reputation by making her seem like a disloyal and selfish friend?' she couldn't help but wonder what bad blood she had with this girl who was the princess in this university."Of course it was all misunderstanding, since the story you published wasn't yours to begin with." Lena spat out coldly which made Diane lower her head as if hurt by Lena's words.'Che friends?' She couldn't help but almost puke at the other students words and their sympathy towards Diane."Such a hypocrite." Rayne hissed."Lena please don't be upset with me, I know that you don't want to embarrass yourself by admitting that the story belongs to me after you've claimed that it was yours in the first place, you have no idea how scared I was when I heard you almost jumped off the library building, I immediately regretted dragging the
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New professor
Clearing her thoughts lena steps hurried along the cobbled paths in the university grounds. She clutched her bag to her chest with her head lowered.Just when she was about to make a turn towards a left intersection of the cobbled roads.'Bam' "Ow!" She realized a second too late that she had collided against someone.The papers the person was initially holding fluttering down in the air , a pleasant yet familiar scent wafting into her nose she looked up meaning to apologize and suddenly froze.Her gaze met a pair of deep set obsidian eyes glowing with frost. She gasped.Trailing the nose down to the defined Cupid's bow leading to a pair of alluring thin lips that were slightly raised in a scowl.His beautiful brows slightly ruffled together in displeasureLena gazed at the familiar handsome man in front of her in a daze.'It's him.'She only resumed her senses when the deep masculine voice said. "Excuse me."Lena suddenly jolted trying to peel her eyes from his face. The words of
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Proud professor
That night upon getting home Lena had dinner with her mother and after a lot of persuasion finally got to help her mother with a few chores before taking a shower and getting ready for bed.Closing her eyes the beautiful image of the man in his office sitting with a frosty expression concentrating on his job appeared in her mind.A smile slowly surfaced on her face her two dimples plus her slightly damp hair in the dim lighting of her bedroom made her appear cuter.She grinned widely turning over on her bed."Mr Wayner, first you don't want to mentor me, now you're giving me sleepless nights." She mumbled to herself.Having failed at her attempts to fall asleep she pulled out her phone and checked into the school's online forum.Seeing the trending contents on the forum she quickly sat up on her bed."The new professor is a prince charming." Read the headline of the thread.It was posted barely a few hours ago but the thread had already gotten over a thousand comments."Damn my heart
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Immediately after leaving block 29 Lena's phone beeped with an incoming message.Checking it she realized it was a message from Rayne that said.' Am waiting for you by the gym building. 'She quickly headed towards the direction of the gym, with a smile still on her face."Lena, Lena look this way!" She heard a familiar voice shout from behind her on her way to the gym.She turned to see who it was when."Click." Came the shutter sound of a camera in front of her."What..." Lena looked at Carlos confusedly standing in front of her holding a camera.The guy smiled widely pushing his glasses up his nose."Hehehe, nice one there Lena." He complimented holding on to the camera with which he just took her picture."What was that for Carlos?" She asked looking at her classmate in surprise."Hehe, didn't you hear, the council is holding a small event that picks the most beautiful females from every faculty, now this is going to be my... I mean our entry of the little event, it's going to
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Isn't that what they call fate?
Lena sat in the locker room for some time hoping that someone would come and she'd ask for help, but nobody did.She knew that Rayne had an afternoon class to attend and would head there immediately after their martial arts training.Checking around one last time she got up decisively, she poked her head into the martial arts hall that stood empty without a single soul.She decided to try her luck, walking straight into the hall she couldn't help but feel self conscious even though she knew no one was there, she used her arms to cover her chest as she walked slowly forward.The building was really big, however she was glad that the main gym was closely connected to the martial arts training hall.Peeking into the open halls they led to the spacious gym with numerous workout equipments. Lena wasn't surprised to find it empty as well. Because the sun was already setting, and she estimated it was around evening time. Most people would have classes or have been done for the day, the only
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Failed scheme
A small garden behind the D university library, a few sheds were built for recreation.Diane sat relaxing on a recliner as she taped her phone letting out small giggles.She was currently checking out the comments to her last post which was a picture of her in the garden admiring flowers.Merely seconds of having posted and she already garnered thousands of comments from countless admirers and fans.Two girls approached her, and she immediately sat up as she sighted them."Is it done?" She asked excitedly."All done." One of the girls in a pair of pale green matching blouse and shorts, replied sitting leisurely in another chair beside Diane."Hmm." Diane sighed with a smirk an evil light glinting in her eyes. " Good, I knew I could count on you Sally. So where's the proof?" She complimented then asked.The other girl quickly presented her phone to Diane after tapping on a video."I've connected the CCTV cameras in the gym to my phone, so we can clearly see how the bitch humiliates her
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