The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups

The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups

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“What’s wrong, Jane, can you not feel me?” Ethan demands, slɑmming his into mine so I feel sure he’ll leave a bruise. “Am I not giving you hard enough?” Still I don’t respond. All I can do is imagine him with Eve, kissing and making lóve to her, giving her all the things he used to give me. I can see their writhing bodies in my mind’s eye, tɑngling the sheets of the Alpha’s bdd. It makes me feel sick to my stomach to know my husband was with the other woman mere hours ago, how does he even have the energy to use me this way when Eve was pleasuring him all night long? *** My husband seeks nothing but to claim me as roughly and thoroughly as he possibly can - and remind me of my proper place. This is what I have to look forward to: a lifetime of pain… unless I finally do what I’ve been planning over the last few months, and ask Ethan for a divorce.I didn’t even know it was possible for an omega to leave an Alpha until recently. Legally, we have almost no rights, but I could request a divorce. Now it is the time. *** Ethan and Jane were childhood sweethearts. However, he is alpha and she is omega. It was almost impossible for them to be fated mate. Ethan did not give up but chose Jane to be his wife and luna. But Fate sure knows how to run with a bit. This young couple messes up their first marriage by lack of trust. Divorce is easy. But what about finding out you were pregnant after divorce?What if you had quadruplets?

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200 Chapters
#Chapter 1 Divorce
Jane“Focus.” Ethan’s harsh voice pierces the haze of my thoughts, drawing my attention back to his face.“If I wanted to rut a wooden board, I would.” Ethan snaps, gripping my hair so tightly I’m afraid he’ll rip it out of my head. “What’s wrong, Jane, can you not feel me inside you?” He demands, slamming his hips into mine so forcefully I feel sure he’ll leave a bruise. “Am I not fucking you hard enough?”Still I don’t respond. All I can do is imagine him with Eve, kissing and making love to her, giving her all the affection he used to give me. I can see their writhing bodies in my minds eye, naked and moaning, tangling the sheets of the Alpha’s bed. It makes me feel sick to my stomach to know my husband was inside the other woman mere hours ago; is his libido really so profound that one she-wolf is not enough for him? How does he even have the energy to use me this way when Eve was pleasuring him all night long?The only blessing is that he must have showered in between trysts, bec
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#Chapter 2 I am pregnant
JaneLooking at my husband now, whose eyes glow and claws extend as he fights to keep his own wolf in check… I think he just might.Ethan is gulping in livid breaths of air, his chest rapidly rising and falling as he glares at me with abject fury. His rage is so palpable that undiluted fear rushes through my veins and I find myself paralyzed, frozen in place like a startled rabbit. If I move will he attack? My inner wolf is cowering with her tail tucked between her legs, our every submissive instinct triggered by my husband’s threatening demeanor.However, instead of lunging towards me or shifting, Ethan simply slams the document onto the dresser and slashes a pen across it, savagely signing the papers without another word. He throws them towards me, then turns on his heel without another word, storming from the room.A wave of relief floods over me, and for the first time since I said those horrible, thoughtless words, I’m able to breathe. My heart is still pounding in my chest, but
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#Chapter 3 Four years later
JaneI thought I knew grief.When my husband turned me into a slave and fell for another woman, I imagined nothing could be more painful. Then my mother died. I lost all the money I won in the divorce trying to save her, and still it wasn’t enough. I was alone and heartbroken, barely able to put one foot in front of the other.My babies and hopes for the future got me through the worst of my mourning, they were a balm for my twice broken heart - becoming my entire world after the one I knew crumbled beneath my feet. I had one brief flash of joy when my children were born, filled with a light so radiant and all-consuming I thought I might burst.Then I discovered what grief truly is. It turns out I didn’t even know what love was until I became a mother myself.My daughter is slipping away before I’ve even gotten the chance to know her, to show her all the love I feel. My wolf is howling mournfully in my head as I rock back and forth, cradling the fragile bundle against my breast. She c
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#Chapter 4 From omega to alpha
JaneGazing at my sons, who share their father’s bronze skin, dark hair and eyes, I assess. “It’s going to be difficult to keep our presence here a secret.” This is an understatement. My boys look so much like Ethan it’s actually laughable. We’re going to have to be very careful.“You said it.” My friend quips lightheartedly.Glancing at Linda out of the corner of my eye, I hedge, “Have you seen…?”“Yes.” Linda answers immediately, needing no explanation. “She’s perfect, Jane. Healthy and beautiful, your perfect miniature.”“And Ethan?” I ask, hating myself for asking.“Still with Eve.” Linda relates, “But he dotes on Paisley like she’s the sun, moon and all the stars. Whatever else has happened between you, he’s a wonderful father.”“Good.” I breathe, comforted to hear my other daughter is in such good hands, yet longing to see her with my own eyes. “You think he’ll give her up, when the time comes?”Linda’s face falls, “Jane, she’s his entire world. I don’t know what you’re planning
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#Chapter 5 My little angel
Jane“You’re lying!” The sales woman immediately argues. “Elise Carrington is one of the wealthiest women in the world. She would never set a foot outside in such drab clothes.”Glancing down at my jeans and fitted black top, I press my hand to my cheek in faux shock, “How strange!” I exclaim, “I was sure I’d worn my ball gown today. I always try to be as uncomfortable as possible when I fly.”The women’s faces scrunch up in confusion. Clearly they don’t understand sarcasm. “I was traveling today.” I drawl derisively, “I’m rich, not crazy.”“What you are, is a liar!” The indignant she-wolf accuses, turning towards her colleague with the phone. “Call security right now.”“As I said, I know what my perfumes smell like, and this is a fake - as is the one you’re wearing.” I add calmly"That's not possible!” She objects swiftly. “My boyfriend bought this for me last year, and he spent thousands of dollars." She eagerly called the security guard over, "Get this liar out of here!""Suit your
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#Chapter 6 I found Mommy
Riley doesn’t own a dress like that, and even if she did, she’s with Linda and her brothers across town. It can only mean one thing. Paisley. Paisley is every bit as perfect as I always imagined. Linda has helped me keep up with everything happening in my daughter’s life over the years, sending plenty of photos illustrating how much she’s grown, but nothing compares to seeing her in the flesh. I can scarcely believe this is real. Only, Paisley doesn’t look quite like she did in the last pictures I received. She’s pale and thin, her heart condition is clearly costing her dearly, sapping her strength and energy. My heart aches for my young daughter, and my pain deepens when Paisley gazes up at me with wide eyes, her plump lower lip quivering. “I can’t find my Daddy.” Kneeling down to her eye level, I graze my knuckles across her soft cheek. “Don’t worry, little one. We’ll find your Daddy.” My daughter leans forward and wraps her tiny arms around my neck without hesitation, hugging
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#Chapter 7 Dad and Mom playing hide-and-seek?
Ethan All the air in my lungs leaves in a great whoosh. “What did you say?” Paisley looks up at me with wide, green eyes the exact shade of her mother’s. My daughter inherited my bronze skin and dark hair, but she’s Jane’s perfect miniature in every other way. Sometimes the resemblance is so great it actually hurts to look at her. Maybe that’s why I imagined she said she was with her Mommy. I was thinking about Jane, so I conjured the words in my head. Except when Paisley answers me, she repeats the same impossible phrase. “I met Mommy today. She found me and bought me pancakes. She shrugs innocently. “And then she gave me to Ms Linda to bring home.” Linda. I think, the name ringing a bell in the back of my mind. Wasn’t that the name of Jane’s maid of honor at our wedding? When I don’t answer, Paisley slides her hand into my pocket, retrieving my wallet. She flips the leather pouch open, pointing to the picture in the main photo slot. Jane’s beautiful face smiles up at us from the
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#Chapter 8 Why would she fake her death?
Jane “She was so perfect.” I moan, taking a sip of wine while Linda listens sympathetically. “I wanted to run away with her then and there.” “It’s a good thing you didn’t.” My friend advises. We’re out on her front porch, enjoying a late afternoon cocktail and discussing the shocking events of the day. “It was risky enough just spending time with her. If you took her, Ethan would hunt you to the ends of the earth.” “I’m going to have to figure out a way to take her eventually. She belongs with me, with her siblings.” I insist, feeling positively overwhelmed after everything that’s happened over the last few days. “We’ll figure it out.” Linda assures me. “For now we should just be thankful he didn’t figure out you’re alive.” “What if he did?” I ask anxiously. “Honey, you have to trust the death certificate the coroner forged for us was enough.” Linda reminds me, “We covered our bases. You’re safe.” “There’s no such thing as safe when it comes to alphas.” I remind her. “That kind
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#Chapter 9 Ethan is different
The waitress recounts her transaction with Jane’s lookalike as my eyes stay locked on the screen. Fuck. Why won’t it load faster! “She was beautiful, and very friendly. I wish all customers were like her.” She gushes, “She bought a box of cookies and asked if she could use the service exit, because she parked in the side street. The young woman glances back and forth between her manager and me, uncertainty painting her features. “Was that wrong?” “No, you didn’t do anything wrong.” I assure her, trying to keep my voice gentle even though her decision has actually inconvenienced me greatly. If only she’d said no! The blonde would have been forced to walk out the front, right past me. “Have you ever seen her before?” Unfortunately the waitress is too young to have been working here when Jane and I were married, but maybe she’s seen her on other occasions. “I’m sorry, no.” She replies. “I think she was from out of town.” “Why do you say that?” I question sharply. “Well, she said she
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#Chapter 10 Two Paisleys meet
“What?” I prompt, trying to remember how to breathe. My wolf is in a frenzy, positively trembling with fear. “He seemed different.” Linda shares, “He looked like he was really suffering, like he was desperate for you to be alive. It truly seemed like he cared about you… I think maybe he’s changed.” Where fear consumed me moments before, now anger floods my senses. Linda and I never fight, but I can’t believe her audacity. She knows better than anyone what Ethan put me through, and now it seems like she’s forgetting it, simply because he put on a good show as the grieving widower. “Linda, if he’s sad I’m gone, it’s for one reason and one reason only.” I snap, “Because he misses having a personal sex toy. He misses having a mindless omega whose body he can control, who can’t deny him even if they wanted to.” I open my mouth to continue, but Linda holds up a staying hand. “Please hear me out, Jane. If not for you, then for the other pups.” She beseeches, sounding truly distressed. “Yo
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