The Witch Who Refused To Burn

The Witch Who Refused To Burn

By:  Naomi Joseph  Ongoing
Language: English
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Helena burned. She burned with the flames of rage. In the fire her mate set to her body. With the power she possessed. She burned with the need for revenge and when she finds herself reborn a year before her gruesome death, she is going to get that revenge. Helena had once been an ignorant, simple girl, too in love with being loved to notice the monster she had given herself to. Love from anyone, was an oasis in the desert of a world that saw her as a mistake, because she did not have a wolf form and it made her blind. Love corrupted her mind, making her the perfect pawn in Rigel's game, and she was discarded when she had outlived her usefulness. She was back, now, with the taste of ashes on her tongue. And with her magic, that she had once treated like a disease, as her closest companion, she was going to make Rigel pay. Things rarely go according to plans and Helena learns that the hard way as her road to destroying the man who had hurt her, grows longer and more difficult. The appearance of a man who claims to be her mate, destroys the timeline she was coming from, leaving her confused and feeling vulnerable. Orion is a powerful alpha with a mighty and ruthless pack that she needs to attack Rigel before he grows too powerful, so the decision to be with him makes itself for her. The impossible slowly becomes possible with Orion by her side to serve as a voice of reason and Helena learns how to love someone who cares about her and sees her worth. Alliances are made, friendships are created and relationships are strengthened as Helena's quest for revenge slowly becomes one of discovery and love.

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5 Chapters
Burning Of The Witch
The night sky was filled with screams and cries for help, heart-wrenching sounds that would move even the cruellest of people except the ones causing it.Helena hung limply in the hands of her captors, her head swaying as blood dripped down her swollen and bruised face.Her feet dragged against the rough earth, pulling on grasses and scraping her delicate skin on rocks but the two men holding her were unbothered by her injuries. She was in more pain than she had ever experienced but the anguished screams of her people numbed her of it as she silently wept for them. The shackles that had been placed around her neck, wrists and ankles, dug painfully into her flesh, the sharp edges of it cutting her skin and creating large wounds. Helena knew that if she managed to escape and live to see another day, she would leave with horrifying scars that she would have to carry for the rest of her life.But she did not want to live because she deserved to die with her people in the land they had
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Back To The Past
Bells. Helena could hear the soft and melodious ring of bells surrounding her like a warm blanket.They reminded her of her dear mother. The joyful woman who had loved tiny bells and always had a smile on her face, even when her sickness had gripped her and left her a shell of the person she was.Helena felt light and weightless, and the soft jingling of the bells added to the heady feeling. She struggled to open her eyes but it felt like they were glued shut so she gave up, choosing to enjoy the warm music.~Wake up, Helena~ She frowned and shook her head. For some reason, she felt dread at the thought of waking up but she could not understand why.~You have to, child. Everything depends on you waking up~"No." The bells stopped ringing and Helena was surrounded by a suffocating silence. Her eyelids grew lighter and she was finally able to peel them open.She was in a kingdom of white fluffy clouds that stretched as far as the eye could see. Helena slowly sat up, unaccustomed to h
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The Thirst For Revenge
Her family's home was just like she remembered it and she looked around with a mixture of awe and sorrow. Soft blue and gold colours surrounded her and everything had a worn and lived-in feel to it, something she had missed while living with Rigel, who enjoyed new and impersonal designs.Helena thought back to when Rigel had presented as her mate and how eager she had been to pack up and run away from her people and family. Looking back, she had been selfish and self-absorbed, too caught up in her fantasies of a new life, to see how her avoidance and eagerness to leave had affected her sweet Father and hotheaded Brother. Charon hated Rigel the moment the met and had been against her leaving with him but Helena had fought back, seeing her older brother as an enemy she chose to ignore. Now, she knew better and will not make the same mistake twice.She walked into the large kitchen that her Father took much pride in and was greeted with the sight of him standing in front of the stove
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Bottled Rage.
The next morning, after her father and brother had left to carry out their duties, Helena was left to herself in their quiet home.She spent most of her morning exploring the home that had become a stranger after how long she had been away from it. Everything remained the same yet it all seemed so different to the woman who had defied time and death. The scratches and dents on the floorboards from her brother's younger days, when he could not control his wolf, were present and the smell of lavender that had filled the air after her mother's passing washed over her in a nostalgic, calming wave.She walked down the hallway that led to the bedrooms and stopped in front of a plain door with a name carved on it. 'Cassandra'. It read and she carefully traced the indent with trembling fingers. A memory of the shattered door lying among the rubble of her home flashed in front of her eyes and she took a deep shuddering breath to calm herself."You're not there anymore," she whispered as she
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Losing Control
"Helena stirred the contents of the pot, simmering on the stove, robotically. Her trembling hands and overall shaky countenance had made it difficult to get everything done, as fast as she would have liked but she powered through and prepared a small feast for dinner."You're not evil," she whispered with a wide-eyed stare as she placed the lid on the pot and moved away from the stove. "It's not evil." She whispered again as she took a seat on one of the chairs and held her trembling hands out in front of her.Helena clenched her hands into tight fists and opened them back up. She stared down at the small purple mist that slowly poured out from the centre of her palm and her eyes grew moist."It's a part of you," she sobbed as she held her hands up to her face and allowed the mist to pour over her."Are you alright?" Came her brother's voice causing her to startle as she turned to stare at him, tears streaming down her cheeks."I'm..."A flash of purple light filled the kitchen and
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